Treepelt is a tortoiseshell cat half-breed, the former vessel for the Warden and a soldier in King Haddock's army.

Appearance Edit

Treepelt is a 20-year-old cat half-breed, her cat blood being mildly diluted to the point of having mostly cat features, a few steps shy of being a full-blooded half-breed. She has bicolored black-and-orange hair, large cat ears, slit-pupiled green eyes and a feline nose. Her teeth are sharpened to bladelike points, and she has a long mottled tail and hybrid paw-hands and feet with incredibly long, strong claws. She stands at 5'6" with a slim, muscular build. Her clothes are simple and utilitarian, a long tunic with rough pants and leather belts crossing her hips and chest to keep her right pauldron in place. She hardly ever uses any weapon besides her claws and teeth. When angry or annoyed, her tail will lash back and forth madly and her ears turn back. When possessed, Tree's pupils shrink into very thin slits.

Personality Edit

Tree has a temper matched by none other--except, perhaps, the King himself. But whereas his anger is conveyed in actions, Tree's frustration is shown in her words. She's not afraid to get in someone's face about anything and yell until they submit. She is fiercely protective of her loved ones. She often displays her affection through gentle (and sometimes not-so-gentle) pushes, nudges and punches. Tree is extremely sensitive to touch as a half-cat and her love is sometimes communicated best through touch, and others touching her. Her personality type is ENFP.

Abilities Edit

Treepelt is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and has limited knowledge with a knife. Some war strategies and demonic knowledge is scattered throughout her mind, but she doesn't have conscious access to it. She never willingly exercised the innate magical abilities given to vessels of demons, but Nala used her natural fire magic generated from her second split possession with Vox.

History Edit

Treepelt ran from home when she was 16 and left to join the half-breed rebellions stirring up south of High Central. She became a rather prominent figure in the small section that she joined, reliable and passionate about their cause. However, during a raid one night, one of the rebels nearly got captured and so Tree sacrificed her own freedom to save her. She had her memory only partially erased by the mages that routinely visited the dungeons, and she had to have the head mage Darien come to completely erase all memories of her involvement with the rebellion.

Family Edit

Tree's parents

Treepelt's parents (by TreepeltA113)

Treepelt only had her mother, Nightshade, growing up, since her father Reedwind died while she was an infant, and she never knew much about him; her mother avoided the topic. She lived in a small nomadic tribe of half-breeds in the Wild South, and she was always extremely bored and impatient with her life. Her mother had reasonably low expectations for the kind of life they were living, and Tree was frustrated by that. She wanted so much more.

Tree was in a relationship with Vox all throughout the rebellion, having met him in the dungeon. He asked her to marry him in Loki's pit and they held the ceremony once the events of Ragnarok were through. Together they had two children, Liam and Kendra.

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Vox Edit


Treepelt is in a relationship with Vox, the King's Chief War Strategist and a scout in his army. Their relationship has been skewed violently this way and that--under possession, she stabbed Vox through the heart and watched him die. But she still loves him deeply, as he does her, and he constantly reminds her of her innocence in all the happenings of the last year.

Haddock Edit

Treepelt admires and respects the King like every other rebel did, but at the same time, she had reservations. She hadn't been ready to be so trusting again and the memories of Haddock imprisoning her don't help in her opinion of him. The only time they spoke was either when she was possessed or lying to him about saving Vox. Still, she's willing to remain in his service and protect him.

After his death, she went into a catatonic state for a few days, hardly speaking, hardly eating. She felt overwhelming guilt for his death, and if Vox and Tezz hadn't prodded her to keep going, she would have quit fighting her torture completely.

Akkey Edit

When Treepelt first joined Haddock's army, she was young and unable to undergo mandatory training to become an official member. She struggled with weapons and drills, being young and inexperienced. The King's ward, Akkey, saw her troubles and taught her one-on-one and became proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Tree and Akkey have a sisterly love for one another, and though it has gone through trying times, they still support each other as best as they can.

Pitch Edit

Treepelt has an odd relationship with Pitch. When she was locked up by the rebellion, it was he who rescued her from its dungeons and brought her to a mysterious lake to meet a deceased Vox in Purgatory. The rest of

Tree and pitch

Pitch shows Treepelt how she can talk to Vox through the lake. [by TreepeltA113]

the rebellion sees Pitch as a dangerous threat, but Tree sees him as an ally, a friend and confidant, even, despite not having spoken much. She would never harm him if he were to approach her again.

The Warden Edit

Nala saw Tree at first as nothing more than a tool and sometimes an emotional burden as their emotions fluctuated throughout the first season, hindering each other from making decisions and helping others. The Warden grew used to Tree's strong feelings of love, however, and eventually began offering stilted, twisted help, such as wanting to sacrifice the king to Pitch in order to bring Vox back and trying to lead Tree to Hel in order to see her love again. Eventually they came to a tentative truce, with Tree even thanking the Warden for helping in the end. After the Warden leaving, however, Treepelt once again grew wary and anxious, wrought with nightmares and flashbacks and panic attacks due to her previous possession, and she harbored a stiff grudge against the Warden whenever she revealed herself again, going into shock every time Nala returned, and even taking it upon herself to yell at Nala when she possessed Haddock. She came to reluctant terms with the demon when Nala proved over and over that she was trying to help, finally speaking with a level head when the Warden came to Akkey's aid after the dungeon was moved to avoid being destroyed by Fenrir.

After Ragnarok, Treepelt and Vox spoke and decided that Nala would be the best protector of their children, and so Tree allowed Nala to be around their family, regularly interacting with herself and her children, Liam and Kendra, displaying a level of trust that surprised even herself. She tried to keep their soiled history hidden from Liam especially, but he discovered the truth just before their home village in the South was attacked. Tree and Vox ordered Liam and Kendra to run, and for Nala to go with them, hoping that they would escape and be safe.

Stonegit Edit

Tree never knew Stonegit very well until weeks after the end of the rebellion. He did initially throw his ax at her when she flew into a rage at the final showdown at the lake, causing Akkey to push Tree into the water to save her and accidentally sending her to Purgatory.

Tezz Edit

Tezzeret and Treepelt are very close friends. They share very similar experiences in that Tezz was brainwashed into creating a killer side of his mind, which took him over in the same way that a demon does. In fact, when he was younger he murdered his entire family. He's had longer to deal with his problem, whereas Tree is still recovering after a year of possession. He acts as a mentor to her, helping guide her through the healing process and cope with the guilt of the pain and death she's caused.

Clover Edit

Being fellow half-breeds, Clover and Tree were born very near each other. Despite this, Tree doesn't know Clover all that well, as she ran away when they were young. During the rebellion, Clover became possessed by the Warden, but managed to break out and stop Treepelt from killing Kiri in the heat of battle. The possessed Tree flew into a rage and clawed Clover across the ribs, putting her out of duty.

Treepelt and Clover share a quiet friendship. Clover's adopted daughter Melira has taken a liking to Tree and that often brings them to spend time together with her.