Stonegit Brotchurn Elmiss is a soldier in the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion and bodyguard to King Haddock.

Appearance Edit

Stonegit is a near twenty year old boy. He is skinny with undertone muscle build and thick dusty brown hair, with blue eyes. Stonegit has a slight cave in the right side of his head and a lazy eye on the same side. Both of his eyes are now slightly milky due to injuries. He has a crescent moon shaped scar curving around the outside of his left eye, a thin scar on his cheek, a thick square shaped scar on his right arm and a long thin one running up his left. Stonegit has a reaper ward sigil carved into the left side of his chest, and his left hand is covered in small brands and scars. He also has a odd shaped scar near his collar bone from where some flesh had been bitten and torn away, and a to scars caused by a stab, one in the stomach, one in the upper leg.

Personality Edit

Stonegit is a rather intense person who often flip flops between stoic and exasperation. These mood swings are a by product of his head injury. He is snarky and has an odd sense of humor, even though his life rarely presented an opportunity for him to exercise it. Over all Stonegit is incredibly caring of people even though his determination to protect King Haddock will cloud his judgment at times.

Abilities Edit

Stonegit is well trained in hand to hand and weapon combat. He can also train dragons, think strategically, and use rudimentary fire and healing magic.

History Edit

Stonegit was born in the shipyard village of Port Krum; a small, rocky place that was known for the fine ships that where made there. When he was ten years old, Stonegit was on his way to train in the village’s battle school when he saw Chief Tal Donz’s father. The chief’s father was named Orskaf, and he was a tall, thin, decreped old man. He had an old blind Nadder chained to a tree, and was digging furiously in the dirt with a shovel. Upon seeing Stonegit, Orskaf forced the boy to come over to him, and demanded he start digging and to stop ‘letting an old man do all the work.’ He tells Stonegit that his dragon ran him into a tree, so he was going to cut the useless things throat and bury in the forest. Stonegit is quite scared of Orskaf, as all the children in the village were, but he resisted, telling Orskaf that if he hadn’t beat the poor dragon to blindness it would still be useful to him. Orskaf flies into a rage and Stonegit panics, shoving past the old man and cutting the Nadder free. It runs off into the woods to safety, but Stonegit was not so lucky. Angered by his ‘disrespect,’ Orskaf hit the boy in the head with the shovel twice, caving his head in and leaving him to bleed out on the forests ground. Fortunately, Stonegit was found by a friend of his and was rushed to the infirmary, surviving the attack. But to Tal, the chief, his father could do no wrong in his eyes. So when Orskaf told his son that ten year old Stonegit had attacked him, and that the boy’s bashed in head was the result of self defense, he believed him. Tal ordered Stonegit to be counseled by the elders until he ‘confessed.’ But Stonegit never shifted from his story, and continued to claim that Orskaf had assaulted him and not the other way around. Nobody, especially Stonegit’s parents, believed the flimsy cover up Orskaf had produced, but that didn’t get Stonegit out of trouble. When Stonegit got older, Orskaf became concerned that the now teenage boy might try to get revenge on him. So he went to his son and told him Stonegit broke into his house. Tal of course bought into the accusation, and had Stonegit locked in the asylum part of the village dungeon, and ordered more council sessions with the elders. After only a year of being locked up Stonegit was on the brink of committing suicide. But then the blind Nadder he had saved found him, and befriended him. After some planning and a little training, the Nadder helped Stonegit escape when the boy was sixteen. On their way out of the village, Orskaf catches the two of them sneaking in the woods. Throwing a shovel at his feet, he demands that Stonegit help him bury the dragon, just like he had years ago. Stonegit refuses and Orskaf draws his knife, yelling at him, and terrifying the boy. Fearing for his life and suffering flashbacks of the day he was hit in the head, Stonegit strikes Orskaf with the shovel. Orskaf falls on his rump, blubbering and bawling and demanding that Stonegit take him to the infirmary. But instead, seeing an opportunity to finally be free, Stonegit raised the shovel, and smashed to old man’s head in, killing him.

Stonegit named the Nadder ‘Shovel’ and the two were on the run after that, knowing he was now a wanted man. Due to his erratic behavior, he was locked in several other institutions, but escaped each time, always on the move. Eventually he was recognized in another village, arrested, and thrown into the Grounded Dungeon to await his trial.

Family Edit

Stonegit has a father and mother back in his old village. They both care and support him, but understand why he had to run, and pray that one day he will be able to return home.

Role in the Rebellion Edit

{EVERYTHING is still in progress and requires heavy editing)

Season 1 Edit

Not long after being locked away amounts a multitude of other prisoners, a riot ensued, the occupants of the dungeon breaking out. When the smoked cleared, Stonegit learned that a man by the name of Gareth Haddock II had led a revolution, declaring that the Warden of the Grounded Dungeon was a tyrant, and that he was now the King of the Wilderwest, and leader of the rebellion. Seeing a chance for a new life, Stonegit offered his services to the King. He had nothing but his knowledge of battle, so he presented himself as a potential bodyguard and an interrogator, even though the latter was a little stretch of the truth. He was welcomed to the rebellion and sought to catch up on what had happened during the first few days he had spent hiding in the Dungeon after the initial revolt. Eventually, news reached Stonegit that the Warden had escaped, and that the Joukl Frosti, the General of the rebellion’s guards, was sending out all available hands to catch her. Stonegit offered to stay by King Haddock’s side, to ensure his safety while the guards were absent. It was then that Haddock said ‘thank you’ to Stonegit. This was important, for you see these were the first words Haddock had personally spoken to the boy. Sure he had requested his credentials and approved of him being in the camp, like he did with everyone. But this was the first time the man had actually recognized him as an individual. Stonegit did his best to remain by the King’s side but he was no professional and Haddock was not one to inform his new companion that he would be moving about. This small issue quickly escalated into a huge problem, when Joukl suddenly, and without explanation, attempted to kill Haddock with an ice blast. Haddock survived the attack, and Jokul was arrested. Stonegit had been out getting a better idea of the layouts of the halls and rooms he would have to secure for the King when he heard about the attack. He rushed to Haddock, seeing him being treated for a terrible leg injury. Stonegit expressed exasperation that quickly turned to shame and he asked for Haddock’s forgiveness, which the King gave to him casually. Deep anger burned in Stonegit and he swore he would kill Jokul, running from the room; intent on eliminating the threat he knew was within the fortress. He rushes into the cell block of the rebels ice fortress with a cross bow, interrupting what he didn’t realize was a soon to be interrogation between the head librarian and mage, Hemlock, and the prisoner Jokul. Stonegit shot at Jokul but his bad eye caused him to miss, only striking the would be assassin in the side. Stonegit is about to reload when his dragon Shovel came into the room, picking him up, and carrying him out and effectively putting the attack to an end, much to Stonegit’s annoyance.

After a while Stonegit hears of Haddock’s frustration with the cryptic Stranger being held in their jail. Wanting to help, he goes there to speak with him. He passes Jokul’s cell, seeing the former General in a deep sleep. This struck him as odd, why would a hate filled man like Jokul, who had nearly been killed while trapped in a cell, be sleeping so peacefully? He remembered that Hemlock had been with Jokul last and a touch of suspicion came to him, but he shook it aside, continuing to look for Stranger’s cell. It was another mistake. Stranger had already escaped, and had circled around to unlock Jokul’s door. When he awoke, the man snuck into Haddock’s sleeping chamber, and began to freeze his heart. Realizing his mistake too late, Stonegit runs to Haddock’s room. He breaks in and attacks Jokul savagely, dislocating both his arms. Jokul attempts to escape but Haddock throws his sword into his back at the last second, killing him. Stonegit is mortified by this and promises never to leave Haddock’s side again. Haddock passes out, his heart beginning to freeze over. Hearing Stonegit’s call for help, Hemlock sends over several books of basic fire elemental magic and healing magic. Stonegit spends the whole night reading the books, and slowly healing the King’s heart, accidentally burning his chest in the process. After that he looked at the King differently, but wasn’t exactly sure why or in what way. Days go by, Jokul is brought back from the dead by Blue, only with amnesia and the new identity of Jackson. Stonegit and Haddock encounter the confused man and his defensive friend Blue. A brief heated discussion ensuing before Haddock begrudgingly allows Jackson to remain in the camp, but under surveillance. Stonegit actually begins to befriend his former, now memory drained enemy. He borrowed more books from Hemlock, much to her disgruntle, and made an enchantment that allowed his dragon to track Jackson anywhere he went, just to be safe. Stonegit learns that Hemlock is almost all human, but not quite. His suspicion grows, remembering how she spoke to him through his mind before. Emily, Jackson, Blue, and Stonegit connect more personally as they attempt to figure out Jackson’s peculiar situation. Noting how the guard’s quality of work has decreased since losing their general Stonegit goes to the King and asks if it would be possible to give Jackson the position, since it seemed abundantly clear at that point they him and Jokul were truly two different people. Haddock shuts the idea down immediately, but then he starts to falter as is heart begins to feel cold. The magic had not been enough, and now he was dying, and it seemed as though nothing could be done. Jackson, during Stonegit’s panic, tells him that maybe an act of true love could heal the King, as it was rumored to be an ancient and legendary cure to frozen hearts. Stonegit is totally flabbergasted at this idea and questions Jackson’s sincerity. He then confesses that it was because of Haddock that his life now had meaning, and that he meant practically everything to him. He grips the King’s shoulders and presses his head to his chest, crying. Haddock suddenly sits up, his heart cured. Stonegit, shocked, embarrassed, and in total disbelief, leaves Haddock to the privacy of his chamber upon request.

The next morning Haddock speaks to Stonegit outside of the fortress. Stonegit is on edge and highly sensitive. He hadn’t realized he had fallen in love with the King. He knew it was a bad set up, as the King was married with two King…even though he had never met them and they had never come to the camp. Sexual tension was high as the two had a strained conversation. Stonegit was not sure what to say and Haddock was in the same situation, neither of them admitting to, or confiding anything. Eventually Haddock gives up the conversation and invites Stonegit to come with him to a mysterious lake, where there might be an opportunity to bring Vox back to life. Stonegit hadn’t known, or known of, Vox before he had been murdered by the Warden, but he knew he meant a lot to the King, so he agreed to go.

Haddock, Stonegit, Akkey, and Tree flew out to the lake, meeting the Stanger there, who turned out to be Pitch, Haddock’s old war comrade and Akkey’s father. The deal Pitch offered was simple; a soul had to be given to bring back Vox’s soul. Someone’s memories would also have to be given to bring back his heart. Tree approaches, she is still possessed by the Warden, but in control at the moment. She intends to give her life even though she was Vox’s lover. They protest, Akkey running to stop Tree, but she turns to them, her deadly claws coming out and a warning leaving her lips. Shaken and on edge over what happened last night and the threat of Haddock dying, Stonegit loses himself momentarily and throws his ax at Tree, afraid that the Warden was attacking. Akkey knocks Tree out of harm’s way, causing her to fall into the lake. Pitch countered, bringing up some water, which he could control, and striking Stonegit with it. A small rock within the water hit Stonegit’s good eye, blinding him. The boy screams in pain and fright at the thought of living in

Stonegit protects Haddock

darkness. But despite the grievous injury, he pulls himself up and stands protectively in front of his King.

Pitch admires his loyalty, but tells them he can bring Tree out of the portal the lake held for free, since she was merely stuck in limbo and not Hel which was where Vox’s soul resided. But that the deal for Vox still had to be closed, and it had to be one of them. Stonegit knows Haddock plans to allow himself to be sacrificed, and won’t stand for it. Becoming desperate, he grabs Akkey, and threatens her with a knife. He tells Pitch that he must give up his soul and memories to bring back Vox, and save his daughter. However, Akkey counters him, knocking him down and finding that she could control the water as well. She drags Stonegit into the lake up to his neck, and asks him if he really was as loyal as he said, and if he would really die for Haddock. Stonegit says ‘of course’ and lets himself sink into the water, giving up his soul. Akkey brushes his cheek as he slips away, feeling no ill will towards him despite his actions.

Akkey pulls Stonegit into Hel

Stonegit wakes up in Hel and desperately resists getting dragged in by the deity of Hel. Hel asks him if he loved Haddock so much why didn’t he just tell him, and that he has heard all the pleas of humans before, and that it would do no good to resist. Stonegit fights, but it is a losing battle, he was after all apparently dead and in the underworld struggling against a literal god. But then something changes. He tells Hel that Vox should not have gone to Hel because he died in battle, just as he himself did. Those that died in this way were meant to go to Valhalla. Hel reluctantly agrees with him, opening a portal to the warrior’s land and telling Stonegit to go inside. Stonegit is about to, but stops, and considers jumping into Purgatory to go back to life on earth, since he was technically not dead at this point. Hel warns him not to, telling him that every time the earth is unbalanced, like somebody coming back to life for example, the apocalypse known as Ragnorok gets closer to happening. Stonegit tells Hel that if he was really worried about the end of the world happening, he wouldn’t be hustling souls. He then says that he would never stand by Odin or Thor’s side when he could stand next to Haddock’s. With that Stonegit jumped into limbo, crawling himself back up and out of the lake.

Wracked with pain and unable to see, Stonegit calls for Haddock as he crawls up the ice crusted, muddy bank of the lake, but no one answered. Time had passed and they had all left. His dragon Shovel helps him along, the two beginning their journey back to the camp.          

Season 2 Edit

On his way back to the camp, the now blind Stonegit encounters the healing spirit Sievd. He tells her about the fortress and King Haddock and she in turns heals his bleeding eye, although it leaves a scar and it remains sightless. Stonegit enters the dining hall of the fortress just as Haddock is giving his people a solemn speech. However everybody’s eyes turn to Stonegit when he pushes open the doors. He calls out, asking where Haddock was, and calling him a death seeking idiot, throwing a mug blindly down the table. Dropping his kingly demeanor, Haddock runs to his bodyguard, embracing him. Stonegit accepts the hug. Stonegit tells Haddock he needs to tell him something and almost confesses his feelings for him, but instead whispers in his ear, telling him that Hemlock was treacherous. Stonegit did not know this for a fact, but the way Hemlock kept all that power to herself along with her suspicious behavior made him fear that she was a threat to Haddock. Stonegit had felt this way before the event at the lake, but neglected to tell him for fear of sending a wild and false accusation towards one of Haddock’s trusted rebellion members. But now seeing that he could have very well have died and never delivered a potentially critical warning like this spurred Stonegit into action. Haddock is uneasy at this statement, and tells Stonegit he’d look into it, and then invites him to celebrate with them. Stonegit figured now that he was blind, he was useless as a bodyguard, and that giving Haddock that warning about Hemlock was his last service to the young King. That being said, he set off to get himself plastered with the numerous bottles of alcohol and spiked tea that had been made available. Stonegit meets the young cat half breed Clover and, after an initial misunderstanding, the two of them shared a good number of drinks together and laughed the rest of the evening away.

The laugher died quickly for Stonegit though. He very quickly fell into a depression at the thought of having lost the only purpose he had obtained in his life. Stonegit ordered and paid for a seeing eye Changewing dragon, and named her Snag. However, it was not enough, and he soon was on the brink of suicide. Stonegit wrote a letter to his King, apologizing, and prepared to cut his wrists in his room that night. But his arm resisted him, almost as if an invisible force was keeping him from harm. Scarred by this, Stonegit drops the knife and curls into a ball. The next morning, he accepts his fate, gives up on killing himself, and decides to train his new dragon. Stonegit’s love for Haddock weighed on him, and got worse as he began to suspect the King may have feelings for him. He wrote it off as wishful thinking, but remained unsure. He knew he had a wife and kids, but did not know what kind of state they were in. Were they alive? Separated? What was the status? Haddock found Stonegit one day starring out his window, even though he was blind. The boy tearfully told him he planned to resign, since a blind bodyguard was unheard of, and foolish. Haddock asked him to reconsider and not to do that, but Stonegit retorted, asking him what he could possibly due for him in his broken state. Tension built, words got tangled, and Haddock, in a moment of desperation to show Stonegit that he still needed him even if he wasn’t his bodyguard, kissed the boy. Stonegit, shocked by this, ran from the room, leaving Haddock, who sat down in a seat and cried due to guilt and confusion.

Stonegit was greatly confused by the kiss, misunderstanding the motives behind it, and tried to get an answer out of the King. However, Stonegit was snappish and Haddock aloof, making for a rather terse conversation. Stonegit still didn’t believe he could serve him, and was on his way to go train Snag, when he met a new comer named Tezz. Not knowing who this person was Stonegit became suspicious when something inside of him recognized a danger within this man. Figuring he may as well attempt to scare him out of trying anything treacherous, Stonegit introduced himself to him, trying to get a feel of what his character was, and then told him that the next person who tried to hurt the King would have their spine ripped out. After that he wished a pleasant day and let him go see Haddock. While training in the courtyard, Stonegit suddenly felt a pain in his head, and then suddenly found that his vision was coming back, but that it was something inside of him doing it. He is shocked to find out that it was the Warden inside of him! The Warden had gotten caught in limbo when Tree fell into the lake. On his way out of the lake, he had absorbed her. Afraid she might try to use him to hurt members of the camp, the boy fled into the woods. The Warden tells Stonegit that she regrets her actions, in her own sarcastic way, and simply wishes to be free from Hel. Stonegit tells her he can cut the reaper ward he had carved into his chest, thus breaking the seal and allowing Hel’s reapers to find him and kill him. If that happened, then the Warden would die with him, thus keeping everyone safe. The Warden gives a counter offer, offering him sight.

Stonegit and Warden make a deal

The two finally agree that Stonegit would be allowed to use the Warden’s sight and magic power so he could once again guard Haddock. In return, Stonegit would be a safe vessel for the demon and give control over to her if he was near death, so she could heal him and continue the symbiotic relationship. He could not harm himself, she could not hurt his friends. A sigil is carved into Stonegit’s right hand, sealing the deal. The first thing Stonegit does to try out his new powers is request that the Warden tell him how the King was currently feeling. The Warden informs him that at that moment his heart rate was high, and adrenaline pumping. Fearing Haddock was under attack and cursing himself for being absent in a time of attack again, Stonegit jumped on Snag and rushed to the fortress. He burst into the throne room, seeing Pitch and Haddock dueling. Stonegit orders Snag to attack Pitch and then grabs a candle stick, hitting Pitch across the head, giving him a small scar at the corner of his eye. He then pins Pitch down and prepares carry out his spine-pulling threat, but Pitch solemnly pleads to see his daughter, and that he needed to find her. It is then that Stonegit finds out that Akkey, upon losing her memories, had wandered away from the group when they had returned from the lake and that Haddock, despite his promise to look after her, had neglected to notice. Miffed, Stonegit ordered the guards to seize Pitch and treat him of his injuries, and then for a scout to be dispatched to find Akkey. He then turned and requested to see Haddock in privet. Haddock is unimpressed by Stonegit’s sudden comfort at giving orders but let’s himself be taken to a privet room. Haddock expressed his annoyance with his bodyguard. Stonegit apologizes snippily, but then sincerely. Haddock inquires about how it seems as though he can see now, but Stonegit blows off the question, sternly asking to know about Haddock’s wife. Haddock takes great offence to this and reminds Stonegit of his place as a servant, and how he was King. Stonegit snaps at him, telling him to knock off the pompous act. He tells him how he was confused by what happened the last time they spoke and wanted to know what he was to the King. Haddock still wanting his question answered found Stonegit to be acting totally unreasonable. The situation became so bad that Haddock eventually demanded that Stonegit answer his question lest he be banished from his service for a time. Stonegit’s mind is sent reeling at this threat and he forgets himself. He confesses how he feels about Haddock, how he loved him and how his very life hinged on this job. But in his haste and fear, he regrettably accidentally forgot to tell Haddock why he could see. Haddock ordered him away and Stonegit panicked, yelling out that he was possessed by the Warden. Haddock lunged at Stonegit, shaking him. He thought the Warden was in control of his mind and started yelling at what he thought was the demon. He even hit Stonegit, invoking flashbacks in the boy’s mind when Orskaf had hit and shaken him, demanding respect. Stonegit pleaded with Haddock to stop, calling him Orskaf. Haddock, thinking that this was some cryptic message from the Warden, failed to see that this was a panic attack and continued to hold Stonegit fiercely. In Stonegit’s mind, Orskaf threatened Haddock and he reacted violently, grabbing Haddock under the elbows and throwing him into the ceiling with unnatural strength. This unfortunately invokes a panic attack with Haddock, as physical attacks brought back memories of Jokul’s assassination attempt. Stonegit stands over Haddock, guarding him, thinking that Orskaf was now hiding somewhere in the room. Slowly snapping out of it, Stonegit sees Haddock clutching his heart and kneels beside him, helping him out of his own panic. After that both men feel the shame of their actions against each other and offer their apologies, which they both accept. They agree to set aside titles for the moment, and speak to each other politely, and honestly as two men. Stonegit, despite these good things, still felt saddened, as Haddock wasn’t one to talk things out for closure sake, but he himself desperately needed to confide in somebody. Stonegit offers to let Haddock talk to the Warden, so he can see that she has changed, and fully explained the details of his contract to him. Haddock cautiously agrees.

Stonegit possessed

However the Warden is insensitive to say the least, and Haddock was not a willing listener, so Stonegit had to take control of his mind again rather quickly to stop the conversation. Haddock agrees to have Stonegit be his bodyguard again, telling him he never considered him not to be his guard. He also told Stonegit that the kiss he had given him was simply just that. It was just a kiss, not some great confession. Stonegit accepted this answer and hugged the King before returning to his post out in the throne room.

In the throne room, Stonegit grumbles over the Warden’s actions, but then the demon hears something more. Stonegit’s inner thoughts and feelings spoke to her, asking, almost begging to be spoken to. After some prodding, Stonegit finally tells her that the injury in his head causes his brain to get trapped in thought cycles. Thus making certain negative emotions swirl in his head, unable to be processed unless it was addressed, talked, and thought about almost to the point of over doing it. Stonegit hadn’t had a real, personal conversation with somebody in nearly a decade, and now he was desperate, and willing to confide in anybody. Despite herself, the Warden finds a fondness for her new host, and gives him words of comfort. Stonegit asks her if she can heal him and restore his true sight, which she sadly tells him she cannot. Stonegit, in a brief flash of tearful anger, breaks a wine bottle by squeezing it too hard. He apologizes instantly, explaining that in stressful situation his damaged brain would discharge adrenaline, explaining his outbursts. The Warden once again comforts him and Stonegit is relieved at finally speaking about his personal matter to someone. The next day, Stonegit follows the King as he is taken to the cell block to see a strange prisoner Grey and Warden had brought in. It was the insane man Syke. Stonegit was not pleased listening in and hearing that Skye had some great plans to teach Haddock holy magic so the demon in him could be purified, so he would no longer lose control of his mind. Stonegit’s thoughts were interrupted when Tezz came up behind him, speaking to him. During the conversation, Stonegit learns that not only is Tezz also struggling with losing his mind, but that he was also romantically involved with his friend Clover. Now believing that Hemlock was treacherous, and that both Tezz and Skye were possessed by demons, Stonegit began to feel a strong desire to find a way to clean out the threats within his King’s home. Figuring he could talk to Pitch about Akkey while Haddock talked with Skye, and consequently denied his offers, Stonegit bid farewell to Tezz and went down the jail hall. A roar of rage follows the action as he sees the cell empty. A guard explains to him that Pitch had used a magic portal to escape, and that the guards watching him had fled the camp in shame, not wanting to face the King. Haddock of course over heard this and yelled at the guard, cursing the fact that they always seemed to lose prisoners. Stonegit quietly and politely defends the guard, telling the King they would find a solution. The guard also informs the King that the scout had returned with Akkey, and that she wished to see him. Rushing to the room where she was staying, Stonegit immediately apologized for his terrible actions he had committed against her at the lake. The men knew she had lost her memories, but were unaware that Dust, the fallen Valkyrie who was possessing Hemlock, was manipulating Akkey’s memories, and making her think that Haddock had killed her family. Akkey plays the role of a confused person though, and falsely expresses a desire to become friends with them again. Akkey asked Haddock if he wanted to have a sparring match, to refresh her memory of their old training days. Haddock agrees, not knowing that her true intentions were murderous. Stonegit suddenly gets that same odd feeling he had when he first met Tezz. Wanting to confirm his suspicions, Stonegit asked the Warden to inspect Akkey’s mind, seeing if there was something possessing it too. The Warden looks, but then hisses in pain as the extremely powerful magic Dust possessed shoved her out. Even though the Warden was unable to see who or what it was, it was apparent that something was indeed there. Stonegit runs back in, much to Haddock’s annoyance, and whispers in his hear of what he has learned and the two men excuse themselves from Akkey’s presence. Haddock takes this news calmly, and tells Stonegit that it still may not be Hemlock but that he will look into it in good time.

The next day, the chief of Stonegit’s village, Tal Donz, enters the throne room on a diplomatic mission. The older man offers Haddock friendship, and a trade agreement. But first, he requested that Haddock hand over Stonegit to him, to answer for the murder of his father Orskaf. Haddock tries to cover Stonegit by offering to imprison him, but Tal will have none of it, not satisfied with any answer that didn’t involve him personally killing Stonegit. Haddock continues to try to reason with him but Stonegit tells Haddock it’s no use. Tal flies into a rage, insulting both Haddock and Stonegit, challenging Haddock to a dual of honor. If Tal kills Haddock then his revenge will be complete, since he will have taken the most important person to Stonegit away from him, just as the boy had done to him. If Haddock killed Tal, then peace would be kept between the camp and villages boarders. Tal is a powerful fighter, but he was no match for the skilled swordsmanship of Haddock. The King wounds Tal and the old chief’s aid runs to his side, calling in some guards they had brought from Port Krum. Tal then told Haddock that he never intended to give Stonegit a chance, not even in the slightest. The aid grabs a harpoon launcher, preparing to kill Haddock. But Stonegit uses his enhanced fire magic to make the aid burst into flames, killing him. Attack with all of his force, skill, and Snag, Stonegit killed all of the Tal’s guards, and then grabbed up the chief, putting a forearm around his head. Tal begs Stonegit to stop, telling him he still had a son waiting for him back at his village. Stonegit told Tal that his son had better not make his father’s mistake, and then crushed the man’s head. Stonegit reacts badly to the killings he committed, and begins to go into shock. Haddock calmed him down, talked him out telling everyone he was possessed, and then sent him to get cleaned up and rested. The next morning Stonegit makes tea for Haddock and asks to talk with him once more, since they both had gotten rest and emotions were easy. Stonegit told Haddock again how he loved him, but also how we wanted to reunite him and his family, and how he was flattered by his show of affection. He also admitted that he was a smart mouth and the reason he often exercised sarcasm on Haddock was because he wanted to see the King stop acting like some monarch and react like a person. He apologized again for over stepping his bounds and for talking back when there were other people around. Haddock apologized again for his actions, and restated his sincere affections for his bodyguard, and told him that occasional sarcasm was fine, but never in public. Stonegit, finally feeling some happiness despite the terrible day before, hugged his King, kissing his hands.

News reaches Stonegit that Tezz lost control of his own mind, attacking Clover. It was an accident of course, but it spurred Stonegit to action. There were too many risks, three seemingly possessed people not including himself, and Kiri had informed him of the threat of witches and the white cats. Stonegit could not afford to almost lose Haddock again. He went to Skye violently warning him to abandon his delusions of training Haddock, stating that the King did not have to time to take part in some apprenticeship. Skye rebuffs Stonegit’s demand, and then tells him he is not possessed, but that he was a mage with a putrefied spirit in him. For all intents and purposes it was the same thing, but the means to cure it and the symptoms differed slightly. However the young bodyguard and the even younger prisoner’s personalities clashed terribly, and Stonegit left him in frustration…with the intent to come back. A feeling of uneasiness worked itself up into a frenzy as Stonegit became more and suspicious of Hemlock, becoming very nearly paranoid. He walked up to Tezz, grabbing him and branding him with the same sigil he had used on Tal’s aid, the one that would allow him to burst into flames. He told Tezz that he believed that he was a good man, but that he wanted him to leave to camp, for everyone’s safety, until he found him a cure. His intentions were good, but his warning was severe. If Tezz came back early, he would kill him for endangering the King. Stonegit then did the same to Skye, hurrying off to find Haddock, not wanting him to be near Akkey or put of Hemlock’s investigation any longer. The next day, Stonegit is on his way down the hall, when he stops dead, seeing Akkey attack Tree in a side room. Unbeknownst to Stonegit, Vox’s heart had been giving him trouble and Tezz, who had been walking by his cabin on his way out of camp, had to get him to a healer. At the same time Akkey had been slowly getting her memories back, but they clashed with the fake memories Dust had been implementing. Vox had been brought to the room, Tree who was his lover, was visiting him with Akkey. Akkey became confused by her slowly returning memories and thought Tree was the Warden, forgetting what had transpired over the past few months. Not realizing this attack was due to confusion and not malice, Stonegit hauls Akkey away using the fishing pike he had taken from one of Tal’s guards. Haddock, hearing the commotion, enters the room. Akkey stands, and then Dust speaks through her, revealing herself as Hemlock. Stonegit, his mind racing over the fact that he was right, but too late yet again, attacked Akkey to try and incapacitate her. Dust proves too powerful though, blasting Stonegit back and prepares to kill Haddock. The Warden is able to identify her as a Valkyire. A Valkyire was a god like creature with hardly any known weakness, so Stonegit and the Warden play on the only one they knew, just to buy them some time, and insulted her honor. Angered by the offence, the Valkyire was given no choice, based on their species way of life, but demand a dual of honor. Dust and her vessel versus the Warden and hers. Stonegit asks for three hours, and asks Haddock to follow him as Dust vanishes. No longer needing Hemlock since she would operating out of Akkey now, Dust makes Hemlock stab herself with one of her silver knifes, killing the traitorous librarian. Stonegit, the Warden, and Haddock went to the armory, trying to think of a way to fight a god. Stonegit requests that the Warden willingly give over all of her power to him, so that he could pose as big as a challenge as he could to the Valkyire. The Warden agrees, and then fuses magic into a stone dagger as Stonegit carved a break rune into it. Stone was said to weaken a Valkyire and Stonegit figured that break magic might weaken it further, maybe enough to drive it off. Knowing that he was basically committing suicide by accepting this dual, Stonegit walked over to Haddock, told him not to kiss back, and kissed him on the lips.

Stonegit faces Dust

They enter the courtyard and Dust puts up a magic mist around the ring, so that no one would be able to interfere with the fight, much to Haddock’s chagrin. Dust explains that both she and Hemlock had lost a lover in a battle that Haddock’s father, Sturgeon, had waged. Seeking retribution, Hemlock accepted Dust possessing her, blaming Haddock for their pain since Sturgeon had also died in the battle. She comments on how beautifully tragic this whole situation was, with the loyal bodyguard protecting his beloved King despite the odds. Stonegit replied that the only thing tragic here was that Dust felt justified in her actions. With that the fight began, and it was clear that it was lost already. Dust dodged and blocked Stonegit’s attacks; the few attacks that do get through do little to no damage. Stonegit realized that should Dust start to counter strike, he would be easily killed. He began to call out to Akkey, trying to get her to resist Dust’s control. Stonegit thinks even this has failed and jumps to drastic action when Dust throws a dagger at Haddock from across the courtyard. He deflects the attack, and then runs to the sidelines, grabbing Haddock and starting to fuse the contract in his hand over to Haddock’s. Both the Warden and Haddock scream at Stonegit to try and make him stop. But the Warden had rendered all her power to him so she could not stop him, nor could Haddock. The process was half way done, the contract floating between the two of them, and the Warden was forced to take an ethereal form. Taking advantage of the weak position, Dust attacks Stonegit. Carving a slice into both of his arms and then slicing his cheek with one of her sliver knives, Dust possesses Stonegit… and then forces him to kill Haddock by shooting a fire blast into his chest. Her control over him fades and Stonegit screams in grief at the form of the fallen King in front of him. 

Stonegit dispares over Haddock's death

  The enraged Warden attacked Dust. Because Akkey had indeed heard Stonegit and Haddock calling to her and began to fight back, and that Dust had taken a moment to possess a second person, her hold was just weak enough that the Warden was able to drag the Valkyrie out of Akkey. A savage fight between the spirits ensues; Dust viciously claws and wounds the Warden, intent on tearing her to shreds. Stonegit is forced to leave his mourning and deep anger fills him. He runs over to the fight, hooking the Valkyrie with his pike and dragging her down. Raising up the stone knife, the bodyguard stabbed it into the Valkyire’s head. The magic blast that followed created several vortexes, all sucking away Dust’s power as the break magic activated. The Warden was practically vaporized and Haddock’s body was pulled away as well, much to Stonegit’s despair. When everything stopped whooshing, Dust was left in her beast like form, physical, and drained of power. Stonegit cynically told her that she should be proud, and that she just did the same thing to him that Sturgeon had did to her. With that, he used the pike to beat and break Dust’s body, smashing it with the hard iron rod until she was left in a pool of her own blood. The Valkyire, in her last moments, told Stonegit that Haddock would go to Hel, and that he could not save him. Stonegit doesn’t believe her, but the words haunt him none the less. Stonegit stands with his fellow rebels, facing where Haddock had vanished, and gave a small eulogy in memory of the man he loved. 

Season 3 Edit

Stonegit changed drastically in a short time. Because of Haddock’s death the boy stopped sleeping and eating. Unable to bear to look at the seemingly innocent hand that had killed his King; he used hot metal, small knives, and a blunt object to mar it. He attended the formal funeral for the King, attempting to sing in his memory but, failing to keep his voice from breaking, he gave up and left. On his way out, he was shocked to encounter Haddock’s wife Mera and her two kids. She asks what has happened and Stonegit kneels down, holding up Haddock’s sword and telling her he was responsible for the funeral flames in the distance, and that she ought to avenge her husband. Mera has no time for these theatrics, and tells Stonegit that he did not strike her as the murdering type, but one of honor and goodness. She keeps her emotions in check, insisting he take him to the fortress, which Stonegit obliges to. When inside, Stonegit told his tale after Mera had put her kids to bed. Mera continues to keep back her emotions, telling Stonegit that she believed him and that it wasn’t his fault. She told the boy about the good she saw inside of him, but Stonegit refused to accept the words, and left Mera to take in her new home, and process the news of her husband’s death. A meeting is called within the camp to figure out who will take control of the rebellion. Stonegit is not impressed with the gathering, stating that Mera was the rightful heir to the throne until Haddock’s son came of age. The group agreed, and then Stonegit offered to become battle master, and that he would train the guards back to their former efficiency, address the threats within the camp, and push back the witch’s at their borders. Everyone agreed, except Seasick, who openly opposed the movement. In his anger he called Stonegit a broken man, and reminded the rebellion that it was him who had killed Haddock. Of course some of the others defended Stonegit, putting the blame on Dust. Stonegit ignores both the insult and the defense, telling Seasick that it was because of people like him that Tree still felt guilty over what the Warden made her do. He then left the hall, leaving Seasick with a feeling of dread that the camp had placed their trust in an unstable man. Stonegit began to train the guards, and had Kiri mobilize a witch hunting team. But while these things were good, behind the scenes, Stonegit showed signs of madness. He carved the walls of his room with cuts and gashes, using a knife to carve the names of several members of the rebellion into it, and of course, Dust’s name at the top scratched off. Stonegit blamed the witches and white cats for causing an unnecessary distraction and threat to the King. But he also blamed Skye and Tezz for the same crimes. Pitch was on for obvious reason. But even Blue and Jackson were on the list, Jackson for his former self trying to kill Haddock, and Blue for bringing him back to life. The people and things that were on this list were intended to be eliminated for taking part in Haddock’s death, so Stonegit’s name took the base of the list. Stonegit’s insanity and violence did not stay hidden for long, and neither did his motives. He disturbed the people of the camp by talking about how he intended to kill all who had ever threatened the King. He went to see Skye, meeting up with Grey and Warren, requesting that they help him. They agree, and Stonegit offers Skye a solution different from what the young prisoner wanted, but still had potential of working. Skye once again told him that nothing but holy magic purification would work. Stonegit is forceful with his words and Skye warns Stonegit not to make an enemy out of him, for he could come back more powerful and take revenge. Stonegit reacts violently to this, knocking Skye out and tying him up. Intending to use a European exorcism to purify him, Stonegit did not realize Skye had woken up. The boy panicked and used his magic to escape his binds, running. Stonegit pursued him starting a fierce battle with him which eventually ended with Skye being thrown from a window. Skye survived and fled to the woods. Stonegit commissioned Warren and Grey to follow him and gain his trust, make it look like they were going to save him, but to kill him as soon as they gain his magical knowledge. Warren and Grey refuse to carry out that last part and Stonegit relented, but still requested they purify him, which they agreed to.

Tezz returned early to the fortress, but had cut off his hand to prevent Stonegit from killing him with the fire brand. Stonegit pretends to be passive in light of this news and his encouraging when Stonegit leaves to go on the witch hunt with Kiri. But when he returned Stonegit called him to the cell block, telling him he was going to try and get rid of the demon in him. Tezz reminds him that it was not a demon but something more along the lines of multiple personality disorder. Stonegit reveals that he knows this, locking the doors. Tezz figures this is the part where Stonegit kills him, and accepts his fate, waning redemption. Stonegit becomes enraged by this and attacks him with his fists, telling him he should not be so willing to leave his family behind. Stonegit’s motives eventually change and he beats the man in an attempt to bring out his other, more murderous, side. He is successful, but does not allow Tezz, who had now lost control of his mind, to touch him, and beat him further until it submitted, not willing to die. Tezz returned to normal, and Stonegit ordered the guards to return him to Clover callously. He told Tezz that he got to live because he would not commit the same kind of crime Dust committed by taking a loved one away from someone. Tezz would be allowed to live so long as he was with Clover and her daughter. But he was not to enter the fortress again, for the Queen’s safety. Kiri confronts Stonegit over the poor treatment of her comrade, demanding to know what was going on. Stonegit told her of his plans to kill everyone who had a hand in Haddock’s death, no matter how small the role was. Kiri of course is furious with this, and tries to reason with him, but it is no use. Not long after that, Stonegit placed the camp under lockdown, the guards that he trained and earned the trust of enforcing his orders. No one was to get in or out, and everything was to be monitored and reported to him. Mera confronts Stonegit over this, sees his destroyed room, and is disgusted by the sight. After some tense words, she fires Stonegit, and calls in her royal guard to arrest him. But the boy orders them to leave, and to Mera’s surprise, they listen. Stonegit explains that he was the only one who ever invested time into the guards and gave them a chance, so they obeyed him. Mera takes out a magic token, telling Stonegit if he didn’t stop this now she would count down to ‘one’ and the magic in this trinket wouldd kill him. She explained that Haddock had given her this item for her protection. Stonegit attempts to take the token by force. He snatches it, realizing too late that it was just a worthless bit of metal, and is taken down by Mera and placed in an arm lock. He thrashes violently, breaking his collar bone and dislocating his arm. Seeing the insane outburst, a guard apologizes for following Stonegit, and helps Mera lock him up. Mera locks up the guard to however, not trusting his loyalties. The guard understands her choice.

While in prison, Stonegit is visited by Akkey, who tries to reason with him again, reminding him of his former caring nature. Stonegit, now emotionless and void of feeling, retorts that people aren’t worth it, and that he still plans to kill her father. He was willing to spare Tezz, for the man had never deliberately wronged him, but Pitch, despite him having a daughter, was still doomed. Stonegit figured any man who actively tried to kill Haddock was unforgivable. Akkey angrily asks Stonegit if he was trying to take everything from her. He replies that this is more of a job now, rather than a vendetta. Clover also tried to reason with Stonegit, bringing him a book to help him pass the time, even though his sight wasn’t that good. Stonegit displays that he is still in power, and demonstrates by having his guards let him out of the cell. In spite of her kindness, Stonegit head butts her hard enough to knock her out, proving to be even more unstable than before. Clover is taken back to Tezz by the guards. Skye returns to the camp, having been purified with Grey and Warren’s help and demands to see Stonegit. Stonegit is insulted by Skye’s impudent nature towards his guards, but Skye warns him not to invoke his wrath. Stonegit, who was very familiar with wrath, gave Skye an earful on his poor choice of words. Skye acknowledges Stonegit’s reprimand, apologizing to both him and the guards, but telling Stonegit that he, like him, knew what it was like to lose someone. He tells Stonegit that he no longer seeks revenge, but repentance for his crimes against the rebellion he had committed before he was purified, and challenges Stonegit to a friendly sparing match. Stonegit refuses, and instead tells him he will kill him in a dual instead in two days time. Skye is hurt and angered by this dismissal of peace, and leaves the dungeon. Stonegit also speaks to the midget pirate named Cabbage, who finds him ridiculous and crazy. Not much comes from this conversation; except for Cabbage hollering for all the camp to hear that Stonegit was planning ‘something bad’ in two days time. Hearing this yell, Akkey and the flirtatious new comer named Blunt, go to see what he was planning. Blunt was the son of Tal Donz, and had come to make amends to Stonegit over his father and grandfather’s actions. He hadn’t realized Stonegit was now a dangerous madman until he entered the cell. Both he and Akkey desperately try once more to get through to him. Blunt insisted that something was wrong, and that Stonegit should not be this crazy in such a short time. Stonegit tells them that he will show them the power of will over others, and then finally have revenge on those he deemed guilty of treason and accessory to murder. Akkey does her best to prevent this from happening. She rallies other rebels that were not part of Grounded Dungeon guards, and prepared for the worst, even though she didn’t know what it was. In the end it didn’t matter, Stonegit was let out of his cell, and he immediately went out to the edges of camp, where he had been told that Emily the Alpha was working. He attacked the Alpha, forcing her to bring out her dragon side and shoving her human reasoning back into her subconscious. Treating her as if she was some feral animal to tame, Stonegit forced Emily to submit her power to him, and then headed back to the fortress. At the camp Stonegit confronted Akkey and Seasick, speaking to them and the rest of the rebellion. He demanded that the people on his list be brought to him in two days time, or he would have his dragon army ransack the camp. Seasick tries to talk Stonegit out of this and Akkey tires to get through to Emily, but both fail. Stonegit was too far gone and now to violent to be helped. He was left alone in the village after that, and he once again saw a vision of Haddock, some more water falling from his nose and seeping out of his ear. Tezz snuck away from the group and went to Stonegit, figuring maybe him coming there would pacifying him, and wanting to know whether or not Stonegit had been in earnest when he said that he would spare him for Clover and Melira’s sake. Stonegit replied that he did mean it, and that now he would use Tezz to gain something better. Pinning him down and threatening him to keep quiet, he makes it look like he is about to kill the man, when Clover appears on the scene. He tells her he will spare Tezz if she finds a way to bring him Pitch, despite knowing that Akkey would protest. Clover, cornered and desperate, agrees, and Stonegit releases the two of them.

Two days pass, and no one is delivered. But upon Haddock’s sudden reappearance, two guards are sent to fetch the former bodyguard. Stonegit, thinking that they were there to take him to the rebels so they could kill him, attacks, and knocks them out. Akkey and Kiri leave to find him as well, Akkey finding him first. She desperately tries to tell him that Haddock is back, and that he was alive, but Stonegit becomes furious, thinking that it was a trick and was further angered over the fact that his demands had been ignored. He orders his dragons to attack the camp. They were to ransack it, but not to kill anyone.  He punches Akkey and stomps on her stomach to keep her from following him. However, his march towards the fortress is interrupted by Kiri. She offers to heal his mind, and make him better, her arms and hands glowing with powerful magic. Stonegit pretends to be interested in taking up her offer. But he knew she didn’t have this kind of magic before, and grabs her, finding the white cat she had been begrudgingly working with. He squeezes the cat to death and then starts to beat Kiri with his pike, declaring her a traitor and no better than the witches. Stonegit is about to hurl the barb of the pike into her head, when the Warden, who was possessing Haddock, stops him. Suddenly filled with terror, Stonegit lashes out at Haddock’s form, saying he wasn’t real, and just another illusion, even though he had felt him grab his pike. The Warden tries to make Stonegit think that she is Haddock, but Stonegit doesn’t believe her. Thinking that the Warden was possessing Haddock’s corpse, he attacks the Warden, starting a fight that spread from the village, to the fortress, and finally onto a high balcony. All the while Stonegit screamed at the Warden, saying how he couldn’t believe he had given her a chance and confided in her. The Warden was none to kind with her words either. Eventually the two were thrown off the side of the balcony. Stonegit’s bodyguard instincts kick in and he puts himself between Haddock’s body and an ice slope. They hit hard, sliding down next to the lake Haddock and Stonegit had talked beside oh so long ago. Stonegit, wracked with pain, tried to crawl up the side of the embankment he had slid down, screaming hatefully at the Warden. He was a pitiful sight, sad, and inhuman. The Warden once again tried to trick him that she was Haddock. This time it worked and for a moment happiness came to Stonegit’s face. But it dropped when he started coughing up water. The Warden tried to help him, but it was too late, and a final tear slid from Stonegit’s eye before he lay still, catatonic, his mind ruined. Saddened, but hiding it, the Warden begins to drag Stonegit’s body back towards the fortress.

Within his vegetable like mind, Stonegit was once again confronted by Hel, who was taking the form of Orskaf. It was explained that Stonegit’s soul had gotten sick due t the soul exchange, just as Vox’s heart, and Akkey’s memories had been damaged. It explained why he had gone insane so quickly, and why he was never able to go through the grieving the process, but rather just got worse and worse with no hope of healing. Stonegot of course is angry that Hel had done this to him and demanded to go back. Hel is frustrated that Stonegit thinks he can get away again, and reminds him that he had told him that he was going to get him one way or another. Stonegit finds out that Hel has been hustling souls so that she can win the war of Ragnorok. He tells her that what happened was not his fault, because if he had a soul he would not have gone on a vengeance quest beyond killing Dust. Stonegit tells her he will be the biggest pain in the ass he could possibly be until he is returned to his King’s side. Then he points out that he is sick and tired of people like Tree, Akkey and Tezz apologizing for things that were not their fault. So he was not going to apologize either, but rather go back up and fix what was broken. Expressing anger, Hel tells Stonegit that even if she offered him back them they would reject him, and to prove this, Hel goes up to speak to Haddock. However, when Hel sees that it was the Warden in charge, and that Haddock’s formally prideful self had been reduced to a broken man, she backtracks. This was not the intended playing pieces she had wanted, but Hel found a new way to work it to her advantage. She tells the Warden that Stonegit will stay in his catatonic state, and that if she cared for him, she would keep him alive. When Haddock regained enough strength to take control again, she would test him. After an offhand comment about how that contract on Haddock’s hand was unstable, she vanished again. She then lies to Stonegit and tells him that they are thinking about it, but weren’t too excited to have him back yet.                 

Relationships Edit

(All relationships are described according to how Stonegit truly feels about them. His damaged, soulless feelings from Season 3 are not considered in his section).

King Haddock - Perhaps the closest person to Stonegit is Gareth Haddock of the Wilderwest. After becoming his bodyguard, Stonegit soon fell in love with the man. Afterwards their relationship was strained and complicated after that. Haddock did not yet understand his non platonic feelings for his young bodyguard, and Stonegit knew he could never have the King because he was married to Mera. Haddock was regal, Stonegit was sarcastic, thus causing several clashes. However, before his dual with Dust, the boy and the King had finally come to understand each other, their close yet somewhat mysterious relationship cultivating healthily.

Hemlock - Stonegit's relationship with the former librarian and head mage of the rebellion was uneasy. Stonegit was incredibly suspicious of her, and yet was confused by her as well. He was almost certain she meant the King ill, yet she gave him books to save his life and always spoke to him in a civil manner.

Dust - Stonegit harbors a deep-set hatred for the fallen Valkyrie Dust. He considers her, by far, his worst enemy, despising her even beyond his old assailant Orskaf. Not realizing it, Stonegit split his feelings between Dust and her willing vessel Hemlock, choosing to feel pity for Hemlock, and deep hate for Dust, even though their crimes were one in the same.

Orskaf Donz - Orskaf was the father of the late chief of Port Krum. Stonegit fears Orskaf terribly even though he over came his fear enough to kill him years ago.

Tal Donz - Son of Orskaf, Stonegit always felt sorry for Tal. He felt bad that he had to kill Orskaf and that Tal lost his father, but never enough to admit he had been wrong in his actions. However, his pity would fade and be replaced with hurt and rage. Tal had always been patronizing to Stonegit as a child, but when he found him at the rebellion he was down right abusive with his words. After he tried to kill Haddock, Stonegit ended his life as well, and after that only felt a calloused acceptance of who Tal was and the choices he made.

Tezz - Tezz was always very kind and maybe a little too trusting and respectful of Stonegit, especially during the bodyguard's time of insanity. Stonegit had always been to cautious and suspicious of Tezz to ever really treat him right and reciprocate the friendship that the nomad offered. Even though he didn't realize it, Tezz was Stonegit's closest friend, even during the days he was taking over the fortress.

Clover - Clover, in all reality, is Stonegit's drinking partner. She helped him relax and have fun during a feast, even though the boy had just crawled himself out of Hel. Stonegit greatly appreciates her friendship, as she gave him consistent support and respected his personal feelings. Stonegit wishes he was as close to Clover as Clover was to him, as he was not able to spend too much time with her due to his twenty four hour job.

Pitch - When he knew him as the Stranger, Stonegit was curious of him. Knowing him as Pitch, Stonegit viewed him as a challenge. He never felt incredibly strongly towards Pitch one way or another, until the man both blinded his eye and attacked Haddock after the events of the lake. At that point Stonegit wanted nothing more than to beat him into the ground. But not long after realizing some of Pitch's true motives, he began to feel pity, which quickly developed in to an urgent sense that he had been greatly misunderstanding the man.

Skye - Stonegit and Skye's personality differ to the point where Stonegit can barely talk in a civil manner to the boy. Their relationship can truly be compared to an older and younger sibling rivalry and personality clash.

Shovel and Snag - Stonegit's dragons. He is much closer to Shovel, emotionally, but utilizes Snag more, since to dragon helps him get around and is not blind. He loves them both.

Hel - Stone finds the deity ruling the underworld a cheating scum bucket who should be more professional with her job. Hel in turn finds Stonegit to be an annoying shit who is too big for his britches.

Jackson - Stonegit started out hating Jackson, back when he was Jokul Frosti, and wished nothing less than to kill him. However, when he changed, Stonegit gave him a chance, and then later considered him one of the first friends he made at the camp. When he discovered that Jackson had also been killed by Dust, Stonegit quietly grieved his death.

Emily the Alpha - Another person that Stonegit considers one of his first friends, Stonegit's actually relationship with the Alpha was quite casual, although now there is no telling how damaged it is ever since he attacked her in his soulless state.

Blue - This adept was the third person who Stonegit thought of as one of his earliest friends. Like Jackson, Stonegit was hurt at the thought of Dust having killed Blue as well, and that he had spent the last few weeks trying to hunt Jackson and Blue down, even though they were his friends, and had already passed away.

Akkey - Stonegit shares a causal relationship with Akkey, but it is made deeper with a strong desire to make amends to her due to his actions at the lake.

The Warden - Stonegit always considered the Warden a threat but never formulated strong emotional feelings towards her. After she possessed him, the two of them formed a begrudging partnership, that later evolved into a fondness that was not fully admitted. Stonegit even confined his inner feelings to her in the first heart to heart chat he had with somebody in nearly a decade.

Mera Haddock - (to be added later)

Blunt Donz - (to be added later)

Other members of the rebellion - Stonegit shares a casual relationship with several members of the rebellion. He considers them friends. These people include: Kiri, Grey, and Warren.

Trivia Edit

Even though he had a sick soul at the time, Stonegit still would have committed the following actions even if his soul was intact: Have a rather "give no cares anymore" attitude, beat Dust to death, offered Mera the option to kill him, and marred his hand. The rest were acts of pure insanity that he would not have committed with an intact soul.

Stonegit was not aware of his sexuality until he met Haddock.

Stonegit struggles with suicidal fantasies and occasional self harm. Despite these struggles though, he has always felt like he was a good person, just maybe not useful all the time.

Stonegit has killed six people.

Tezz, Dust, Orskaf, and Pitch are all people who gave Stonegit at least one scar.

Stonegit fell in love with Haddock because he seemed like the kind of person that would finally take care of him and look after him. He was enamored by Haddock's presented self confidence, and saw his uppity personality as a potentially humorous challenge, and the means to witty banter. (Stonegit also thought he was as sexy as hel).

Soulless Stonegit practiced the technique he used to control Emily on Tezz's murderous side first, so he would be successful the first time he tried control the dragons.

It was the old dragon trader who Stonegit bought Snag from that tipped Tal off to Stonegit's location.

Quotes Edit

"I've killed gods before, they weren't that impressive." (Stonegit dismissing Skye's claim to power).

"You don’t have wrath Skye…you never did. Wrath isn’t being powerful, or attacking people with magic, wrath…is actually doing something! It’s beating a man who already injured and dislocating his arms because he tried to hurt someone you loved! It’s plotting and scheming until you are finally able to kill a man who you think wronged you! It’s beating someone to death and dragging their brains across a pavement! That is wrath! So don’t you dare, don’t you DARE tell me your wrath is to be feared!” (Stonegit giving his opinion on what wrath is).

"There’s one more thing you should know about me. The one thing, the one thing that makes me worth something more than any of the other reasons…And that’s that I serve fucking King Haddock of the Wilderwest! And I will not go into Valhalla to stand beside Thor and Odin. Not when I can stand beside him!" (Stonegit to Hel before he returns to life).

“Well let's face it, no matter what that was supposed to be, you, my King, have never been so stupid hot, I mean so cute before, I mean...well maybe I should just sex out of here!” (Stonegit getting flustered after Haddock kissed him).