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Skaimoru appears to be around six years old upon first glance. She is very short, and is often wearing dresses with puffy skirts - all in the name of confusing people. Her hair is gray, with purple tips, and when it is not in a braid, it comes down to just below her shoulders.

Her eyes are the most clearly wrong thing about her appearance - instead of the area around her iris being white, it is completely black, and seems to absorb all light entering it. Her iris themselves are yellow, and appear cat-like, and in certain situations, can look like they are glowing.

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Skaimoru loves to cause trouble. It is practically her sole reason for existing. If she knows how to push your buttons, she will exploit it until it is no longer amusing to her. She is also sadistic, and enjoys hurting people where she can.

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Skaimoru is the youngest in her family, and her two siblings are Sydiotraa and Shaxurohm.

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