Perch Hall is the rebels' sanctuary for the Rebellion, being the first place they created and fled to after escaping the Grounded Dungeon. It was destroyed during Walpurgisnacht.

Location Edit

Perch Hall is approximately three miles away from the Grounded Dungeon, on the inside edge of the Wilderwest and the Wildest West, in the center of the Frostbitten Fields.

The terrain is mostly a deserted, rocky, snowy tundra pierced with outcrops of rock, with a large lake nearby somewhat more than half a mile wide and patches of taiga forest populated with thick, tough trees and a variety of woodland animals suited for the cold such as smaller dragons, bears, deer, fox, fish, birds, and wolves. There are few roughly cleared paths surrounding the fortress but no main roads to speak of.

The structure itself is made mainly of massive spikes of superhard opaque ice, courtesy of Emily the half-Bewilderbeast. Her ice breath was constructed around a vaguely cave-shaped stone structure, and the ice provided the safety needed for protection from the elements and from possible retribution from the Warden and High Central. It features a large surrounding camp area, a moderately strong wall, a main great hall where meals are eaten and celebrations are held, and quarters for the royal family. A small dungeon lies within the ice itself, formed of natural air pockets in the ice and rock.

Role in the Rebellion Edit

From the very beginning of the rebellion to the events of Walpurgisnacht, the fortress withstood much of the Rebellion's threats, even standing when Stonegit went into a Hel-induced madness and attacked the camp, trying to smoke out his hit list and forcing Emily to ice over the entrance. It was torn down when Orskaf used Kiri's grief seed to unleash her witch soul right in the heart of the fortress, utterly destroying it and leaving nothing but a crater in the ground.