"Letter to the King" is a Season 3 thread that takes place directly after "Haddock Reunites with His Family," during which Toshioka Kiri leaves a resignation letter for the royal Wilderwest family. Directly following this thread are the events of "With Hunter's Camp" and "Contract with Hel."

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Kiri slips a letter underneath the door to the Haddock chambers. The king sees and reads it after he reunites with his children after a year. The letter informs Haddock that Kiri will step down from active duty within the Rebellion to go to a base of witch hunters and prepare for a large, imminent attack with witches. Haddock is unhappy with Kiri's letter and resolves to write a response later.

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Toshioka Kiri: A note found slid under the door of the Haddock chambers:

Dear King Haddock and Royal Family,

I, Toshioka Kiri, regret to inform you that I am stepping down from active duty within the Rebellion.  My priorities lie with preparing the witch hunters to deal with an imminent attack, and they must be ready when the day comes.  I am leaving to join them at their base, the second ice fortress.  You are welcome to reassign my quarters, as I will be working from the Witch Hunter base from now on.

I too will warn you of the attack - that an extremely powerful witch is approaching.  It will appear in this territory within the next few months, and it has the capability to destroy the very land and mountains themselves.  This is why I must go and ready the witch hunters.  Please, I beg of you to be ready for when this day arrives.

While I will no longer be directly active with the Rebellion, I would like to remain on good terms.  You may contact me by air mail, or send a messenger to the second fortress.  I have left two storage rooms full of many many exotic teas, as well as supplies for the making of bubble tea.  I am happy to continue supplying tea for as long as I am able.  

Best of luck to you, King Haddock, and to all the rest of the Rebellion.

- Toshioka Kiri

Gareth Ragnar Haddock the Second: After the king had seen to his children, Mera wordlessly handed him a note. 

"What is this?" he asked. His wife simply gestured for him to read the text.

"You know I can’t read, idiot," she snorted. "You tell me.

The king scanned the contents of the letter, learning of Kiri’s resignation and trying to keep internalized his consequent frustration.

"It’s just more good news," he grumbled, and thought to himself in the morning he would have to begin preparing defenses and send an air mail message to Kiri in turn.

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