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Whatever she wants. Although Hel often takes the form of Orskaf Donz when speaking with Stonegit. Other days she appears as a young woman dressed in white, or as a giant, black, surreal king like form. When in Hel, she usually looks like she is part of the sky above.

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Hel is sarcastic and easily frustrated. She is manipulative and mean, but in rare times, her kinder side shows through. But Hel is not evil. She is a natural order just doing her job. And she doesn't like putting up with the crap and complaints of humans.

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What ever the Hel she want within the parameters of her divine power. Includes: Taking multiple forms, exploding demons and reassembling them with the click of her fingers, ruling Hel (the place), stopping time momentarily, and teleportation.

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Too long, too ancient, and too complex to be written. So we will highlight some hotspots in her life. She was born, Loki being her father. Odin appointed her to rule Hel. Hel does her job, nothing happens for centuries. Hel encounters some punchy human who finds a way to cheat death. Hel has to do damage control. Repeat the last three hotspots a couple dozen times. Hel plans to resurrect the god of light. Hel starts hustling souls in preparation of Ragnorok.

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Hel is first seen when Stonegit goes to Hel after exchanging his soul for Vox. She tries to go through the regular motions of harvesting a soul and ignoring the usual pleas of a dead man. But things go a little south for Hel's process when Stonegit points out that Vox died of battle, and that he died bravely, and thus they should not be in Hel. Since Hel is reserved for cowards and those that died in their beds. Hel then tries to convince Stonegit to go to Valhalla, but the boy refuses and instead dives into limbo again, heading back to earth, much to Hel anger.

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No appearance

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Stonegit - Hel sees Stonegit as nothing more than another punchy human who found a way to temporarily cheat death. Occasionally she feels sorry for the boy, but for the most part she finds enjoyment annoying or lightly tormenting him for being such a pain in her neck.

The Warden - Hel views the Warden the same way she sees other demons. Too big for their britches. Hel just happened to speak with the Warden a little more than some others.

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