Grey Bergman is one of the rebels in the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion, led by King Haddock of the Wilderwest. She is then promoted to Lady of the United Revolutionaries by King Haddock in early Season 4, and becomes the next Chief of the Haligan Tribe in the Extended Universe. In the Extended Universe, she is the wife of Brandt Felman and the mother of Sven, Dagny, and Kari Felman.

Appearance Edit

Grey is a female Viking with brown shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. She is short and has a slim figure. She wears a red shirt with shoulder pads and a navy-blue knee-length skirt. She also wears a headband around the top of her head and a pair of brown boots. Sometimes, she will wear a red cape to keep warm in colder weather, and she often carries around a sword at her left side. Grey can also be seen with her best friend, a female Night Fury she named Shadow.

Personality Edit

Grey is a kind and caring person. Some would say that she is down to earth and tries to be optimistic in dark times, and she also appears to be mild-mannered. Grey is also sometimes very shy, and it is because of this trait that she has little experience as a public speaker and a leader. However, ever since joining the rebellion, Grey has slowly grown into a confident young woman developing her Neutral Good personality. She always tries to look out for those she cares about, especially, her family, her friends, and her dragon Shadow, and will do just about anything to protect them, even if it means laying down her own life for them. Warren's mun described Grey as someone who is "a risk taker, she gets angry and she demands security and justice for things. In my mind she’s kind of black and white, wrong is wrong and right is right and she will defend herself and the things that she cares about no matter what."

Abilities Edit

Sword fighting: From the age of 11, Grey has been learning sword fighting from her father. She knows how to look for an opponent's weakness and use it against them in a fight. Because she always has her sword in its sheath at her side, she is always prepared for any fight that might come her way, but her father has always taught her to never engage her opponent unless it is absolutely necessary. Therefore, she lives by the motto of using her weapon as a last resort when in a confrontation.

Healing: Over the years, Grey has been learning methods of healing from her mother, who was the healer in their village. While they do not practice magic, Grey does know basic first-aid and is ready to help when needed. She only had the chance to use this skill a few times throughout her life. One of those times is during her time in the Rebellion when she worked with other rebels to save King Haddock's life after he was injured in an assassination attempt.

Leadership: As Grey finds her place in the rebellion, she begins to develop a sense of leadership. From leading a mission to find smuggled weapons to becoming the King's second-in-command, Grey becomes a leader in nature. She takes time to listen to the people and makes sure that plans run smoothly while also not being afraid to stand up for what she believes is right.

History Edit

On January 10, 1024, Grey was born into the Haligan Tribe on Haligan Island just off the coast of the Wilderwest region of the continent of Aiodorin. Her parents, Sven and Ingrid told her that her name came from the grey sky that appeared on the day that she was born saying that even though it was bleak that day, it brought them a little ray of sunshine. She has lived on the island with both of her parents and the rest of their village led by Chief Hroar, who was her father's closest friend.

Around the time Grey was three years old, an epedemic had swiped through the village, making all the children including Grey extremely sick. Fortunately, the warriors, including Grey's father, in the village set out to find a cure for the children, but when they finally did, they returned to the island only to find that the small handful of children they had all died, except for Grey. While grateful that his friend's daughter was alive, Hroar consulted with the elder, who is convinced that there is a reason that Grey was the only one to survive. Therefore, unbeknownst to Grey, Sven and Chief Hroar came to an agreement that should Hroar have no children of his own by the time Grey was old enough, then Grey herself would be the one to take her place as the succeeding Chief of the tribe.

Unfortunately because she was the lone survivor of the epidemic, Grey never had any friends of her own age. There were the few older children in the village, but they were often busy with chores and training to become warriors. Therefore, Grey would often spend her days with her parents or by herself. While she wished to have friends of her own, she did not mind spending time with her parents. She was very close to them, especially her mother given that her father was one of the warriors and would often go on expeditions with the Chief if needed.

Ever since she was nine years old, Grey began to develop a brave yet rash side of her personality. While she continued to spend time with her parents, most days she would go off exploring in the forest by herself. One day she had done so much exploring in the forest that she failed to come home one night causing her parents to worry. It was then that Sven and Ingrid told Grey to always be home by sunset if she went out into the forest. While they knew that their daughter was becoming too adventurous, they wanted her to develop a sense of independence, especially when it was possible that she was about to become a leader of a village someday.

On May 9, 1034, when Grey was only 10 years old, she ventured out into the forest surrounding her village one day to go exploring. While she was exploring, she accidentally tripped over a tree root and scraped her knees, so she went to the nearby river to clean up her wounds. Then, she came across a small black dragon, a Night Fury. Having never encountered a dragon by herself before, Grey became scared and ended up accidentally falling into the river and hitting her head. She almost drowned, but the dragon was able to save her just in time. After the dragon rescued Grey, the two of them bonded very quickly. When it seemed that the dragon had no family of its own, Grey took it upon herself to take the dragon in. When Grey brought the dragon home, her parents were initially not comfortable with their young daughter having a dragon of her own. She tried to convince her parents that she would take care of the dragon, but her father explained to her that the dragon might have its own parents, who probably wanted their baby back. So, Grey and her parents agreed that the dragon could stay for two weeks. If they found the dragon's parents, then they would release the dragon to them, and if they didn't have any luck then Grey could keep the dragon. It was then that they realized that the Night Fury was actually a female, so Grey decided to name her Shadow because Night Furies could not be seen at night.

Two weeks have passed since Grey found Shadow, and Grey and her father had little to no luck in finding the dragon's parents until one day when Grey's father discovered that the parents were killed. Once it was discovered that Shadow's parents were dead, Grey immediately and happily took Shadow in as her pet dragon promising that they would be best friends forever. Ever since that day, Grey and Shadow became the best of friends and were completely inseparable.

In 1036, when Grey was 12 years old, a trader, her uncle Einar came to the island. As Grey searched her uncle's ship, she overheard Uncle Einar telling Chief Hroar about the movement High Central was beginning. The movement was known as the Exodus. The High Central government was going all over the continent of Aidorin moving all the half-breeds who lived there to the Wild South. She was immediately confused and shocked that the government was treating this race so cruelly. She expressed interest in wanting to help, but her parents, her uncle, and Chief Hroar told her that she was too young and that High Central was the government. Therefore, they were able to make these decisions regarding what happened to the half-breeds, even though it was not right.

As Grey continues to grow up with Shadow, she becomes more and more adventurous. One day she decides that she and Shadow should decide to try flying together. After a series of tries, Grey and Shadow finally began flying for the first time. Not long after they began flying, Sven and the blacksmith decided that Grey needed a saddle and gave it to Grey as a gift. Not ready to have their child venturing too far from the island with her young dragon, Sven and Ingrid demanded that Grey and Shadow only flew around Haligan Island and the ocean surrounding it.

About a year later, at the age of 13, while flying over the other side of the island, Grey and Shadow noticed a campfire, and they decided to investigate. They followed the smoke to a small clearing in the forest on the other side of the river and found a campsite, where they found a few bounty hunters. Grey was curious as to what they were doing on the island, but suddenly, Shadow attacked the hunters exposing her and Grey, and after a brief battle, Grey watched in horror as Shadow killed a couple of the bounty hunters forcing two others to retreat. At first, Grey didn't understand why Shadow did what she did, but Shadow took her to where she was raised by her parents. It was then that Grey understood what happened: the bounty hunters they saw killed Shadow's parents before they met, so the two of them promised to keep what happened between them.

Sometime after Grey turned 14 years old, she continued to experience more of High Central's cruelty when a stowaway half-breed was found on her uncle's ship when he came to visit. The half-breed named Leif, who was about 16 years old, came across Grey on Einar's ship claiming to have escaped an attack on his village in the Wild South of the main continent and got separated from his family, and Grey, of course, agreed to take him. Chief Hroar, Sven, Ingrid, and the council were hesitant of course, given that this could put the village in danger of a High Central attack, but meanwhile, Grey and Leif got to know each other and began to develop a friendship.

Leif tells Grey of the hardships High Central has been putting the half-breeds through, and Grey is shocked and saddened by the information. She believes that if Chief Hroar and her father were to hear of these events, then Haligan Island could fight back against the government. Unfortunately, Chief Hroar and the council agreed that it would be best for the tribe if Leif stays on the island temporarily until they can find means for him to eventually leave. Not wanting to lose her only friend, Grey protests against this decision saying that Leif deserved to stay and live with them. She entertained the idea of standing up against High Central, but both of her parents and Hroar disagreed.

Leif believes that Grey's parents and the Chief are right, and promises to leave the island as soon as possible to prevent any trouble with High Central, much to Grey's dismay. However, trouble later arises when High Central makes its way to Haligan Island. Not wanting to give Leif up to the soliders, Grey and Shadow take Leif to the far end of the island, where Leif and Grey say their goodbyes not sure if they will ever see each other again. Leif even gives Grey a kiss on the cheek before setting sail on the makeshift raft. Thankfully, once Leif leaves, the High Central soldiers give up their search and leave the island. Angered over what has happened to her half-breed friend, Grey promises to herself and Shadow that once she is old enough, she will do her best to stop High Central and their cruelty if it is not resolved soon and that she will find Leif again.

Grey has not seen or heard from Leif in two years since their first encounter. However, at the age of 16, that is the least of her problems when she inadvertently learns of the epidemic that occurred when she was only 3 years old, and after an argument with her parents over the matter, she flies off the island with Shadow toward the mainland. Unfortunately, a storm brews while they are flying, and Grey and Shadow lose control and are forced out of the sky. They crash-land in a dense forest on the mainland resulting in Shadow injuring her wing. Just when Grey is going to try to find help, they are both ambushed by a group of half-breeds.

Both the girl and her dragon are captured and taken to the half-breeds' village as prisoners. The half-breeds bring them to their leader, who accuses her of being a High Central spy. Grey tries to plead her case and to explain that she didn't know that a village was here and that she wasn't a spy, but her words fall on deaf ears. Just when the leader is about to deliver the sentence, someone stops him, and sure enough, it turns out to be Leif, the half-breed who met Grey two years ago.

Leif explained that Grey was the same human girl who found him and saved him from High Central, and as soon as Grey was released, the two of them happily reunited. The healer diagnosed that Shadow sprained her wing during the crash and that she will need a few days to a week to recuperate, and with no other means of getting Shadow home, Grey initially believed it would be best to find an inn to stay in. However, Leif invited her to stay with him, his father, and brother, and once they all agreed that Grey was to leave as soon as Shadow was healed, Grey accepted.

During the days of her temporary stay, Grey helped around the village and rekindled her friendship with Leif, and they even seemed to develop romantic feelings for each other, much to Leif's father's dismay. Once Shadow was deemed well enough to fly, Grey agreed to leave the next day and return home, and of course, she and Leif were both saddened by the outcome. They spend the rest of the day together, and Leif promised that as soon as things with High Central cooled down, he would find Grey again and that they could pick up where they left off to see where things go.

In the middle of the night, Grey was suddenly woken up by Leif, who told her that High Central guards were making their way toward the village, possibly finding out about Grey and Shadow. Leif quietly urged Grey to leave with Shadow before they were to arrive, but Grey did not wish to leave Leif and the village to face these ruthless soldiers. However, Leif protested repeating his promise to find once it was over, and he gave a kiss on the lips before leaving only for Grey to return the gesture with a longer one. Overjoyed, Leif gave Grey one last goodbye and left to help his father and village leaving Grey with Shadow.

Grey was just about to leave on Shadow when something stopped her, and she decided that she was not going to leave, not when they had the means to help the half-breeds. To give off the impression that they were leaving, Grey and Shadow took off into the sky, and as the half-breeds and the soldiers were engaged in battle, they suddenly flew in and attacked the High Central soldiers, much to Leif and his father's dismay. The battle raged on, but soon, Grey and Leif attempted to make a run for it to get Grey and Shadow safely away from the village.

Just when Grey was about to leave with Shadow, a soldier found them and attacked them. Leif attempted to save Grey and Shadow, but was struck down and severely injured. Grey tried to save him, but while she tried to help Leif, the soldier attempted to kill Grey but was stopped when Sven and Hroar attacked with their dragons. While overjoyed to see that her father came to her rescue, Grey was extremely saddened to see that Leif died in her arms. She began to sob as she held him close, while Shadow, Sven, and Hroar looked on in sadness. After the High Central soldiers left, the half-breeds came onto the scene, and out of sadness and shock over his son's death, Leif's father banished Grey from the village and forced her to leave immediately, despite his younger son and Leif's little brother's protests. Sven, Hroar, and Grey obeyed his demands and left the village with Shadow and their dragons, and Grey felt nothing but remorse and guilt over Leif's death. However, it did give her another spark to find a way to stop High Central once and for all.

Despite the sudden loss of her good friend, Grey moved on and lived the following years on Haligan Island with her parents. As she grew older, Grey found herself wondering what she was meant to do in the future. She had been learning to be a healer like her mother, but she felt that there was more she wanted to do. With her parents' encouragement, Grey decided to follow her heart and to see where the future would take her. On her 20th birthday, Grey's parents present her with gifts, one of which was a leather headband, that she would hardly take off.

One year later on her 21st birthday, Grey decided that with the recent occurrences with High Central, especially with the King of the Wilderwest himself being thrown into the Grounded Dungeon, now was the time to stand up and to stop High Central starting with freeing the prisoners of the Grounded Dungeon. To make sure that she saved all the prisoners, Grey and Shadow observed the dungeon from afar to put together the perfect plan to break out the prisoners, but eleven days later, on January 21, 1045, when she was about to put her plan to action, Sven stopped her and forced her to come home. It took some convincing, but so long as Grey was willing to stay home for one more week, they would allow her to leave to save the prisoners of the Grounded Dungeon. Therefore, after a week, Grey said goodbyes to her parents and Chief Hroar and took off on Shadow back to the Grounded Dungeon, prepared for anything that would stand in her way.

Family Edit

Grey's family tree can be found here.

Grey is the daughter of two Vikings, Sven and Ingrid Bergman. Sven, her father, is Chief Hroar's General and close friend, and Ingrid, her mother, is the healer of the village. Sven's younger brother and Grey's uncle, Einar is a trader who travels around the world. Grey also has her pet dragon Shadow, who she loves as a sister, and even though they were not related by blood, she sees her three best friends from the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion, Greg, Asha, and Warren as her three younger siblings. Her adoptive nieces and nephew are Siri (Asha's only daughter), Lila, Jari and Kettil (Warren and Greg's children). After the rebellion and her coronation, Grey meets her uncle's apprentice, a man named Brandt Felman, who she eventually marries. Together, they have three children, a son named Sven and two daughters named Dagny and Kari. By marriage to Brandt, she is the daughter-in-law of Hoark and Brenda Felman. Grey is the grandmother of Erik Felman, Gustav Felman (Sven's sons), Freja Havelocksdottir, Olga Havelocksdottir (Dagny's daughter), and Gunnar Balder (Kari's only son), and she also has eleven great-grandchildren.

Role in the Rebellion Edit

Season 1 Edit

On January 28, 1045, one week after the rebels broke out of the dungeon, Grey, still unaware of the breakout, finally left home and took Shadow with her to find the Grounded Dungeon, where she knew King Haddock and other half-breeds were imprisoned. When Grey and Shadow finally arrived that night, she was shocked to see that the Grounded Dungeon was destroyed and that the prisoners were gone. As she contemplated on her next move, Shadow discovered something off in the distance and quickly got Grey's attention. It was then that she discovered the ice fortress not too far from the dungeon. Thinking that there was something there that could help them, the young woman and her Night Fury went over to the fortress, where she met Ingrid, a former prisoner of the Grounded Dungeon. Ingrid explained to Grey that the prisoners rebelled and broke out of the dungeon five days ago.

While Grey was happy that the prisoners finally rebelled and broke free, she was still unsure as to what she should do next, but Ingrid informed her that the rebellion was still dealing with the Warden, a demon that was assigned to guard the Grounded Dungeon. At that moment, remembering her promise to help in any way she could, Grey proudly declared that she would stay and help the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion bring down the demon. Ingrid then instructed her to go see King Gareth Ragnar Haddock the Second, the leader of the Rebellion, so that she could enlist, but Grey was at first nervous at the thought of meeting the King of the Wilderwest in person. Ingrid managed to ease her nerves explaining that she should be fine if she proved to Haddock that she could be trusted. After the two said their goodbyes, Grey made her way over to the King's tent and met the monarch himself officially enlisting in the Rebellion.

Grey started out as a minor character, but she started to build her role after Vox's death. As a soldier in the Rebellion, she stayed true to the King and their cause and always tried to help whenever possible. After Tree, who was still possessed by the Warden, escaped with a mysterious stranger, she immediately volunteered to lead a search party to find her and bring her back to the camp. It was then that she met Warren, a half-Pooka-half-human hybrid, Asha, Nate, and Greg when they volunteered to go with her. While on the search, the group discovered that weapons were being smuggled away from the camp. Wanting to keep King Haddock in the loop and forgetting to bring a messenger dragon along, Grey and Asha took Shadow back to the camp to inform King Haddock while Warren and Nate searched for more clues. When she was prepping to return to her new friends, she heard commotion and rushed to help only to see that King Haddock was nearly assassinated by Jokul Frosti. She worked together with Svied and Hemlock to heal his injured leg. In an attempt to cheer King Haddock up, she and Svied tried to sing "Into a Fantasy" to cheer him up much to Haddock's dismay. Once they healed the King, Grey, Svied, Hemlock, and Stonegit all gathered around Haddock to think of a plan.

Grey volunteered to have the search party she took now change their mission to find Jokul and bring him back to justice. She, Asha, and Shadow went back to the forest where they left Warren and Nate and reunited with Warren, who told them that Nate was missing. When the three girls set out to look for their team member, the three girls came across a wild Whispering Death. Asha volunteered to train it, but after realizing that Warren seemed to want a dragon of her own, Grey immediately turned to Warren believing that the half-Pooka could be the one to train it. Warren attempted to train it by brushing the dragon, which ended with the dragon falling on top of her unconscious. It was then that Greg flew in to help them. So, they all managed to help Warren out from under the Whispering Death. Grey and Asha tried to convince her to try to train the Whispering Death reminding her of how much she had clearly wanted her own dragon. When Warren finally made a connection with the dragon, it suddenly left Warren and the others. Grey was happy for Warren taking that big step, but she was also confused as to why it left.

Nevertheless, the group continued on with their mission. They managed to find Nate, who found a campsite near by. Grey and the group agreed to set up camp for the night and to learn more about the criminals. The group split up into teams to set up their temporary campsite. Grey, Warren, and Grey's dragon Shadow went to gather firewood while Greg and Nate set up the tents. While on the search for firewood, Grey and Warren took advantage of their time together to get to know each other. Grey explained how she met Shadow, while Warren explained that she was a Pooka-hybrid, which excited Grey. She had heard of the Pookan species and became eager to learn more from Warren. Warren even promised to teach Grey some Tai-Chi when they would return to the camp. When they returned to the campsite, they gathered together around the fire listening to Warren telling them about what she found in the criminals' campsite. Greg then concocted a plan to catch them: they would attack their camp the very next day when they were hungover from being drunk that night. As soon as the plan was formulated, Grey wrote a message to King Haddock to keep him updated about their mission. He responded telling Grey and her group to be careful and to keep him updated.

The next day, Grey, Warren, and Nate set out to complete their mission. Grey and Warren waited in the trees with Shadow, while Nate and his dragon Rythian distracted the criminals and led them to a ditch Warren dug nearby. Once the group was distracted, the two girls and Shadow searched the whole camp for any signs of the stolen weapons. Grey and Warren even went so far as to make the search a competition to see who can find the most first. The competition ended in a tie between the girls and Nate. When all the weapons were gathered together, Grey sent another message to King Haddock requesting that he would send some back-up to help them bring the weapons back to the camp. However, due to circumstances, unknown to Grey and her new friends, King Haddock did not respond to her message.

Just when it seemed like no reinforcements were coming, Bree, the feral dragon lady, suddenly showed up at the campsite to help the group. Grey, Warren, and Nate thanked her for her coming to the rescue, but their relief turned to suspicion when Bree revealed that she saw the letter Grey wrote to King Haddock about needing reinforcements but he did not send her. Grey and Warren were both very concerned that someone was in the King's quarters possibly without his knowledge, but nevertheless, they decided to just keep an eye on her as they prepared for their trip back to the fortress. They took off with the captured criminals and the weapons. After crossing through a fog bank and almost losing Bree and the Timberjack she found, they finally made it back to the camp, where they met Kiri and Emily the Alpha. Both the half-Bewilderbeast and the Viking Ninja informed them of what had occurred at the camp while they were gone. Kiri explained that King Haddock, Tree, Stonegit, and Akkey left on their own mission but did not say where they went. No one heard from them either. The Alpha also mentioned that she somehow passed out after talking to Hemlock and Jack Frost (formerly known as Jokul Frosti).

As soon as Grey heard about the King and his crew going on this secret mission, she immediately became worried, especially when no one had heard from them or knew where they had gone. While Grey and Shadow waited for them to return, Emily and Bree both suggested that they should go to look for their leader and his crew, so Grey, Kiri, Emily, Bree, and Nate all left the fortress to find them. They soon found King Haddock at the Lake with a revived Vox, an unpossessed Tree, and Akkey, who lost her memories in an exchange for Vox. Unfortunately, according to Haddock, Stonegit sacrificed his life in addition to Akkey sacrificing her memories. Grey and the others were so busy trying to figure out what was going on that they failed to notice Chief Akkey slipping away from the group. With that, Grey and her search party escorted King Haddock and his team back to the camp, but just as they took off, Kiri and Grey noticed a stranger, named Fiendal and took him back to the camp as well.

Season 2 Edit

After Grey and her comrades managed to find Haddock and his group, excluding Akkey and Stonegit, and the newcomer, Fiendal, the rebels and their King returned to the camp safe and sound. The camp was to hold a feast the next day to celebrate their victory over the Warden's defeat and Tree and Vox's return. However instead of going to the feast, Grey decided that she needed to interrogate the group responsible for smuggling the weapons, so she and Shadow went to the prison where she and Nate placed them. Much to her dismay and annoyance, one of the guards, a former prisoner of the Grounded Dungeon, explained that they were all placed together in a cell, but she decided not to dwell on that factor and while mentally making a note to herself that the guards might need to be trained, she and Shadow walked to the cell and woke up the prisoners.

The prisoners immediately woke up and recognized her as one of the rebels who captured them at the High Central outpost, and Grey proceeded to interrogate them asking them who they were. However, the criminals refused to answer her questions, therefore forcing the young rebel to use Shadow as a way to threaten them to talk. After a couple of attempts, one of the smugglers, the leader, explained that they were former soldiers working for High Central and that they were stationed in the Grounded Dungeon before the rebellion began and the prisoners broke out. While allowing the group to believe that she herself was a prisoner as well, Grey asked them why they didn't just leave and return to their bosses at the base instead of just hanging around the area surrounding the camp.

The former soldiers simply explained that they didn't want to risk their lives running back and facing their bosses with the truth that they allowed a group of teenagers and young adults, including the King of the Wilderwest to escape, especially when there was a powerful demon guarding the Dungeon. Grey realized that the soldier gave away the fact that the soldiers clearly knew that there was a demon guarding the Grounded Dungeon, and she recalled the conversation she had with Ingrid when she first arrived: that the prisoners could not return to their homes because their memories were erased or altered. She was about to ask why that was case but decided against it as that could give away that she was never a prisoner to begin with. Deciding that she had enough information about the smuggled weapons, she explained that she would need to discuss proper punishment for the criminals with the King himself, and just before she left the cell, she decided to try to ask the group about the altered memories. However, before they could answer, one of the guards rushed in to tell Grey that she needed to be there at the feast and that she was missing it. Deciding that she needed to speak to Haddock anyway, she and Shadow followed the guard to the Great Hall.

When she arrived, she found everyone drunk from the spiked bubble tea except for Hemlock and a newcomer. She and Hemlock talked briefly about how the King needed to be protected at all costs to avoid another assassination attempt. After Hemlock decided to leave, Grey left the feast soon after, and she sat outside with Shadow only to have Bree stumble upon the two of them. While the two girls were speaking, another stranger, named Skye came onto the scene demanding that Grey tell him what had occurred in the rebellion over the past few months. Grey of course resisted at first, but Skye in return threatened to hurt Shadow if she didn't leaving Grey with no choice but to explain. She first asked him to explain who he was. All Skye told her was that he "was an innocent caught between life and death," so Grey tried to give as little information as possible about the rebellion and the Warden. Skye suddenly became interested in the Warden and wanted to find her, but Grey tried to convince him that the Warden was gone for good. However, the man would not listen and left Grey alone, scared and confused.

After he left the girls and the dragon, Bree immediately suggested that she and Grey follow him, so Grey left Shadow in their spot and went off with Bree. They soon found Skye after his discussion with the Warden, and he quickly attacked Grey and Bree. The three of them got into a huge battle, but it quickly ended when Skye suddenly broke down sobbing and crying for someone to help him. When Grey and Bree went up to him to find out what was wrong, he began to rant about destroying the Warden. Of course, due to the events in the Season 1 finale, Grey told Skye that the Warden was gone, but Skye only laughed at her and claimed that the Warden was in fact back and was possessing somonee else now. He even said that in order to defeat the Warden, they must kill the Warden's current vessel. However, before Grey could get him to give the name of the vessel, Bree knocked him out.

Grey and Bree took the unconscious Skye to the cells and locked him up, and after he was secure in a cell, they went off to find King Haddock to tell him about what Skye had told them. Grey and Bree talked with King Haddock, who at the time already knew that the Warden returned and was possessing Stonegit, his bodyguard. He then wished to speak to Skye, so Grey volunteered to go with him in case Skye tried anything. They went to the cells, where Haddock immediately asked Skye how he had known about the Warden. Skye only explained that he was possessed by dark magic of his own and needed someone of pure heart to cleanse him, and of course, he chose Haddock, much to Grey and Haddock's dismay. Grey immediately came to Haddock's defense and protection refusing to put the King in anymore danger. In return, Skye threatened the two of them with his spear until Haddock calmed him down asking why the threats were necessary. He also refused to help Skye claiming that he did not know magic. Their conversation was interrupted when they heard Stonegit yelling at one of the guards, who claimed that Pitch escaped from his cell, and before they could go further into the investigation, another guard rushed in claiming that Chief Akkey had returned to the camp.

When Grey saw that she was no longer needed, she snuck away from the prison and found Shadow, who was still waiting for her to return. Still shaken up and exhausted from the previous events that took place, Grey decided that she and Shadow should go for a walk. While on their walk, they ran into Warren, one of the rebels Grey became friendly with during their smuggled weapons mission. The two girls happily greeted each other and shared a hug claiming they hadn't seen each other in a while. Warren noticed that Grey did not look great, and Grey explained to her about the previous events with Skye, Bree, and Haddock. Warren immediately decided that Grey needed some cheering up and let her decide what they should do. Grey decided that they could build a blanket fort in the sleeping quarters like she and her father did when she was a child. They made the fort and ended up talking for most of the night.

Eventually, the subject switched to the girls' families and their plans for after the rebellion ended. Grey explained that she planned to take Shadow and return home to her parents on her island, and Warren explained that she was going to continue exploring some more to find her biological parents. The half-Pooka hybrif explained to Grey that she had been searching for her parents for a long time and was never able to find them before the Rebellion. Grey then suddenly decided to change her plans and to help Warren on her search instead after the rebellion. Warren at first was wary of the idea, especially after hearing from Grey herself how close she was with her parents, but Grey insisted that Warren was her friend and that she wasn't going to let her continue the search alone. Warren then gratefully accepted. They continued with their small talk into the middle of the night until they finally fell asleep.

The next day, on the Season 2 finale, Grey and Warren walked with Shadow to the dining hall for some breakfast. After breakfast, they ran into Tree, who told them about a duel that was happening between Stonegit and Chief Akkey in the courtyard. Grey immediately went with Warren, Tree, and Shadow to observe the fight, and they came to the courtyard and saw the fight just beginning. Of course, they could not stop it becasue spectators were not allowed to enter into the ring. All Grey could do was watch with Warren, Shadow, Tree, Kiri, and Asha. During the fight, Warren and Grey managed to figure out that the Warden was possessing Stonegit while Akkey was possessed by another demon known as Dust. While Stonegit was transferring the Warden into Haddock's body, Dust possessed Stonegit causing him to turn on Haddock. The bodyguard suddenly fired a fireball from his hand and right at King Haddock's chest killing him instantly. As Grey and the others watched the scene unfold, she tried to rush onto the scene to help him after he was shot only to be held back by Asha. Then they watched as Stonegit beat Dust to death and as Dust and the Warden took Haddock's body into a vortex seemingly destroying them.

Season 3 Edit

At the beginning of Season 3, after the chaos that ensued during the dual between Stonegit and Akkey, Grey and Warren split up to inform other rebels of what had happened to their King. While wandering around the camp, she came across another rebel with blonde hair and a helmet, who appeared to be her age. After initial conversation regarding how they came to be involved in the rebellion, the rebel introduced herself as Seasick, and Grey followed suit in introducing herself as well. After introductions, the brunette explained what happened to King Haddock not too long ago, much to Seasick's shock and disbelief. Despite the fact that the rebellion now had no one to lead them, Grey and Seasick both agreed to focus on the funeral to give the King an honorable final farewell before focusing on the logistics, so they finally agreed that Seasick herself would be the perfect person to lead the funeral given that Stonegit was traumatized by what happened and Akkey was not well after the battle and that the funeral would be held the next day to give Seasick time to prepared. Once the girls reached this agreement, the girls said their goodbyes and went off to do their assigned jobs.

The next day, Grey attended King Haddock's funeral, led by Seasick, with her new best friend, Warren. She was the first person to step forward and give a eulogy for the late king. She said that even though she did not know him as well as many of the other rebels did, it was still an honor to work for him in the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion. She said that he was a great leader and that she was grateful to him for bringing the Rebellion together. Otherwise she wouldn't have met all her fellow rebels.

After the funeral, Grey was in the middle of feeding Shadow when she remembered what Seasick had mentioned the previous and fully realized that since King Haddock was no longer with them, there was no successor to take his place to lead the Rebellion. She asked Warren if she had any idea if the late King had ever mentioned who would be the likely person to take his place should anything happen, but unfortunately, Warren said that she had no idea. Tree, who was walking by at the time, asked the girls to gather the other rebels to discuss the matter. Grey, Warren, and Tree gathered the other rebels together, and Grey started off the meeting with a brief speech despite that she was not a very experienced public speaker.

During the meeting, Stonegit walked in and berated the rebels for thinking that one of them would be suitable enough to take King Haddock's place. He then suggested that Mera, King Haddock's wife, was the only one suitable to take over. Of course, Stonegit also suggested that he would be her second-in-command to oversee military situations in the rebellion. Grey was one of the first to agree, and the other rebels followed in suit. Seasick, one fo the rebels, did not agree. She believed that since Stonegit was the one who killed the king, he did not deserve to be the queen's second-in-command. This led to an intense confrontation between Stonegit and Seasick. However, Grey and the other rebels could only watch as Stonegit whispered something to Seasick, and regardless of what happened, they agreed that Mera was to take over as queen and Stonegit would become her second-in-command.

While the meeting was going on, Skye, the madman Grey met in the previous season and who was released from his cell by Stonegit out of fear for King Haddock's safety, was listening at the whole time. In a fight for control over his body, the demon inside him commanded him to kill Grey out of revenge for helping to lock him up in Season 2. Unfortunately, Skye complied. After the meeting, Grey and Warren accidentally got separated from each other in the crowd. Grey did not think to look for Warren and to go back to Shadow, but while she was walking alone, Skye ambushed her. After a brief fight, Skye overwhelmed Grey and managed to hold her down with a plasma blast.

When he tried to finish her, Warren rushed in and saved Grey's life. Out of anger and wanting to keep the man away from her best friend, Warren captured Skye and interrogated him for his reasons for attempting to kill Grey. When Skye tried to apologize, Grey only grew angry as well and promised to never forgive him and that he would never be a part of the Rebellion. Despite being shocked at her friend's anger and bitterness, Warren agreed and took him back to the cells while Grey went to retrieve Stonegit while both girls had no knowledge of the bodyguard releasing the madman in the previous season.

After finding Shadow, Grey failed to find Stonegit but decided to just go to the prison, where Warren was with Skye to interrogate him. Just as they were about to interrogate him, Stonegit walked in and asked to speaj with Warren and Grey. They explained what happened with Skye, and Stonegit took over to speak with Skye. The conversation took a turn for the worst when Skye questioned as to whether or not Stonegit wanted King Haddock back. Stonegit grew angry and physically beat Skye until he was unconscious, and then he asked Warren and Grey to hogtie him and hang him from the ceiling. Warren was hesitant, but Grey complied and tied him up. When a priest tried to purify Skye, he managed to break free and ran off only to have Stonegit chase after him leaving Grey, Warren and Shadow behind in the cells. After a brief battle, Skye managed to escape leaving Stonegit no choice but to send Grey and Warren to catch him.

Stonegit commanded Grey and Warren to find him and to purify him (just as Skye asked during the fight), but he also asked that as soon as they gained his trust, they would kill him. While Grey was angry and upset over what happened, she protested against killing him thinking that Skye could be an advantage for the rebellion. Stonegit explained that he tried to kill Grey and was responsible for King Haddock's death, which meant that he did not deserve to live. Grey, of course, carelessly told Stonegit that he was the one responsible for the King's death, not Skye. Stonegit grew angry with her causing Warren to intervene at the last second telling him that they meant Hemlock was the one who caused Haddock's death. Stonegit calmed down and told them to go out and find Skye giving the girls the choice whether or not to kill him.

The girls accepted and left the prison to saddle up Shadow. While Grey was packigg up, Warren broke down about how Grey was almost killed by Skye and how she foolishly stood up to Stonegit when he could've hurt her as well. Warren told Grey that she was all she had, and Grey apologized for putting Warren through so much in one day and thanked her for saving her telling her that she was proud to call her her best friend. With that, they set off to look for Skye on Shadow leaving the camp completely unaware of what Stonegit was about to do. On the way, the two girls talked about what they would do once they find Skye. They agreed to not kill him, but they began to wonder if it was safe for Skye to come back to the camp since Stonegit was intent on having him killed.

Soon enough, Warren spotted smoke from the distance, and the girls took Shadow down to the source of the smoke. The smoke was coming from a campfire Skye made. When they landed, Grey explained that Stonegit ordered them to find them, but Skye rebuked saying that Stonegit was not to be trusted. However, he was willing to let Grey and Warren purify him as he requested. He explained that because both girls were "pure of heart" they would be the perfect people to help get rid of the demon possessing him. After some hesitation from Grey and Warren and some explanation from Skye, the two girls agreed to help Skye. The process was painless for Grey and Warren, but for Skye, once it was over, he fainted.

Warren was so overwhelmed over what just happened that she quickly ran off leaving Grey and Shadow with an unconscious Skye, so Grey quickly took off after her leaving Shadow to watch over Skye. Grey found Warren by a small creek and asked her why she ran off. Warren explained that she just needed room to breathe, but Grey felt that there was something more to it. However, when she tried to get Warren to tell her what was bothering her, Warren once again reassured her that everything was okay and that she was simply spooked by what just happened with Skye. Grey accepted it and led Warren back to where Shadow waited with Skye.

When they got back, they saw that Shadow was alone and that Skye ran off to go back to the camp, so the girls took off on Shadow to find him. After some searching, Warren and Grey found him in the middle of the forest trying to catch his breath and tried to convince him that going back wasn't the best option for him, especially when Stonegit wanted him dead. Of course, Skye refused to listen to them and was set on returning to the camp to find the reason why the demon inside him led him there. He then disappeared into the snow right before their eyes teleporting himself back to the camp leaving Grey, Warren, and Shadow alone in the forest. After Skye left, both girls were so overwhelmed and tired after what just happened that they agreed to make camp for the night instead of flying back.

Grey stayed with Warren and Shadow for another day in the forest before finally heading back to camp. All seemed well as they were unpacking theur supplies, but soon Skye showed up to talk to them. He explained that he challenged Stonegit to a spar before they returned to the camp. When the girls tried again to convince him to leave the camp, Skye still refused to listen and instead requested that Grey and Warren would take Shadow and leave the camp immediately promising to come for them when it was safe as he feared that something was about to happen. Grey was of course shocked by this request as she could not imagine leaving her fellow rebels behind when they were experiencing such dark times, but when she saw that Warren was not leaving, she knew she could never abandon her best friend and refused to leave as well. When they began to plan a way to evacuate all the rebels from the camp, Warren suddenly heard a roar in the distance, and Grey noticed that the camp suddenly became quiet.

The three rebels found Seasick and the other rebels in the stables. Seasick informed them that Stonegit had somehow taken control of Emily the Alpha and the dragons threatening that unless Skye, Jack, Blue, and Pitch would be turned over to him, he would be the Alpha and the dragons to kill them all. So now the rebels must band together to figure out what to do. Grey suddenly realized that Shadow was not under the Alpha's control possibly because she was not in range of the Alpha's hypnotic call and was able to avoid it. Therefore, with a Night Fury on their side, she claimed that there wasaa possiblityy that they had an advantage prompting Seasick to wonder if her dragon, Furious managed to avoid it as well. Just then, Greg came by to help them plan as Seasick left to find her dragon. When they were about to figure out what to do, Elia, another one of the rebels, came by claiming that the Warden had returned and was currently possessing someone else now.

So, Grey, Warren, Skye, and Greg all followed Elia to where the Warden would be with her new vessel at the camp's entrance. It was there that they saw the Warden's new vessel...a revived King Haddock with Chief Akkey and two newcomers, Calder and Asuka. When the Warden attacked Chief Akkey and asked for Stonegit, Grey immediately rushed onto the scene to confront the Warden and to protect Akkey. When she asked the Warden what she would do to Stonegit, the Warden evaded the question and only threatened to kill them if Stonegit did not come. Seasick sent two guards to find the former bodyguard while Grey tried to confort Akkey, who suddenly began to scream in agony. Then Queen Mera came onto the scene with her children and questioned the Warden. Grey and the other rebels were forced to watch as the Queen and the Warden confronted each other. When the Warden left to find Stonegit, Akkey escaped from Grey and ran off to follow the Warden and warn Stonegit. Greg then volunteered to bring Mera and the children back to the fortress safely, and Mera gratefully accepted.

Meanwhile, Grey worked with Seasick to gather the other rebels together to listen to Seasick's evacuation plan. This time, Grey led the meeting with confidence and explained that they were not going to hand anyone over to Stonegit, which meant that they needed to evacuate. When the plans were made, Grey noticed that her friends Warren, Asha, and Greg were all missing. Remembering that Greg took Mera and the children back to the fortress and assuming that Warren and Asha followed him, she took off with Shadow to find them.

Grey and Shadow snuck over to the fortress and found Greg, Warren, and Asha standing outside the Queen's room. She told them about the evacuation and led them outside so that they could talk and let Asha get some fresh air after she claimed that she felt warm in the palace. However, Grey noticed that she was feverish, and when Asha told her she had been feeling like this for a while now, she figured out that her friend was actually pregnant. It was then that Grey decided that Asha needed to be evacuated in order to keep her and the baby safe much to Asha's dismay. She then ordered Greg to go back and get Queen Mera and her children so that they could be evacuated as well while Warren went to retrieve her staff leaving Grey and Asha with Shadow. Not long after that, the dragons began attacking the camp looking for the four people on Stonegit's hit list. Thankfully, Greg and Warren came back just in time, and they all went to join Seasick at the evacuation point.

When they got to Seasick and Furious, Grey and Greg said their heartfelt goodbyes to Asha and Warren, who was going with Asha to protect her while Greg and Grey were to stay to fight with Seasick against Stonegit. Grey promised Warren that she and Greg would return for her and Asha, especially when she and Warren were going to go find Warren's parents after the rebellion would end. She then witnessed Greg and Warren's first kiss before Warren went to join Asha on Furious's back. While Grey was happy for her two friends, she told Greg that she and Asha would have to have a serious talk with him. Then, just as Furious was about to take off, the dragons stopped attacking the camp, which sparked Grey and Greg's attention. As soon as the dragons stopped attacking, a black mass appeardd in the sky, so Grey sent two guards to check it out while they waited with the evacuees.

Soon enough, the two guards returned and told Grey and Greg that the black mass was actually Hel, the goddess of Helheim herself, and they saw her talking to the Warden while she was in Haddock's body. They appeared to be making a deal together, which caused Grey to become suspicious. She then ordered Greg to take Warren, Asha, Queen Mera, the kids, and the other evacuees somewhere safe in case they would need to try to evacuate again while she planned to go talk to the Warden about Hel's arrival. Of course, Greg convinced her not to go, especially after she mouthed off to the Warden when she came back, even going so far as to reminding Grey of the trip she was supposed to take with Warren, and Grey had no choice but to comply. Instead, they moved Warren, Asha, and the other evacuees to the stables to keep them together in case they needed to leave again.

After everyone was settled in the stables, Grey pulled Warren aside to explain what happened believing that it would be best for her and Asha to hear everything from her. Grey then told Warren about how she almost went to the Warden before Greg stopped her reminding her of their upcoming trip, and she then explained that she came up with a new plan: if for some reason they could not evacuate everybody from the camp, then she wanted both of them, Greg, and Asha to be able to hop on Shadow and Barry Manilow, Greg's dragon, and to make a run for it. Warren accepted the plan, and the two girls shared another hug. It was then that Greg walked outside, and Grey decided to leave them alone to have their talk while she went to check on Asha.

Grey found Asha in the stables with Shadow, and the two of them began to chat. Asha apologized for being a burden to the group, but Grey reassured her that she was not a burden. She was their friend, and they wanted to protect her. She then tried again to ask Asha if she was absolutely sure that she did not know who the father of her unborn baby was. Asha explained that she was visiting her boyfriend's island a few weeks prior and was hanging around with a few boys that night, but she didn't remember much after that. Grey brushed it aside saying she, Warren, and Greg would take care of her. After Asha explained that how her father died when she was little and how her mother became abusive forcing her to run away, Grey immediately invited her to come live with her and her parents after the rebellion. Asha at first refused thinking that she would be a burden for Grey's parents, but Grey reassured her that it would be alright telling her that her mother, who was a healer, could help Asha throughout the pregnancy. Asha finally accepted Grey's offer just in time for Greg and Warren to return from outside. Asha and Grey happily congratulated them on starting their relationship, and the four of them shared a group hug.

The next day, two demons, one of them was known as the Empress and the Warden's mother came to the camp looking for the Warden. Greg saw them coming into the camp and tried to get them to leave by mouthing off to them, but they did not listen and threatened to rip out his vocal cords with their Stitchers. Grey, who was watching the scene unfold from the stables, quickly stepped in between the demons and Greg and asked the demons why they wanted to see the Warden. When the Empress mocked the rebels for wanting to protect their demon, Grey retorted saying that she had no interest in protecting the Warden only the vessel she was currently occupying, their leader King Haddock, so the Empress promised to not harm the body of King Haddock. Grey then agreed to bring her to the Warden and told Greg to bring Shadow back to the stables and to wait with Warren and Asha promising to return soon.

While Grey and the Empress walked together, the Empress apologized for being so brash and impatient toward her, Greg, and the other rebels. Despite how awkward it was talking to the Warden's mother, Grey accepted the apology and then asked the Empress if she knew why the ruler of Helheim, Hel, had arrived at the camp a few days ago and talked to the Warden. The Empress explained that she had no idea what her mother, Hel, could possibly want with the Warden and the Rebellion. Grey was shocked to learn that the ruler of Helheim was the Empress's mother, and the demon explained that the demons were not born the way humans were but did have parents and relatives like they did.

Soon enough, they arrived at King Haddock's room, where the Warden was with Haddock's body. The Empress and the Warden got into a heated conversation in front of Grey, who was getting more and more uncomfortable with each passing second. Thankfully, the Empress permitted her to leave but not before she asked for the rebel's name. Grey was very uncomfortable with the Empress knowing her name, so she tried to evade the question only to have the Empress reveal that she knew her name all along and that she only asked the question to give Grey the free will to tell her herself. Grey was shaken up over how the Empress now knew her name and quickly ran from the scene. As soon as she left, she immediately regretted it thinking that maybe she could have been brave enough to interrogate the Empress on how she knew the demon's name or to try to get King Haddock back. Nevertheless, it was too late, so Grey quickly ran back to her friends in the stables.

When she came back to the stables, she found Greg and Shadow with Warren and Asha there and told them whar happened with the Warden's mother. However, when she did, Warren immediately became upset that Grey put herself in grave danger by associating with the demons. Grey retaliated and explained that she only did it because they threatened to rip out Greg's vocal cords after he mouthed off to them. Warren then turned around and got angry with Greg for putting himself at risk. He apologized for getting involved and promised not to do it again, which made Warren turn back to Grey for going back on her promise to not put herself in danger anymore. Grey apologized and tried to explain that she had no choice but to step up to protect Greg and the rest of the rebellion, but Warren scolded Grey for doing what she did anyway despite remembering the promise she made only to have Grey retaliate saying that no one else stood up to the Empress leaving her with no choice but to intervene.

Warren finally broke down saying that she did not know how to protect her family, which made Grey realize that Warren was trying to protect them as well. They just had very different views on how to go about it. The two of them embraced as Grey told her that she believed that there was no right way to protect someone. You should just try your best because every effort to protect your family shows how much they mean to you even if the results were not what you want. The girls finally made up and apologized to Greg and Asha for making them sit through the argument. Warren suggested that it would be best if they could get away from the tension for a little while, to which Greg suggested that they go sledding. With that, the four best friends ran out of the stables to enjoy their time together. After their time sledding, the teens all headed back to the camp to hang out in the stables.

A few days later, Greg finally told the girls about his newfound friendship with the Warden. Grey, Warren, and Asha were shocked at first, but told Greg to be careful around the demon in case she was up to something. When all seemed calm, Grey finally grew angry and berated Greg for putting himself in a dangerous situation with the Warden, especially after he stopped her from going during the Evacuation and Stonegit's Attack. Greg tried to reassure her that everything worked out for the best and that the Warden deserved a friend and a second chance, but Grey retaliated and reminded him of all the horrible things she had done in the past not seeing what the big deal was. She then told Greg to look around and to tell her what he saw. He replied saying that he saw the three girls he called his adoptive sisters. Grey explained that if there was one thing her fight with Warren taught her, it was that a person's actions could have a great effect on those she cared about, no matter what. Greg realized what Grey was saying and finally apologized for worrying them, but he also wanted Grey, Asha, and the Warren to meet the Warden and promised to break off his friendship with the demon if anything should happen.

The next day, Greg finally suggested to the girls that they should surprise the Warden and meet her. While unsure, Grey, Asha, and Warren agreed to give the Warden a chance. So, they found her in a dark alley, and of course, the demon was not happy seeing that Greg mentioned his friendship with her to the girls but nevertheless was willing to talk to them. Grey was still unsure and whispered to both Warren and Asha that she had her sword, hidden under her cape, and that if anything went wrong, then she would hold the Warden off, while Warren and Asha would escape with Greg. Warren, while frustrated that Grey was seemingly and constantly trying to sacrifice herself for her friends, told Grey that they were doing this and insisted that they should just trust the Warden.

So, after introductions were given and Warden prompted the four rebels, Grey asked the Warden how she got involced with High Central and the Grounded Dungeon. The Warden explained that she was summoned from the Demon Lands by one of the mages and forced to stay in the Dungeon to guard it. Hearing this, Grey realized that the Warden was just like some of the rebels here. She imprisoned for unjust reasons by High Central in the Grounded Dungeon as well. The demon even then told Greg and the girls to call her by her real name, "Nalaagura." After talking for a little while, the Warden suggested that it would be best for them to part ways for now, and Grey suggested that because the Warden was still not well-liked around the camp, they should only meet in secret but when it was absolutely necessary and that this was to only stay between them. Everyone, including Greg and the Warden agreed, and the four rebels parted ways with the demon.

The next day, Hel returned to the camp to speak to King Haddock, who was released from the Warden's possession, prompting all of the rebels to gather around their king. The ruler of Helheim asked the King if they wanted Stonegit back. Grey of course was one of the people who stepped forward saying that she sgreed that Stonegit deserved a second chance mostly because of what she experienced with the Warden and Skye. A few others agreed. However, Hel mentioned to King Haddock that she would only give Stonegit if Haddock were to sign all of the souls of the rebellion over to her. Haddock, of course, refused, but Hel still gave Stonegit back.

The day after Clover and Tezzeret's wedding, King Haddock came looking for Grey to speak to her. He finally found her talking to Greg and Warren and pulled her aside. He asked her if she would accept a promotion to a leadership position in the Rebellion, much to Grey's shock. She was taken aback at the offer, but grateful that King Haddock saw her efforts and offered another chance to make something of herself. She eagerly accepted, and King Haddock mentioned that he would love to have her as one of his advisors or chiefs in order to fight back against beings like Hel and the Warden. Grey of course agreed, but while she mentioned Hel's first visit to the camp, she accidentally revealed the Warden's real name causing Haddock to become suspicious.

Greg, who had been listening in on the conversation, quickly came in to help his unofficial adoptive sister out explaining to King Haddock that Grey was tired and confused the Warden for someone else, but of course, Haddock did not believe it. As Grey noticed Haddock slowly reaching for his sword, she pleaded out of fear for him to let her explain the situation. Warren then jumped in emphasizing Grey's statement that they could talk the issue out instead of fighting. When Haddock demanded them to explain, Warren simply told him that they could not, which he viewed as treason. Greg quickly explained that he befriended the Warden and forced Grey, Warren, and Asha to do the same. In anger, Haddock demanded that they would stop their friendship with the Warden or else he would not give them a second chance.

Becoming more and more afriad by the second, Grey quickly accepted the demand trying to convince him that they did not befriend the Warden to betray him, but she also mentioned how the Warden was forced by High Central to guard the Dungeon hoping that would spark something in the King. However, Haddock did not care explaining that it did not excuse the demon from her past actions and calling Grey a fool for not understanding that he was trying to protect them.

Angered by the insult toward Grey, Greg stepped forward again berating Haddock for treating her so poorly. Grey quickly stepped in between the two men berating Greg for insulting King Haddock, but Haddock ignored Grey's pleas and threatened to hurt Greg with his sword. Warren stepped in as well pleading Haddock to stop before this confrontation turned into bloodshed. Haddock refused to listen claiming that he could no longer trust them if their actions were going to put the rebellion at risk. Warren and Greg tried to explain that they were not going to put the rebellion at risk as they worked hard to help it out ever since they arrived.

Haddock disagreed and refused to place anymore trust in them, but when he suddenly realized what he was about to do, he decided not to harm them, which Grey was gratfeul for. She tried again to convince him that they could be trusted listing all the good things she and her friends had done for the rebellion and pleading for him to believe her when she said that they would never betray him, but unfortunately, it was not enough for Haddock. While he was not going to harm them, he decided to have guards watch their every move from now on. If they were to be caught with any ill will action, then he would not do anything to help him. Then...he retracted his offer to Grey telling her to be grateful that was all he did, and as tears formed in her eyes, she reluctantly accepted his decision.

After Haddock left them, Greg and Warren steered a very saddened Grey back into the stables. Grey was at first in shock and upset over the recent events, but she quickly came to the conclusion that they needed to stop the friendship between them and the Warden as King Haddock demanded. Greg immediately and angrily disagreed saying that Haddock did not deserve their respect and was too blinded to see that the Warden had changed. Grey calmly retorted saying that Haddock was still their leader no matter how much they disagreed with him and that she did not blame him for his hatred toward the demon after everything she had done. Not only that, but since Haddock was going to have guards watch them closely from now on, it would become too risky for them to be seen with the Warden. Therefore, she concluded that the friendship needed to end and expressed hope that somehow she could convince King Haddock to trust them again.

Warren claimed that perhaps that it would be best if they did not try to regain Haddock's trust in them again and that perhaps it would be better if they left the rebellion. Shocked that Warren didn't agree with her, Grey calmly explained that they were making a difference by being in the Rebellion, but it would take some time. She also reminded Warren that Nalaagura possessed Haddock, and there was a possibility that whatever she did and said to him did a number on him. Warren reluctantly agreed and decided it would be best to talk to the Warden, and then she asked Greg if he had any other ideas. Unfortunately, Greg could not think of anything, but Grey comforted him promising that she would do whatever she could to fix her mistake. Warren and Greg both promised to be there for her as well while reminiscing the messes that they had gotten into before.

After sharing a group hug, the girls and Greg discovered a letter to Greg...from the Warden explaining that she had left the camp and telling them to contact a demon known as the Weaver should they need to find her. Saddened by their new friend's sudden departure, Greg walked away leaving Grey and Warren alone. Realizing this could be the perfect opportunity to find the Warden and to do what Haddock asked, both girls decided to surprise Greg and to leave camp the next morning to find the Weaver to lead them to the Warden.

Season 4 Edit

Before she and her friends set out on their journey to find the Warden, Grey wrote a letter to King Haddock explaining where they were going, promising to be back at camp very soon, and asking the King to speak with her and her friends to work things out. Just when they were about to leave, they heard that King Haddock was about to give an important speech. They decided to figure what he wanted to talk about, so they put their trip on hold to listen to the King's speech. When they gathered around the King, he explained that because Ragnorak was coming, he signed over the souls of everyone in the rebellion over to Hel in exchange for becoming a part of her army. Seasick was one of the first to berate Haddock for making such a hasty decision without anyone's consent.

However, remembering what King Haddock told her during their astt conversation, Grey rebutted her saying that King Haddock was trying to protect them and that he had done nothing wrong to harm them so far prompting Greg to agree with Seasick reminding Grey when Haddock pointed the sword at his chest for standing up for her. After heated disagreements, Blunt Donz accidentally revealed that the man, Orskaf Donz, his grandfather, forced Haddock to make the decision after he had Haddock branded and Stonegit raped. Grey and Greg asked Haddock for an explanation prompting Haddock to show them the slave mark. Having grown up knowing what the slavemark meant and living on an island that did not support it, Grey felt horrible for King Haddock to the point where it brought tears to her eyes. When Greg stated that Haddock lying about the mark, Grey quickly scolded him saying that the mark did not make King Haddock any less of a man.

Suddenly, Hel came onto the scene berating the rebels for creating a scene and reminding them that no matter what they did, they all belonged to her as her army. Aggravated by Hel's presence, Grey suddenly hopped on Shadow and confronted the ruler of Helheim telling her to leave. However, Hel suddenly performed a trick that caused Grey and Shadow to suddenly start coughing up water as if they were drowning. Once Grey and her dragon fell to the ground, Hel made it clear that since they were her army, the rebels were under her protection until Ragnorak began.

She then scolded them telling them that if things were to start getting ugly, she would have no choice but to destroy them. Greg suddenly asked Hel for a new leader, to which Grey responded angrily stating that while he had no problem giving the Warden a second chance, he had the nerve to ask for a new leader when Haddock revealed the slavemark, the mark of shame. Greg only responded saying that no one hurt his family. Hell then absentmindedly decreed that Haddock was no longer King, and Greg, of course, asked who would be their new leader for Ragnorak, causing Treepelt to step up and berate him for making a rash decision. Both Treepelt and Stonegit agreed that Haddock was to keep his position, and Grey agrred saying that even though Haddock was not perfect, he was still a great leader, who had been there for them and had done a lot of good for the people, and deserved to keep his title.

After remaining silent for quiet some time, Haddock, himself, stood up and promised that while he was not perfect, he would do everything he could to help the people. He said that he would be there to answer their questions or help them in any way. Before leaving the rebels again, Hel asked if there was anything else they needed. After Blunt asked for a peace of fruit, Grey took the initiative to ask for details about Ragnorak. The ruler of Helheim explained that due to the increasing amount of people cheating death, including Stonegit and Vox, Ragnorak, the end of the world, would come early, and she explained what would happen on the Day fo Reckoning. With that, she finally left.

After the gathering, Grey went back to the stables with her friends. However, she stayed outside with Shadow to clear her head and to avoid the others yellngg at her. She then became curious about what Blunt meant about Orskaf branding Haddock and having Stonegit fight his men, and she also realized that given what had happened, she and her friends would have to put their trip to find the Warden on hold, which gave her the perfect opportunity to speak to King Haddock. After telling Shadow to wait outside, she went into the fortress to speak to Haddock in the throne room. The two of them happily greeted each other, and despite the awkward tension, Haddock asked Grey how her friends were doing. She truthfully explained that they were still upset over what happened, especially Greg.

Grey finally explained to King Haddock that she wanted to talk things out with him about the Warden and to try to get back on the same page again. Haddock agreed, but then he asked Grey to promise to not repeat anything that he was about to tell her. Grey promised and assured Haddock that their meeting would remain completely confidential. Grateful that Grey was willing to keep their meeting private, King Haddock went on to explain his hatred for the Warden starting from when they first met in the Grounded Dungeon to recently when she possessed the King. He then explained that because of everything the Warden had done to him, he did not want Grey and her friends associating themselves with the demon. Remembering what he told her a few days ago, she realized that he was only doing it to protect them from what the Warden put him through. Grey understood why Haddock felt the way he did toward the Warden, but it only confused her more as to why the demon was so friendly to her, Greg, Warren, and Asha but did such horrible deeds to Haddock.

King Haddock explained that the friendship between them and the Warden was nothing but a ruse, and that one conversation was not proof as to who she realyy was. He then claimed that Grey was too quick to trust. Grey agreed that perhaps she was too trusting, but then she claimed that she was not a fool and explained that she was ready to fight the Warden if anything happened. However, during the conversation, the Warden gave her no reason to pull out her weapon. Haddock viewed it as Grey being wary and considering alternatives carefully, but then he explained that he did not see the benefit of Grey and her friends being friendly toward the Warden.

Grey tried again to help Haddock understand that they were friends with the Warden out of betrayal to him, but Haddock only saw it as the four of them "pushing their allegiance," which sparked a brief but heated argument between the two regarding the Warden's threat to the Rebellion. When it seemed like Haddock knew the reason for the Warden leaving, Grey tried to push him into telling her, but once Haddock told her to leave it alone, Grey apologized for prying and explained that she only wanted the King to trust her and her friends again, to which Haddock told her that he already did, much to Grey's shock.

He explained that because Grey was so focused on working things out between them, that she did not see that Haddock already trusted her, even though he did not agree with her views on the Warden. She explained how the last conversation did not prove that, so she told Haddock that the fact that he still trusted her meant a lot to her. THen, Haddock asked her again if she would still accept the promotion, and of course, Grey accepted. Then, Haddock promoted her to Lady of the United Revolutionaries, which, as he explained to Grey, meant that she would report directly to him, carry out his orders, act under his name in diplomatic situations, and act as second-in-command when Haddock would be unavailable. Grey agreed to the responsibilities, and before leaving, she asked Haddock that since he said he still trusted her, if he still trusted Greg, Warren, and Asha. Haddock explained that he knew they had good intentions, but he would need more time until he could trust them as much as he trusted Grey. Given what had happened between Greg and the King, Grey accepted and expressed her hope that one day, they would be able to mend their bridges just as she and Haddock did. With that, the King and the Lady said their goodbyes, and Grey left.

The next morning, Grey woke up and talked to Greg about what happened with Haddock's speech and Hel's visit. Even though she did not agree with what Greg said against Haddock or the fact that he asked for a new leader, she still apologized for yelling at him. Greg forgave Grey telling her that it was normal for brothers and sisters to fight and yell at each other. Grey explained that because she never had siblings before, she did not know how to be a big sister. Greg playfully gave her three lessons to remember, one of them being not to argue with the ruler of Helheim prompting him to scold Grey for going against her asking her what she was hoping to accomplish. Grey explained that she was afraid that the ruler of Helheim would stir up more trouble, so she wanted to stand up to her. Greg told her that she needed to think instead relying on her impulsiveness. Greg then promised her that he would tell Warren he already yelled at her for standing up to Hel to help Grey avoid another lecture.

Sure enough, Warren woke up, and Grey started to explain to her and Greg that she spoke to King Haddock the night before. She explained as best as she could without giving away too much about what Haddock has told her that they managed to come to accept each other's different views on the Warden and that Haddock was not going to make them break off the friendship.

The next day, while on an afternoon flight with Shadow, Grey spotted a horse carriage coming toward the camp. Interested in finding out who it was, she flew down to the carriage and saw two strangers in the carriage, who were, unbeknownst to her, were Chief Akkey's sister, Maya, and Maya's husband, Hunter. The two of them explained to Grey that they had been traveling for a while now and were looking for the Rebellion camp in need of a place to stay. Grey, believing that the strangers were trustworthy, offered to escort them to the camp and to help them get settled. Maya and Hunter accepted the offer and followed Grey into the camp asking her if it would be possible to stay in the fortress. Knowing that was where King Haddock and his family lived, she hesitated but after realizing that Maya was disabled decided that it would be best to ask King Haddock to make arrangements for them.

She brought them to the throne room, where King Haddock greeted them. She and Hunter explained their situation. When King Haddock asked for more information, Maya dropped several hints explaining who they were, and as Haddock realized who the couple was, he asked Grey to leave the throne room so that he could speak to them privately. Grey accepted and was about to leave when she made one last exchange with Maya and Hunter allowing Maya to finally tell her their names. Later that day, Grey, Seasick, and a select few of other rebels attended a meeting with King Haddock regarding the witch that Kiri warned Haddock about and Ragnorak. Grey offered a suggestion to have noncombatants be evacuated from the camp grounds before the witch's attack as a witch hunter from the Blue Regiment, Sayaka walked in volunteering a few of her comrades to leave the evacuees to a witch hunter's fortress a safe distance away. When they tried to figure out how to fight this witch, Greg suddenly barged into the meeting room demanding information regarding this witch. When Haddock berated him for barging in uninvited and shouting accusations, Greg began to walk out when Grey stopped him demanding that he would apologize to King Haddock, but Greg refused despite Grey's and Seasick's efforts to convince him to listen.

When Greg finally left, Grey tried to apologize to King Haddock for her friend's actions, but Haddock interrupted her claiming that Greg was an issue to be dealt with at a later time. Grey accepted and resumed the meeting suggesting that the rebellion organize air forces, ground forces, and defense around the fortress based on the weapons provided much to Sayaka's delight. The meeting was once again interrupted when Bree walked in asking for information. Grey tried to tell her that the meeting was invitation only, but Haddock decided to allow Bree to sit in on the meeting if she wanted to help. As Bree joined them, Greg returned only to throw a pie at the King's face, much to Grey's shock. Angered by the stunt, King Haddock adjourned the meeting and chased after Greg. Grey quickly stood up as well and ran after them while telling the other rebels to stay put.

By the time she caught up to Haddock and Greg, the King had tackled Greg to the floor by his legs. Grey and Stonegit, who managed to catch up to the King, the Lady, and Greg, pulled the two men away from each other. Stonegit calmly asked Greg to leave, and luckily, Greg complied and left, leaving Haddock, Grey, and Stonegit to figure out what to do with him. Both the King and the Lady were out of ideas, so Stonegit decided that it would be best for Greg to talk Blunt because of their similar feelings toward the King. Both Haddock and Grey reluctantly decided that might be the best thing for Greg before Haddock stormed off to get the pie off his face leaving Grey and Stonegit alone. After Stonegit reassured her that Blunt could help Greg let out his frustrations against Haddock, Grey suggested that Stonegit should go find Blunt and Greg, but he quickly turned it down saying that he needed to be near King Haddock. Before he left to find Haddock, Stonegit told Grey that he was glad she was second-in-command now, and Grey thanked him and hugged him welcoming the Stonegit she had met that night when Haddock was almost assassinated back. With that, she went back to the meeting room to pick up where they left off suggesting that they started preparing for Ragnorak.

Later that day, while Grey, Greg, and a few other rebels were eating in the dining hall, one of the young guards approached the Lady asking if it was true she had met with the King today regarding plans for Ragnorak. She confirmed this trying not to give too much information mostly because she had never seen this particular guard before. She tried to reassure him that she and King Haddock would do everything they could to make sure everything would go smoothly when the war would begin. Vox, however, after overhearing the conversation, demanded to know what these plans were since he would have to report to both Grey and Haddock and to have all his questions answered. The guard then demanded to know if Hel really did have their souls. Thankfully, Tree jumped in calming Vox before tensions rose too high agreeing with Grey and confirming that Hel did have their souls, which she believed was better than being on Odin's army with Orskaf.

As soon as Tree spoke, the guard revealed himself to be Loki, the God of Chaos. He trapped all Grey, Greg, and the other rebels in the dining hall claiming that he intended on kidnapping all of them to get them out of the way of his chance at victory in Ragnorak. Grey and Vox tried to stop Loki, but it did not matter as Loki suddenly snatched them all away before anyone noticed. Loki shifted himself into a large dragon and brought all of the hostages to a large pit in the mountains far away from the camp. Little did Grey know that Loki returned to the camp disguised as her. However, that did not stop Grey from trying to find a way for her and the other rebels to escape. When Vox questioned her if she had a plan, the Lady came up with an idea to call a dragon and to ride it back to the camp. While the Chief War Strategist thought of an attack plan, Grey immediately requested Bree to help her carry out her idea. Bree came up with the idea to make lots of noise in the pit to get a dragon's attention, and with that, Grey ordered the rebels to use what they could find to make some noise.

Somewhere far away from the pit, the Warden and Akkey ran into each other while on their quest to find more souls for Hel and got into a confrontation when the Warden suddenly heard the noise from the pit. She realized that it was Grey, Greg, and a few rebels and quickly possessed Akkey to use Akkey's powers to find them. Soon enough, the demon and the nix found themselves in the large pit only to be greeted by Grey, Tree, and the others. Grey explained that Loki captured them and placed them all here. However, while they were trying to plan, Greg was completely overwhelmed with the fact that the Warden was there after being so hurt by the way she said goodbye not too long ago. Unfortunately, he hugged her in front of the rebels and called her by her nickname, much to the Warden and Grey's dismay. Grey tried to explain the situation to the other rebels, mostly to Tree and Vox, but Vox immediately refused to have anything to do with the Warden, even threatening to stay behind while they all escaped.

Unfortunately, because the Warden possessed Akkey to find them, Akkey claimed that they couldn't leave until she was feeling rested again, so Grey agreed that they would stay a little longer. The Warden also mentioned that she needed to be possessing a body since she did not have hers to stay energized as well. It was then that Greg offered his own body to the Warden claiming that he trusted her. Grey was at first hesitant to go along with this idea, but she trusted Greg and set a few rules for Greg and the demon. Once Greg was possessed, the rebels waited in the pit for Akkey to rest before escaping. It was then that Grey tried to talk things out with Tree and Akkey, given how she knew how they both felt about the Warden.

Both girls reminded the Lady that the Warden tortured the prisoners of the Grounded Dungeon and caused a lot of pain for the rebels, especially Haddock. Grey understood, but she also mentioned that the Warden deserved the benefit of a doubt. There was a chance the demon was using them, but she was willing to let her guard down a little to find out for sure but also willing to do whatever it took to stop her from causing anymore harm. Suddenly, Blunt Donz arrived with two strangers to rescue the rebels. Akkey came up with the idea to get the rebels out of the pit through the portals and to transport them up to where Blunt was. Akkey, Grey, and Greg all worked together to make sure everyone got out, and when it came down to Grey and Greg, Akkey made sure that Grey was the next to go leaving her alone with Greg.

When Grey emerged from the portal, she saw Blunt and two strangers with him. Akkey emerged not too long after her and told them that Greg would not return to the camo with them as she made him leave through another portal. Grey grew angry at Akkey for forcing her adoptive little brother to leave taking the Warden with him and even threatened Akkey saying that if anything happened to Greg while he was out there, she would not hesitate to hold her partially responsible. It was then that Akkey created a portal for the captured rebels to go through to get back to camp, and Blunt offered Grey a ride with him on Stonegit's Deadly Nadder, Shovel. Grey accepted, and while on the way back to the camp, Blunt asked Grey about the smuggled weapons mission she went on with Greg, Warren and Asha. However, the subject quickly transitioned to Grey's argument with Akkey. Blunt mentioned how Grey was distrusting the wrong people and that Akkey was only looking out for the rebellion. Grey understood why Akkey did what she did, but it still did not stop her from worrying about Greg. Blunt promised her that if Greg did not find his way back, he would personally go out to look for him. Grey thanked him and in return promised to apologize to Akkey, and it was at that moment, they finally returned home to the camp.

Not too long after the missing rebels returned, Orskaf arrived to the camp and exchanged some taunting words with Haddock. The King tried everything he could to resist the temptation to initiate a fight with Orskaf, but when Orskaf brought out a tortured and unconscious Kiri. It was then that Haddock decided not to take Orskaf's taunts lying down and called the rebels to battle Orskaf. However, before anyone could fight, Orskaf suddenly destroyed Kiri's gem and killed Kiri thus turning her into the witch Walpurgisnacht, who began to destroy the fortress. When Orskaf quickly ran out for cover, the rebels began to evacuate the fortress. While Grey helped with the evacuation, she saw King Haddock running back into Perch Hall with...another young woman...wearing her clothes. Wanting to help and to make sure he was safe, the Lady immediately took off after them.

When she finally found them in a nook of the fortress, Grey saw that the young woman Haddock was with was actually Loki. She tried to attack Loki to save Haddock but failed when the God managed to avoid her sneak attack as Stonegit came onto the scene. He was going to trap them in the crumbling fortress but tried to make a deal with them so that they could live. Grey was suspicious of his motives and tried to convince Haddock not to trust him because of what happened when he kidnapped them. Before anything else could happen, Hel suddenly came and grabbed Loki. Unfortunately, when she did, she left Grey, Haddock, and Stonegit in the crumbling fortress, and before they could make a run for it, the fortress finally collapsed on them trapping them inside.

When the destruction settled, Grey was able to see that they were trapped in the nook of the fortress. She checked to make sure Stonegit and Haddock were alright and learned that they were at least alive. King Haddock had a blow to the head and was dazed from the impact, and Stonegit was unconscious. Grey took it upon herself to get the three of them out. So, she put Stonegit on her back and Haddock lean on her as she tried to find a way out. As she began looking for a way out, one of Akkey's portals opened up under them pulling them out of the fortress and bringing them to the outside where Akkey, Vox, and the other rebels were. Once they were out, Vox and Grey realized respectively that Tree and Warren were missing. They soon realized that the two half-breeds were trapped in the vortex Walpurgisnacht created, so Grey, Vox, Stonegit, and King Haddock decided to hop on Shadow and fly up to get them.

Once they found Tree, Warren, and Akkey, King Haddock, Grey, Stonegit, and Vox all led the rebels to a safe spot away from the destruction to take care of the injured. While Grey was checking on the injured, she noticed that Warren was refusing to be patched up until Akkey was taken care of. Grey of course playfully threatened to have Shadow sit on Warren if she did not let her patch her up. Warren of course agreed, and the two best friends finally spoke after being separated from a few days. Warren told Grey how worried she was and how much she missed her, and Grey told her the same. While they were chatting, Akkey's brother-in-law, Hunter, came over to them to check them for injuries. He healed Warren's broken ribs and Grey's cuts. Once Grey and Warren were taken care of, Hunter was about to move onto another patient when Grey realized that King Haddock was not going to Hunter to have his head checked and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Grey and Queen Mera managed to convince Haddock to let Hunter check him. When the doctor was about to sing a spell to the King to cure him, Haddock angrily told Hunter not to sing, in which Grey told Hunter that she learned the hard way about the King's dislike for singing. After some convincing, Haddock finally let Hunter use his magic to cure his injury, but when he finally finished, Grey noticed the King's discomfort and immediately rushed to his side in concern. When the King reassured her that he was alright, Grey immediately took in upon herself to start rounding up the rebels to move them to the abandoned Grounded Dungeon. When she went to check on Warren, Warren began to worry when she realized that Greg wasn't with them and demanded that Grey tell her where her boyfriend was. However, knowing what happened, Grey reassured Warren that Greg was alive but left after they escaped the pit with Nala. When Warren asked Grey to explain, the Lady only told her adoptive sister to ask Akkey when she was well enough.

With that, the two girls rounded everyone up to get ready for the move to the Grounded Dungeon. Once everyone was set, the Rebellion began their journey to the old dungeon, and as soon as they arrived, both the Lady and the Queen shooed Haddock away to get some rest while Grey took over to oversee all the rebels settling into the dungeon. It was the beginning of a new chapter for the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion.

Season 5 Edit

The next day, after the Rebellion had made their move to the dungeon, Grey began her day by doing rounds around the makeshift camp at the abandoned dungeon, and she started by checking in on the medical tent. When she walked in, she noticed that Tree was the only one awake. The two of them said their "good mornings," and Tree asked how things were going outside. Unaware of Tree's past in the Grounded Dungeon, Grey let it slip that the Rebellion had moved their camp back to the Grounded Dungeon, and of course, Treepelt did not like it one bit. She grew angry that they came back to the place where they were tortured for so long by the Warden.

Grey tried to reason with the half-breed explaining that the closest village was two days worth of travel on foot and that several of the injured would not have lasted through the cold night the night before. They needed a place of shelter and this was the next best thing. In anger, Tree accused Grey of not understanding the trauma the Dungeon had for a lot of people in the Rebellion simply because of the fact that Grey was never in there to begin with. The Lady became angry and retorted saying that just because she was never arrested, it didn't mean that she didn't understand or care about the situation. Tree was about to explain that she knew how much Grey cared, but suddenly, she remembered something...something or someone was below the Grounded Dungeon.

When the half-breed explained that it was something the Warden controlled, Grey immediately decided to go down to the bottom and check it out only to have Tree stop her saying that it was too dangerous. Grey explains that she has to go find out due to the fact it could probably force the rebels to find another place of shelter, but Tree insists that it would be best to just leave regardless. The Lady again tried to explain that she couldn't promise they would leave right away due to the limited options they had at the moment only to have Tree firmly state that she would never leave the tent until they finally leave, which Grey accepts while offering to help Tree in any way. Tree thanks her, and Grey then takes the time to properly congratulate her on her engagement. The half-cat hugs her and thanks her, but they both agree that the best time to have the wedding is after Ragnorak.

After Grey and Tree's chat, the Lady continued the day with her rounds only to find an injured Akkey wandering through the halls of the Grounded Dungeon. When Akkey doubled over, the Lady quickly ran over to the adoptive daughter of the King to help her. While in a daze, Akkey claimed that all of her wounds were healed. At first, Grey didn't believe it and thought that she was delusional. However, once the Lady got a better look at her, she saw Akkey was right. She was completely healed! Both girls suspected that it was Hunter's work, but Grey brushed it off saying that she also did not know that Hunter was Akkey's brother-in-law much to the half-breed's shock. Out of fear, Akkey asked if Grey had told anyone that Maya was her sister, but Grey only said it wasn't her place to say anything leaving it up to Akkey and Maya to decide whether or not they should tell.

At that moment, Grey remembered what Blunt told her on their way back to Perch Hall and asked to talk about what happened between them at the pit. Akkey was resistant at first clearly remembering what happened between her and Warren when she told her, but Grey was persistent on straightening things out and apologized for treating Akkey the way she did when she was really looking out for the Rebellion. She admitted that being Greg's unofficial adoptive sister might have clouded her judgement. Akkey then admitted that she was wrong as well to force Greg through the portal and hoped that he would come back, and Grey reassured her that he would find a way, especially with Nala helping him and then asked Akkey if they could move forward as friends. Akkey thankfully agreed, and with that Grey volunteered to take her back to her room and get her some new clothes.

Akkey agreed but suddenly remembered that she left her clothes back by the pit with her dragon and the Warden's body and that any other clothes she had was back in the rubble that used to be Perch Hall. Grey quickly calmed her down telling her that right now, she and King Haddock weren't allowing anyone to return to the wreckage until they were sure it was safe but promised Akkey that she would retrieve the Nix's clothes as soon as possible. Akkey accepted and thanked Grey, and the two girls walked back to Akkey's room. They finally arrived to the room, where they found Haddock and Hunter both worrying about Akkey's sudden disappearance.

On May 2, two days after the witch attack, Grey was helping the guards with some inventory in the Dungeon hen another guard came up to her claiming that the Rebellion did not have enough food and supplies to last them until Ragnorak. Grey became very concerned and agreed to speak to the King about this. Grey found Haddock and discussed the reports with him. Haddock admitted that he had been receiving similar reports from the guards earlier and was trying to figure out the best course of action. Grey attempted to be encouraging reminding the King that there were several options in front of them. Haddock explained that even rummaging through the dungeon would not be enough to help them in the upcoming war in terms of weapons.

In terms of food and provisions, Haddock explained that since he was technically not in his kingdom in the Wilderwest, he could not pull out money from the treasury to ensure the Rebellion with food and supplies, especially when his aunt had signed over the entire region to Odin's armies, which made it all the more difficult to find allies or anyone who would be willing to help the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion at this time. Taking this all in and weighing out the options, Grey then reluctantly suggested that they would return to fortress to salvage what was left of the wreckage. With even more reluctance, Haddock suggested that since there was still not much reassurance that the area was still stable, but only him and Grey.

Grey enthusiastically agreed suggesting that since things were running so smoothly at the dungeon, they could leave at that moment and plan to be back within a few hours. With that, the King and the Lady set off on their respective dragons back to the wreckage. When they finally arrived, Haddock and Grey left Shadow and Haddock's Windwalker at the entrance of the fortress and proceeded on foot. Grey never realized until they were walking through the wreckage how bad it was, and her heart ached as she realized that the very fortress, where she met her three best friends comrades and where she was promoted to second-in-command was now gone for good.

In the midst of wandering around the wreckage, the Lady noticed that one of the storages was still standing. Excited, she called for the King to follow her, and the two of them ran inside only to find a young girl named Hrinthe inside with one of the fallen rebels. They all introduced themselves as Grey believed that the girl was not going to harm them. Hrinthe explained that she had found the bodies of those perished in the witch attack and led Haddock and Grey to them. Both the King and the Lady were astounded and saddened by the number of people who were perished. When Haddock clearly believed that these people were dead because of him, Grey took it upon herself to reach out and to comfort him by placing a hand on his shoulder, which he accepted.

Hrinthe volunteered to gather the other bodies so that they could have a proper funeral while King Haddock and Lady Grey could do what they came to do in gathering food and supplies. Grey accepted, and they went their separate ways to complete their jobs. As Haddock and Grey walked together through the rubble, Grey could not help but reminisce about how the fortress was just being built when she and Haddock first met after she arrived for the first time. She went on to explain how Perch Hall would always have a special place in their hearts. It was their home for quite a while. 

Haddock reminded her that while they should cherish the memories they made in Perch Hall, it was also important to count their blessings for the people who survived the attack. Grey quickly agreed, but then she changed the subject explaining to the King that she saw the look on his face when Hrinthe showed them the dead. The Lady gently reminded him that he was not to blame for the witch attack and that he did not have to feel like all the responsibilities were on him anymore. That was what she was there for as his second-in-command, and she promised to have his matter what happened. Haddock was grateful and reinforced Grey's statement that with the two of them working together moving forward would be easier, and Grey reassured him that together with the Rebellion, they could defeat Orskaf and win Ragnarok. The King then gently reminded her that it was up to the Gods to decide their fate. Grey agreed, but she reassured him that they would surpass whatever they decided. With that, they gathered what they could find in the wreckage and brought the provisions and Hrinthe back to the Grounded Dungeon.  

About a week later, the Lady was once again about to check on the injured in the medical tent when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. There was someone approaching the camp, and sure enough, it was Greg and Nala! They had finally returned from their adventures in the North. Both adoptive brother and sister shared a tearful reunion, grateful that the other was alive. However, Greg began to berate himself for not being around when the witch attack occurred, but Grey quickly talked him off the ledge saying that his presence most likely would not have changed anything. As Greg was about to lie down, Grey offered him a chance to see Warren. The Lady then took her adoptive little brother to see his girlfriend and watched as they shared their tearful reunion.  

The next day, Grey was completing her daily duties when Orskaf suddenly came to the camp looking for his grandson, Blunt. Needless to say, Grey was the least bit pleased to see the man who was responsible for Kiri's death and for Perch Hall's destruction. No matter how much Orskaf pleaded and demanded, Grey and Skye refused to let the man anywhere near Blunt or King Haddock, and Grey even went so far as to threaten to unleash Shadow on the man. However, Orskaf demonstrated through Asha that until Ragnorak, the opposing armies were not allowed to harm each other. Therefore, he continued on to find Blunt in the Grounded Dungeon leaving Grey and Skye alone.  

As soon as Grey and Skye were alone, Skye immediately turned to Grey quickly asking how she was able to smile despite what he tried to do to her not too long ago. The Lady explained that while at first it didn't seem like she would pull through, she managed and somehow found it in her heart to forgive Skye for attempting to kill her. Skye was simply shocked that his best friend managed to do so despite what happened and feared that the purification did not fully work. There was a possibility that the evil monster inside him could come back. However, he then asked Grey that should he ever fall under the influence again, then it would be up to Grey to kill him. Grey immediately protested the idea of killing her friend.

Skye then reminded her that while she might not want to do it, it was up to her to do what was best for the Rebellion, and then in an attempt to change the subject, he asked her how she was doing otherwise. Deciding to let the subject slide, she replied explaining that Haddock recently promoted her to his second-in-command. Skye congratulated her and hugged her promising to help in Ragnorak in any way he could, which Grey gratefully accepted.

Sometime later, Hel appeared in the Grounded Dungeon shouting for Greg. Grey and the other rebels came onto the scene only to see the Goddess berating the young rebel for working with Loki and trying to get the Rebellion to pull out of Ragnorak. Greg tried to plead his case, but Hel refused to hear him out and punished him. For his punishment, she sent him to Helheim, much to Grey's shock and dismay. The Lady attempted to run after her little brother only for Greg and the portal to disappear only for her to fall into the mud. The Goddess turned around and berated the entire Rebellion for betraying her and hurting her feelings when she was trying to guide them and protect them. Angered and upset, Grey berated Hel for taking her best friend when he was trying to help them despite how idiotic and immature his actions were.

Hel berated the Lady again for thinking that they deserved to hide during the battle, but she calmed herself and explained that Greg was safe and should return to the Rebellion soon if they did better. She then created the tidal wave sending the rebels flying back to the dungeon. As Grey coughed up some water, she expressed her intense dislike for the Goddess only for Tornpike to remind her that their food supply was full. Grey gently explained that Greg was her best friend and that she wouldn't know what to do if something happened to him.

The next day, Orskaf's army and the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion respectively made their ways to the battlefield to begin Ragnorak. As soon as the two armies met, Orskaf and Haddock exchanged some words. Grey whispered to Haddock reassuring him that she had his back. Soon enough, the troops went to battle. Grey spent most of the first battle fighting with Warren and Shadow. The two girls watched each other's backs and worked together flawlessly against Orskaf's army. However, the Lady and the Pookan hybrid were separated when Loki came onto the scene with his illusions to distract the rebels. While trying to find Warren and Shadow, Grey saw that King Haddock and Vox were having some difficulties in battle and rushed to help them.

She managed to fight off a guard who was about to attack King Haddock reassuring the King once again that she had his back, to which Haddock responded by attacking a soldier who was about to attack her telling her that he had hers in return. The two of them continued to fight with Vox and Stonegit. However, while Grey was preoccupied with the battle, a stranger appeared on the battlefield looking for her. It was Satine Sadow, an assassin hired by Loki to kill Grey, Haddock, Vox, Stonegit, and Akkey.

After seemingly killing Akkey, Satine set her sights on killing Grey next. While Grey was busy fighting a Vahallan soldier and still trying to find Warren and Shadow, the madwoman snuck up on her and attempted to strangle her with a garrote. While being strangled, Grey tried to call out to Warren, Shadow, and even King Haddock, but Satine sneered at her claiming that she was going to die alone. However, King Haddock immediately rushed to the rescue and saved the Lady just in time only for her to fall unconscious while he and Stonegit confronted the madwoman.

During the confrontation, Hunter saw Grey fall over from afar and rushed to help her using his magic to bring her out of unconsciousness. As soon as she woke up, she began to sob and hugged Hunter telling him what happened and how she was afraid she was going to die alone. However, because she was nearly unconscious, she had no idea that it was King Haddock who rescued her. While calming down, she and Hunter realized that someone was attacking the injured at the medical tent and immediately rushed to help. When they got there, Grey saw that Warren and Akkey were fighting the goddess Frigga's minions and immediately rushed to help her best friend.

The Lady worked together with Warren and Akkey to fight off the puppet minions and to defend the injured. However, it was quickly becoming too much for them, and Grey was still trying to process the fact that she was almost murdered and trying to make sure that Warren never left her side. The girls finally met up with Akkey to figure out a plan, and they finally decided to send the minions through a portal created by Akkey. While they tried to figure out how to lure the puppets to the portal, Shadow suddenly appeared from above giving Grey the idea to use the power of flight to pick them up and to drop them into the portals.

However, Shadow could only pick up so many at a time, and there was still far too many. Grey was at complete loss for what to do until she got another idea: to use Shadow's wings to push them into the portal. The plan was beginning to work. However, the puppets suddenly began to attack Akkey down on the ground. Grey, Warren, and Shadow rushed to help her, but when they became overwhelmed themselves, Greg suddenly appeared on the scene and came to the rescue just in time. After reuniting with Grey and Warren, Greg joined in the fight against the puppets.

They managed to defeat the puppets and sent them all through Akkey's portal saving Maya and the rest of the wounded. However, the battle was far from over for the day. Greg and Grey found themselves fighting more of Odin's soldiers only to once again come face to face with Satine, the woman who attempted to murder Grey. Shocked and afraid, Grey turned to Greg for help, and Greg immediately stepped to protect the Lady from the woman seeking to kill her. Thankfully, after a brief chase and fight between Greg and Satine, Satine flew off with Storm Chaser, her dragon leaving Greg and Grey to absorb what had just occurred.

Sometime later after Ragnorak first began for the Rebellion, during a respite, Grey snuck away from the Rebellion to be alone. She found herself placing her fingers on the mark, where Satine attempted to strangle her, on her neck, and the memories of that awful moment came back in full force. As Grey relived the trauma of being strangled from behind, she grew dizzy and almost fell to the ground, but thankfully, Haddock was not too far behind and managed to reach her in time to help her. Concerned for his second-in-command's well-being, Haddock asked Grey if she was alright to which she replied that she was being strangled again and asked the King for help.

Haddock realized what was happening and comforted Grey letting her know that she was safe, and that no one was trying to kill her. Grey thankfully calmed down listening to the King's words, and Haddock commended her for what she had been doing so far during the war and how brave she was being, especially when it wasn't easy for someone like her. Grey lamented about how she cried in front of Hunter after she was being strangled and how it made her feel weak, but the King reassured her that crying after a traumatizing event was not something to feel guilty about and explained to the Lady that he first murdered someone at seventeen and felt no remorse for what he had done adding that he admired her tears and claiming that it showed her pure heart.

The King then also explained to Grey that to be saved did not make her weak and that he considered her actions so far honorable saying that he hoped to mirror that honor one day. Feeling better, Grey stated that she saw the King as honorable based on his actions with the Rebellion so far. Haddock still seemed to have doubts but quickly changed the subject back to Grey's well-being telling her that they would take care of her and make sure that she was feeling well. The Lady agreed, but said that she would feel even better knowing who saved her from the madwoman explaining that she blacked out before she could see who rushed in. Haddock then simply said that it was him, who saved her.

Grey, of course, was grateful and immediately thanked him for his noble deed, but Haddock quickly hushed her saying that he would always fight for his people and that he was thankful that she was alive. Grey explained that she had no doubt that he would always help her whenever she needed it and that she was only shocked because the madwoman (Satine) put it into her head that she was going to die alone causing her to lose hope. She thanked the King once again and claimed she owed him her life. Haddock replied telling her that people like that would say anything to their victims, and as for her owing her life, he referred to all the times she saved his life in the past and thanked her. Grey simply said that it was something a second-in-command did...and what a friend did. Haddock then went to return to the lines to fight with Grey promising to join later.

Sometime after, Haddock was back on the battlefield and found himself face to face with one of the goddess Frigga's Eir, specifically the Wrath Eir. While flying on Shadow, Grey saw the confrontation and immediately rushed in to help the King. The Lady and the King soon found themselves in an intense battle with the Wrath Eir, and they continued to work together to fight her off. However, Grey succumbed to several injuries during this fight leaving Haddock to finish off the Eir alone. Thankfully, after he and Grey discovered that the Eir's weakness was in the face, Haddock managed to defeat the Eir and carried the weak Grey on Shadow back to the Dungeon, but as they rode back, Grey knew without a doubt that as long as she and Haddock continued to watch each other's backs Orskaf's army would never know what hit them.

As the war continued, King Haddock finally defeated Orskaf killing him in battle, which came with a heavy price as Haddock was suddenly paralyzed from the waist down. Grey was shocked at this revelation but was so overcome with leading the Rebellion in Haddock's place that she didn't have a chance to see him until a few days later (a day after Part 2 of Paralyzed). One day, one of the guards approached Grey and informed her that the King wanted to speak to her as soon as possible, and of course, Grey did as she was told and approached the King in his chamber. When she finally arrived, her fears had been realized once she saw that the King was in fact paralyzed, and there was a moment of silence between the two of them until Haddock himself broke it asking how she was doing now that she was leading the Rebellion.

Grey replied that it was going very well and even promised to share the reports with Haddock once she received them. However, the King turned it down telling the Lady that it was her responsibility now, and it was at this moment in the story that Grey realized herself that she was on her own now. With the King recuperating from his injury, she was the one to take his place and lead the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion to victory in the war of Ragnorak. Grey then lamented about his injury wishing that she was there fighting with him thinking that she could've prevented the injury, but Haddock told her that there was nothing she could've done and cryptically explained that it was the Warden herself who was responsible for what happened to him.

Needless to say, Grey was shocked and saddened to hear that it was her new friend, who was responsible, but when Haddock refused to go into detail as to what occurred between the two of them, the Lady accepted his decision but also reminded him that he trusted her with some personal things not too long ago. She then tried to reassure him that this injury didn't make any less of a man and that she would never look down on him. While trying to fight back the tears and to keep up the professional appearance, Haddock thanked Grey for her kind words, and in return, Grey made sure that he knew that as this was going to be a long road for him, he could come to her if he ever needed to rant or vent his frustrations telling him that she would always be there for him no matter what. When neither the King nor the Lady were sure of what to say next, Grey gently pulled Haddock into a hug allowing him to cry.

The two of them sat like that for a few moments in silence until Haddock apologized for how he lost composure, but Grey refused to let him apologize claiming that it was okay to cry repeating what the King had told her not too long ago regarding shedding tears after something traumatic. The two of them continued to talk for some time until Haddock acknowledged the fact that Grey still had a rebellion to lead and needed to get back to work. The Lady reluctantly agreed and was about to leave when she reiterated firmly that they were still a team and always will be while also acknowledging the fact that she would not be able to fill in his shoes as a leader of the Rebellion to which Haddock responded that if she talked to Vox, she should be fine. Before leaving, Grey made sure that Haddock knew she meant every word that was said in that room, and Haddock responded saying that he knew that and took those words to heart. With that, the Lady left the King alone after saying her goodbyes.

Not long after that, the Lady continued working in her new role as the leader of the Rebellion until Greg walked up to her asking her how King Haddock was. Grey responded saying that he was doing okay and that he had with a lot of people to support him. Greg acknowledged that she probably was going to be in charge for a while, but Grey realized that due to Haddock's injury, it was going to be more than a while. As they continued to converse about Grey's new role and possibly security strategies for Haddock, Grey suddenly felt strange and fell to the ground. It was quickly revealed to be Nala possessing Grey to communicate with her and Greg. The Lady began to berate the demon, but quickly stopped when she noticed how upset she seemed.

While Greg was confused and asked Nala why she was so upset, Grey immediately knew why she was but did not get angry with the demon. Instead, she simply asked Nala to explain what happened when the King was paralyzed. Both the Lady and her adoptive little brother asked Nala to tell them the truth as Grey promised that they would never turn her away, but the demon rebutted the statement saying that she was too dangerous. However, she then asked Grey to tell Greg what happened, and it was then that Grey explained what had happened when King Haddock was paralyzed: that Nala was the one who caused it.

Nala wanted to leave, but Greg quickly stopped her saying that no one needed to know what really happened and asking if it was possible to keep it a secret. However, as the leader, Grey reluctantly explained that as the leader of the Rebellion, she couldn't afford to keep this a secret and that the people had the right to know what happened to cause their King's paralysis. She then gave Nala a choice: to either own up to her mistakes and tell the rebels, or to leave forever and let her tell them. The demon decided to go with the former given that this was the final battle, and that Haddock would if she didn't while expressing desire for them not to see her as the enemy. Greg calmed her nerves explaining that this might be the first step to showing them that she's not the enemy. Nala agreed and asked Grey when she could do it. Both Grey and Greg agreed that it would be best to do it tomorrow afternoon during a respite. Nala thanked them and once again apologized for what she had done, and Grey and Greg promised to always stand by their new friend...the new member of their family.

Later that day, the rebels were once again called back to battle against Orskaf's army. Grey and Shadow were facing off against the Valhallan soldiers when Shadow suddenly heard something strange. It was the song being sung by Midgardsormr, the God of the Dragons. The Night Fury began to feel strange as the song continued and called to Grey for help. Grey thankfully saw the distress she was in, and quickly ran over to help her best friend. However, there was very little that she could do as, unbeknownst to the Lady, the song continued to overwhelm Shadow.

Shadow tried to plead with Midgardsormr to release her from the song's power telling him that she and Grey were best friends, but the God would not hear of it and continued to sing the song to pull Shadow under his thrall and succeeded. Suddenly, Shadow's eyes narrowed into slits as she fell under the God's control and into a trance, and then she began to advance toward Grey with the intention of killing her. Grey, still unaware of the song that was forcing her dragon to turn against her, became afraid and confused on her best friend's supposed betrayal as she tried to snap her friend out of the trance. When her attempts were failing, she noticed out of the corner of her eye that the other dragons present were acting the same way as Shadow was at that moment, and it was then that she realized that Shadow and the other dragons were not acting on their own free will. Something was making them act this way, so the Lady calmed herself and tried to gently talk Shadow out of the trance telling her that she was with her and reminding her that she would never hurt Grey.

Shadow heard Grey's voice and realized what she was doing, and once she did, she began to fight back against the song's control refusing to kill her best friend. When Midgardsormr saw that he was losing the Night Fury, he commanded Shadow to leave Grey and told her that other dragons would come to finish off the Lady later. Shadow immediately panicked not wanting to leave Grey to face such an awful fate alone, but the song was too strong for her. Therefore, she was forced to leave her best friend but not before promising Grey that she loved her and would try to save her from the other dragons. As soon as Shadow took off into the sky, Grey ran as fast as she could calling her to come back, but it was all vain as she tripped in the dirt and could only watch as her best friend seemingly left her forever.

After losing Shadow, the battle was finished for the day, and Grey led the other rebels back to the Dungeon. Once they returned, she decided to go up and to see the King. However, when she came to his chambers, she noticed something very strange. The guards, who were assigned to stand guard outside his chambers, were fallen over...dead...with their necks snapped, and the door to the King's chambers was closed. The Lady quickly ran in and saw someone standing over him suffocating him, and she wasted no time in tackling her to the ground. Once she did, she got a better look at who it was. It was the madwoman, Satine, who tried to murder her when Ragnorak first began, much to her dismay and shock.

Satine and Grey got into a brief, intense fight with Satine stabbing Grey in the stomach as the King laid unconscious from the madwoman's assassination attempt, but thankfully, while the fight continued, he finally awakened and saw that his second-in-command was going head-to-head with the woman, who almost murdered them both. During the fight, Grey suddenly became weak from her stab wound, but she refused to give up. Fortunately, the Lady realized that Satine was trying to use this fight to kill Haddock first, but as soon as the right moment arrived, the Lady and the King worked together to overcome the madwoman as Haddock threw a knife into her back and Grey punched her in the face knocking her unconscious.

As soon as Satine was restrained, Grey called in a few guards to take her to a cell to be locked up, but as they were about to leave, she suddenly hunched over in pain. When she pulled her hand away from her wound, she saw how it was stained red. She was bleeding. Haddock immediately commanded that the guards go and get a doctor for the Lady leaving Haddock and Grey alone in the chambers. Haddock asked Grey if she was alright, and Grey tried to calm him saying that it just hurt and that she was only stabbed as she moved to sit next to him on his bed. It was then that Haddock thanked Grey for saving his life again. Grey claimed that she had no idea that Satine was up in the chambers until she went up to see him, and was disturbed by the fact that had she been a minute or a second too late, Haddock could've been dead.

The King lamented in the fact that he couldn't even defend himself anymore at least not by himself. Grey tried to lift his spirits telling him that they were both still there, alive, and that they could still be a good team. She even claimed that she couldn't have brought down the madwoman without him there, and that was what gave Haddock an idea. He realized that despite his injury, he could still defend himself in battle and use his sword. One way to do that would be to have a sparring partner when Ragnorak was over, and then he turned to Grey telling her that she would need to go easy on him. Grey, of course, immediately accepted the offer, and then Haddock had the idea of getting a small dragon to help him move about when needed. Grey observed that using a dragon for such a task would require some training, to which Haddock responded that he could handle that saying it was better than sitting and doing nothing all day. Grey then claimed that from what she saw there wasn't anything that Haddock couldn't handle.

Not long after the doctors tended to Grey and Haddock after their fight with Satine, the Lady decided that it was time to go down to the cells to have a chat with Satine. She found the madwoman in her cell chained up and singing a strange song to herself, and Grey, feeling more confident now that she was locked up, commented on the strange song getting Satine's attention. However, seeing the Lady's newfound confidence, Satine taunted Grey claiming that she would eventually find a way out of the cell, but Grey refused to be shaken by her taunts and asked her what she had been wondering ever since Ragnorak started: why Satine was set out to kill her and Haddock.

Satine explained that it didn't matter that she and Haddock never did anything to her to become her targets and that the world was "simple shades of grey." Grey refused to accept that as an answer and pressed for more information recalling that the madwoman once referred to herself as "an Agent of Loki," which made her question Loki's reasons for associating with Satine. The madwoman refused to give anymore information prompting Grey to figure it out for herself why Loki would want her to kill certain humans, and Grey managed to figure out that Loki sent Satine to kill her and Haddock to weaken the Rebellion.

The madwoman praised the Lady for figuring it out, but then hinted that she and the King were not the only ones on that list. There were four others, including Akkey. Without hinting that Akkey managed to survive, Grey tried to get Satine to give her the names of the other three. However, Satine changed the subject saying that she wanted to discuss something else. She wanted to know why Grey thought she was insane, to which the Lady explained that their encounters ever since Ragnorak began did not leave a good first impression.

Satine retorted asking Grey if Hel had expected her and the other rebels to kill Orskaf's soldiers during Ragnorak, and she even mentioned that the King himself had killed in the past. She then explained that she did not kill out of insanity and that she saw it as a "permanent solution" to her problems, but the Lady refused to accept the response saying that there were always other options to consider. The madwoman explained to Grey how she came to be this way and how she first killed someone at the age of 13, much to Grey's shock as she remembered that Haddock was only 17 when he first killed someone.

Curiosity urged Grey to want to know more about Satine's situation as she asked if she was kidnapped, but Satine explained that she was confined to her home for being different and that she was not actually crazy as Grey thought--that her situation forced her down this path. However, the Lady still refused to be swayed by the madwoman's story still believing that Satine's way of life showed insanity, especially when she murdered or attempted to murder people who had done nothing to her or never met her before. She once again emphasized that Satine still could've chosen a different path.

Satine brushed it off as Grey not understanding and questioned as to whether or not she should've killed the people who mistreated her so poorly, but Grey had no answer for that. She only stood her ground in her belief that had the God of Mischief never came in contact with her, she never would have had a reason to associate with the Rebellion in any way and never would have become a threat to them. However, after what happened over the past few days, Grey confidently stated that Satine was not going to leave this cell and that she was going to pay for what she did, but as she began to lose her humanity again, Satine retorted the Lady's statement saying that she would find a way out and that she would always be threat. With more confidence, Grey reminded the madwoman that since she had no dragon and was chained in a cell, she was not going anywhere. As soon as she said that, Satine's humanity was lost once again, and the Lady took it as a cue to leave, but not before telling the guards to double security and to not let anyone near her. Then, just as she was leaving, she also reminded the guards not to say a word about this conversation to King Haddock.

Later that night, Grey couldn't sleep at all as there was only one thing on her mind: Shadow. The Lady tossed and turned thinking about how her beloved Night Fury just left her after advancing toward her like she was going to kill her. Thinking back on the wonderful memories she had made with Shadow over the past 11 years, she couldn't help but wonder what if Shadow were to never come back...or if whatever forced her to leave never released her at all. However, she quickly forced those questions out of her head realizing that she could never doubt her best friend thus reigniting her belief that Shadow would come back to her, but that didn't stop her from praying to the gods that her best friend would one day return.

The next day, as promised, Grey, Nala, and Greg stood in front of the other rebels outside the Dungeon during another respite from battle. Grey got the rebels together so that Nala could finally stand up and apologize to the Rebellion for her past actions and to explain her part in King Haddock's injury. While the guards went inside to carry the King outside, the Lady allowed the demon the chance to speak, and the Warden finally explained that she was responsible for Haddock's injury and offered a heartfelt apology for it and all her past transgressions and asked for a chance to join the Rebellion to finish Ragnorak. Vox was one of the first rebels, besides Grey, Greg, Warren, and Asha, to step up and accept the Warden's apology, and soon other rebels followed.

However, tension quickly arose when King Haddock bluntly stated that he could not forgive Nala for what she did when he finally emerged from the Dungeon with his wife. Knowing that this could potentially happen as Greg asked the King to give their new friend a chance, Grey explained to her authoritative figure and friend that she was not going to force him to do so after what they discussed a few days before, but she firmly believed that having Nala on their side could increase their chances of winning in Ragnorak. However, Haddock refused to have the demon join their ranks. However, before the discussion could continue any further, Hel arrived onto the scene with some news for the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion. Despite the Rebellion's considerations in letting the Warden join them in the fight, Hel explained that she decided to create a home for the rebels under the Grounded Dungeon with Nala as their guard saying that while she was hurt by their treachery, she broke the contract between her and the rebels freeing them from their obligation to fight for her in Ragnorak.

While Grey was too stunned and unsure as to how to react to this revelation, especially when Shadow still had yet to return, the other rebels quickly spoke out against it, but Haddock finally spoke up saying that it was not worth it to keep fighting when it was no longer necessary and when Hel was giving them a chance to survive. He then gave the order that they were to comply with the goddess and to move to the bottom of the Dungeon immediately. As much as she hated the idea of abandoning Shadow and backing out of a fight, the Lady put her responsibilities to the Rebellion first and carried out the King's orders leading him and their fellow comrades to their new home in Hel's bunker while knowing deep down that Haddock was right and that this was the better option.

After the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion moved to their new bunker under Grey and Haddock's orders, the Lady continued to miss her beloved Night Fury. Unbeknownst to her, Hrinthe returned to the Dungeon while under Midgardsormr's thrall with one purpose: to kill Grey for Shadow. Hrinthe had shifted into her human form, so by the time Grey realized she had returned and ran to greet her, she shifted back into her form of a Deadly Nadder and attacked the Lady, much to the latter's shock. Thankfully, Ingrid Rehan was nearby and heard the commotion, and as soon as she did, she rushed to Grey's rescue before Hrinthe could deliver the final blow.

As she and Ingrid rushed to safety, the Lady and the other rebels heard Hrinthe's thoughts, and it was then that Grey noticed that Hrinthe was exhibiting the same behaviors as Shadow did two days ago. Her assumptions of Shadow not acting on her own free will and Hrinthe's words of slaying the human under the "Father's orders" helped her to figure out that the Father of the Dragons, Jormungandr--as he was named by the humans--was somehow controlling Shadow, Hrinthe, and the other dragons turning them against their riders. Not only that, but she also realized that she was clearly Jormungandr's target and that it had something to do with what happened between her and Shadow on the battlefield.

Not wanting to see any of the rebels get hurt because of her, Grey quickly distracted Hrinthe and forced the Nadder to chase after with the intention of leading her outside the Dungeon completely unaware that more dragons were waiting. Thankfully, though, Ingrid sensed their presence nearby and stopped Grey, but Hrinthe refused to stop and continued to attack the Lady. As they continued to fight, Grey realized that she had seen this particular dragon before, and it was then that she realized that Hrinthe was actually Kiri's dragon, Dagger, which gave her an idea. She called Hrinthe the name that Kiri had given her, and it seemed to work as the dragon stopped. Grey took this as an opportunity to try to snap Hrinthe out of her trance just as she tried with her own dragon, and when she did, Hrinthe recognized the Lady and tried with all her might to break free from Midgardsormr's thrall. However, her efforts were in vain as the song continued to overwhelm her and forced her to attack Grey again.

Just when she was about to deliver a blow, Kira, who saw the scene unfolding nearby, ran over and pushed Grey out of the way of Hrinthe's attack taking the hit despite Grey's orders to stay back. Hrinthe realized her mistake and tossed Kira aside leaving her with an injured arm turning her attention back to the Lady, but Grey refused to give up on her late comrade's dragon. She reminded Hrinthe of her late best friend and explained gently that Kiri would not have wanted her to do this urging the dragon to fight Midgardsormr's control, but when Hrinthe tried again to fight the thrall, she once again tried to attack Grey.

When she had Grey pinned to floor ready to deliver the final blow, Seasick arrived onto the scene and attacked Hrinthe to save her new friend, and as the Lady managed to escape, Warren followed Seasick onto the scene to help her best friend warning Grey to get clear before she attacked the brainwashed dragon. Hrinthe tried again to attack Grey only to be interrupted by Emily the Alpha, who rushed in with Treepelt and Scorch. The fight ensued between Hrinthe and the half-breed dragons as Emily ordered Grey to bring the other rebels outside, to which Grey replied that there were dragons outside probably waiting for them to do that. Fortunately, the Alpha and Scorch overcame Hrinthe and knocked her unconscious. As Grey tried to take in what happened, Sayaka, one of Kiri's fellow witch hunters, came over and started asking questions, so the Lady explained what happened while trying to understand the events herself, especially when thinking back and fully understanding what happened with Shadow.

When Sayaka began to question the Father's motives, Grey decided that she was not going to wait around and find out, so she ordered Sayaka to stay with the Rebellion to allow her the chance to find Midgardsormr before King Haddock could have the chance to stop her. Hrinthe however, while out of the song's thrall, protested against it saying that the God of the Dragons would surely have her killed, but Sayaka ignored it briefly to suggest that Grey bring a small group with her. Ingrid even asked to go with the Lady, which Grey appreciated, but before anything else could happen, Hrinthe once again tried to convince Grey not to go find Midgardsormr. Grey reassured her that she would be fine once she got Shadow back, but the dragon continued to protest explaining that only the Dragon God could release Shadow and that he would not be easy to convince, especially when he ordered the dragons to kill her for the Night Fury. Despite the warning, Grey believed with all her heart that she could help Shadow break from the thrall and even asked Hrinthe to come with her, which the Nadder accepted.

As soon as Grey began to cut the dragon free to take her, Hrinthe began to express worry that the Father would try to control her again, but Grey tried to reassure her that everything would work out. However, the song began to overwhelm Hrinthe again, and despite her efforts to break free, she moved to attack Grey again only to be stopped by Nala, who used her mind powers to help Hrinthe ignore the song drowning it out with her urges to fight it. While under Nala's control, Hrinthe was able to calm down, but that did not stop her from wanting her late rider to comfort her and apologizing her actions. The Lady comforted the dragon forgiving the dragon and explaining that it was not her fault Midgardsormr was controlling her and the other dragons.

As Nala and Grey tried to put their heads together to figure out their next move, they realized that they had only two options: they could either fight back against Midgardsormr to take back their dragons or try to reason with him peacefully. The Lady realized that it was pretty clear that the latter would surely fail, which only left them with the first option: fight back. Hrinthe did believe that it was possible to reason with the Dragon God, but reminded Nala that she could not leave the dungeon. Nala explained that she could control the dragon if needed, but Grey interjected reminding her that the demon was ordered by Hel herself not to leave the Dungeon and decided to go with her first idea: to go alone to face the God of the Dragons, to which both Hrinthe and Nala quickly protested against. Grey irritatedly replied back that unless they could bring the dungeon with them, there was no other option. However, that sparked an idea in Nala: to bring the dungeon with them.

As soon as Grey and Nala had the perfect plan to bring the dungeon with them on their mission to find Midgardsormr, something began to rumble under the bunker causing what appeared to be another, but stronger tremor. When a small mound began to emerge from the ground, the Lady jumped into action and ordered everyone to leave the Dungeon, but Akkey quickly reminded them that there were dragons still waiting for them outside and ordered everyone to get to the center of the Dungeon. Grey ordered Greg to help Nala round everyone up in the center of the Dungeon while she went to retrieve Haddock, Stonegit, Mera, and the children. As they gathered, something emerged from the mound revealing to be the god Fenrir, who was clearly imprisoned under the Dungeon, and he was looking for the Warden.

As Nala and Hrinthe did their best to stall Fenrir as he burst into the bunker, Grey and Greg gathered all the rebels together in the center of the dungeon as Akkey ordered. As soon as they were all together, Akkey began to form a portal to sink the dungeon. Within minutes, the entire Grounded Dungeon sank into the portal taking the entire Rebellion with it fortunately before Fenrir could do anymore damage, and not long after, Akkey brought them out of the portal with the dungeon in another location far from the Wolf God. When Grey regained her bearings, she noticed that Akkey was comforted by the Warden herself, much to her surprise.

Grey had attempted to comfort the Chief herself, but she quickly experienced a panic attack. Greg quickly pulled her away from Akkey chastising her for not knowing to give Akkey some space while she experienced this panic attack. Deciding to take Greg's words to heart, she realized that they were now in an unknown location thanks to Akkey, and thus they needed to investigate. She put Greg in charge of the Rebellion while Hunter and Svied tended to those who were wounded in the attack while she and Nala went outside to take in their new surroundings. As soon as they came out of the bunker, Nala realized that they were farther up north, but it did not take the demon long to figure out that they were near a certain Dragon God. Grey immediately felt nervous at the thought that they were not that far from the one immortal who was using Hrinthe and other dragons to kill her.

When she asked Nala if she absolutely sure, the demon confirmed her statement with a slight irritation, which only made the Lady irritated in return. Finally feeling the pressures of her job, Grey lashed out at the demon saying that she needed Nala now more than ever, especially when the King was out of commission and the Chief was in the middle of a panic attack, but Nala turned around and berated her for needing her now especially after Hel made her guard the rebels in the bunker. Grey of course retorted trying to explain that that was not her intention and that she had no idea that Hel was going to do that to them. Before walking back to the bunker to gather the rebels, the Lady made one last comment about the demon's temper tantrum despite her claiming to not have one, to which Nala asked her to leave.

After shouting one last comment at Nala, the Lady returned to her duties and quickly walked back inside the bunker realizing that she actually left Greg in charge of the rebellion, which could only mean that she was not going to like what she was going to find. As soon as she walked back in, one of the guards explained to her that the new "Commander of Awesome" ordered them to make a wall out of pillows and cushions. The guard even questioned as to why the Lady would leave her best friend in charge, to which Grey told him that if she were to do it again, then he had permission to tell Haddock to tie her to a mast and ship her off. She left the guard to speak with the "Commander of Awesome" and shouted for Greg.

She found her unofficial adoptive little brother sitting on top of the cushions and pillows as a throne, and of course, she had to ask why he felt the need to build walls with pillows, especially when Nala was the one to protect the dungeon anyway. He explained that it could help with the morale and to keep people's minds off things regarding the recent events that occurred. When he asked where Nala was, Grey hesitantly explained that the demon was outside sulking because of the argument they just said, and as soon as she said that, the Lady's best friend literally dragged her outside to speak with Nala, despite Grey's protests. However, once Greg brought Grey outside, even when Nala refused to speak to her, the Lady stepped up and apologized to her new friend for their argument explaining that she was feeling the pressure and took it out on Nala when she should not have done that. When Nala apologized in return, the two of them reconciled and returned to their mission: finding the dragons. Greg suggested that they should wait it out given that the rebels were still recovering from Fenrir's attack, but Nala and Grey believed that it would be best to find Migardsormr and take the dragons back from him ending the conflict with him. With that said, Grey and Greg went to round up the rebels, who wished to go while Nala spoke to the King about the matter.

After Nala convinced King Haddock to allow them to leave for their mission and received instructions from the God himself through Hrinthe, Grey, Greg, Warren, Hrinthe, Seasick, Hunter, Nala, and a few other rebels-even Satine-all set off to find Midgardsormr's shrine to speak with him. Grey, of course, led the way with Hrinthe, but the journey was interrupted when another group of soldiers, who looked badly beaten up, attempted to attack Hrinthe and ambushed them. After the Lady ordered them to reveal themselves, the leader of the soldiers, Lieutenant Bray explained that they wanted to kill Hrinthe given that the dragons turned against them after the Dragonsong was sung. In Hrinthe's defense, Lady Grey attempted to reason with them explaining that it was not the dragons' fault their god was controlling them, but Bray refused to listen to reason especially when he heard Hrinthe speak the Soulspeaker language and Grey swear on Hel. He even let it slip that he and his men were the ones to attack the Dragon God's shrine, which Hrinthe and Grey took note of. When Grey continued to refuse to let the men anywhere near Kiri's dragon, a battle erupted between the rebels and Thor's soldiers.

While the other rebels and Satine battled it out with the soldiers, the Lady and the Lieutenant found themselves in a battle themselves. Grey had continued to try to reason with the leader of Thor's soldiers, but when Bray once again refused, she fought back twice as hard and managed to overcome him pushing him to the ground. However, when the Lady was ready to deliver the final blow and kill Bray, she hesitated freezing in place. Even when Seasick tried to snap her out of her trance, she was still frozen with her sword high in the air, but when Satine noticed Grey in her frozen state, the madwoman attempted to kill her again. However, Greg saw this and pushed the Lady out of the way saving her, which ended with Bray getting killed in the process. As the other soldiers retreated after seeing their leader fall, Greg turned on Satine in an attempt to kill her, but Grey quickly interfered and tried to stop Greg from doing something he might regret. Thankfully, the Lady was able to keep things under control as she ordered for Satine to be restrained before settling down for the night.

Two days later, the rebels finally reached their destination at Midgardsormr's shrine, and as soon as they were directed to the altar, the Lady and Greg were one of the first to step forward and call out to Midgardsormr to announce their arrival. After bestowing a punishment on Hrinthe for disobeying the song, the Dragon God allowed the humans to speak and to apologize for what humans had done to him, so the Lady once again stood up for the rebels and even took the opportunity to apologize and to explain to Midgardsormr who really destroyed his nest (Lieutenant Bray and Thor's soldiers). Midgardsormr took Grey's explanation and the apologies from her and the other rebels into account, but he then gave them the chance to remake the pact between humans and dragons just as a boy and his Night Fury had done before through a Trial by Fire.

For the first test, he called for three humans to step forward onto the Table, and Grey, Seasick, and Satine were the ones to volunteer. As soon as they stepped onto the table, Midgardsormr called upon the three humans' respective dragons (Shadow, Furious, and Storm Chaser) to join them in the circle, and the three women were to pull their dragons from out of Midgardsormr's thrall before the circle of fire reached them. As Seasick and Satine tried to snap their dragons out of the trance, Grey did the same with her beloved Night Fury gently speaking to her and telling her that she was there, that it was alright, and that she knew that Shadow would never hurt her and reminding her that they were sisters no matter what. As Shadow heard Grey's words, the Night Fury was able to fight the Dragon God's song and broke free from the trance, and the Lady and the Night Fury finally shared a happy, tearful reunion as Grey promised to never let Shadow go again.

After the humans passed the first test in showing their bonds with their beloved dragons, Midgardsormr commenced the second test: the test of the strength of these bonds. He sent down blue fire onto Seasick, Grey, Satine, and their respective dragons, and as soon as Grey saw it, she quickly tried to get on Shadow's back so that they could get out of the way. However, Shadow was quicker and shielded Grey from the fire as did the other two dragons with their riders. The God of the Dragons was pleased that the bonds between the humans and dragons were strong just as they said they were, but the Trial continued with one final test. He wanted to see how strong they were together as a group: the rebels and their dragons, and their task was to fight the God's lieutenants in one final battle.

Grey and Shadow led the fight against these dragons, and the battle commenced. Grey and Shadow once again worked together as the sisters they were to fight against Midgardsormr and to pass the trial. Even Satine, much to Grey's shock, fought alongside them with Storm Chaser. However, in an attempt to save Greg from one of the dragons, Satine was injured, but when Hunter and Grey attempted to help her, Storm Chaser quickly dragged his human rider away not letting anyone touch her. Shadow, fortunately managed to convince him otherwise to let the doctor help Satine, and while Hunter tended to Satine, Grey and Shadow directed their attention back to the battle at hand. As the battle continued, Hrinthe questioned Midgardsormr as to why he was putting them through this, but the God of the Dragons simply replied that while the dragons have shown how much they cherished their bonds with the humans, the humans were now to do the same in battle.

Greg all of a sudden called for the rebels to stop fighting the dragons thinking that they could pass the Trial peacefully. With no other option, Grey decided to comply with his requests and ordered everyone to stop fighting much to the other rebels' dismay. As Hunter created a barrier for the rebels to take shelter in, Nala, Grey, and Greg tried to use this opportunity to figure out their next move, and both the demon and the Lady considered confronting Midgardsormr himself to end this. However, Greg quickly shot the idea down still holding onto the belief that battle was not the answer to the Trial, but when he could not come up with any other ideas, he believed that they should accept their possible impending fate. Nala also agreed realizing that so long as they had each other, they would be alright.

Grey however was not having any of that; as she looked up at Midgardsormr, she wanted to try one last thing. She told Greg and Nala to gather all the rebels in the barrier while she and Shadow took care of something. With that, the Lady and the Night Fury took off to confront the God of the Dragons, despite Warren and Nala's attempts to call them back to the barrier, but while they were flying, Hrinthe called to them mentally pleading with Grey and Shadow to return to the barrier and explaining to them that the fire engulfing the shrine was "blue soul fire," which could kill dragons as well as humans, much to Grey and Shadow's shock. However, both the Lady and the Night Fury decided to keep going and to reason with Midgardsormr.

The God of the Dragons saw this and questioned the human and the dragon if they had to come up to him to attack or to speak. Grey explained that they did not come all this way to fight and that they wanted to resolve this peacefully, but the Dragon God refused to see reason and refused to listen saying that they must pass the Trial and that so far they were not doing well. When Grey saw that he was not going to listen and that the spirit dragons were preparing to attack, she quickly told Shadow to fly back to the barrier to get to safety, but as the girls got closer and closer to the barrier, the Lady noticed that the opening in the barrier was quickly closing...and was only big enough for one of them. Knowing that the blue fire could kill both of them and not wanting to leave Shadow to face certain death, Grey knew what she needed to do.

Realizing that this was probably the last time they would get to fly together, she slowly removed her feet from the stirrups while urging Shadow to fly as fast as she could while the spirit dragons continued to gain. Then, just before Shadow flew into the barrier, Grey jumped off her Night Fury's back and landed on the shrine, and as soon as she got her bearings together, she made one last attempt to get to the barrier, where Greg waited for her outside. However, as she ran, the blue fire turned to white and exploded killing both Grey and Greg. All that was left of them after the fire died down was their badly burnt bodies. Nala, Shadow, Seasick, Warren, and the other rebels all mourned the loss of the Lady and Greg. While the Rebellion mourned, Hrinthe grew angry at the God of the Dragons questioning why it came to the loss of two of her late rider's comrades. After having witnessed the events that occurred during the final test, Midgardsormr stated that it was through Satine saving Greg that he saw the bond between the humans and through Grey sacrificing herself for Shadow that he finally saw the bond between humans and dragons was true just like a boy and a Night Fury so long ago. Thus, the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion passed the Trial by Fire.

However, those words fell on deaf ears as the rebels continued to mourn Grey and Greg's deaths, but that was when Midgardsormr pointed something out to Hrinthe: Grey and Greg's spirits were right above them and each had a long tether still binding them to their bodies, which meant only one thing: he could revive them. With his life fire, Midgardsormr repaired their burnt bodies and claimed the pact had been remade, and then with a single powerful breath, Midgardsormr shoved the spirits along the tethers back down to their bodies. As soon as their spirits reunited with their bodies, Grey and Greg breathed and opened their eyes, much to the joy of the rebels and Shadow.

Grey was in a state of confusion after being brought back from the dead as Nala hugged her and Greg tightly, so she asked Nala what was wrong. However, Nala reassured her that everything was alright but mentioned that they should before something else happened. As the other rebels rejoiced, Seasick took a turn and hugged her two new friends crying happy tears that they were alive asking that they never do that again, to which both Greg and Grey agreed. Overwhelmed that her sister was revived, Shadow expressed her joy as she and Grey shared another reunion, which was interrupted when Warren immediately wrapped her arms around Grey hugging her tightly.

After Greg apologized to Midgardsormr, the God of the Dragons bestowed a gift upon the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion: another Soulspeaker, which turned out to be a Timberjack, named Grrathiemn, much to Grey and Warren's delight. After a brief conversation with the dragon, Grey herself stood up and thanked Midgardsormr for saving her and Greg and for seeing that they were truthful about the bond between humans and dragons. With that said, she turned her attention to her fellow comrades telling them how proud she was of them for their bravery and dedication, and then she explained that now that their mission was completed, they would journey back to the Dungeon and remain there for the rest of Ragnorak under King Haddock and Hel's orders. After Greg and Warren shared a brief reunion, Midgardsormr sent off the Rebellion wishing them well.

After the Trial by Fire, Lady Grey and Shadow led the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion back to the Grounded Dungeon, and while they flew back to their makeshift home, Grey could not help but reflect on the events that occurred in Midgardsormr's shrine. She reflected on the fact that she was dead for a brief moment, and that had Midgardsormr not saved her and Greg they would have been lost forever. She would not be there flying with Shadow. She would have never seen Shadow, Warren, Greg, Asha, Haddock, Nala, or her parents ever again, and they would've all been forced to go on without her. However she was jolted out of her thoughts when she noticed that they were quickly approaching the Dungeon. As they grew closer, Seasick wondered aloud how they were going to explain what occurred to the other rebels, but before Grey could answer, they all happily greeted by their other comrades.

That night, after they returned, Grey had difficulty sleeping that night as she found herself thinking about the events of the Trial, and it was then that she noticed that Warren was having a nightmare. She quickly hugged Warren close telling her to focus on her heartbeat, and then the half-Pooka finally calmed down once she realized that Grey was in fact alive. As Warren cried, Grey held her adoptive little sister close gently shushing her and reminding her that she was there with her and that Midgardsormr brought her back. Realizing how big of an effect this had on Warren and everyone else she cared about, she apologized explaining that she was only trying to protect Shadow. Warren nodded showing that she understood, but then she asked Grey to keep talking to her. After a moment of silence, she asked Grey to tell her about her mother, Ingrid, so Grey complied talking about what she looked like and what she was like when Grey was young.

However as she spoke about her mother, Grey once again felt the realization that she came close to never seeing her parents again, especially after she promised that she would come home, and when Warren noticed that the Lady was feeling sad herself, she asked her if she was okay. However, trying to be the strong adoptive older sister that she was, Grey tried to cover it up saying that she was simply lost in thought. Warren then attempted to distract her saying that she once thought eating snow would turn hair white, much to Grey's shock and confusion. Although, after Warren explained that she thought this after growing up underground, the Lady bursted into a laughing fit thinking about all the pranks she could pull on Warren, much to Warren's dismay. However, when she noticed how confused Warren seemed, she retracted that statement. The conversation continued for a little while longer until they both fell silent again in an embrace, but Grey broke the silence with a single question: if Warren believed that they could move past the traumatic events at the Trial. Warren replied that she didn't believe that it would ever truly leave them alone but that it would eventually heal and would not hurt as much as it did now. Grey agreed and added her firm belief that they could face anything that came their way, just like before. As the slumber welcomed them again, both Warren and Grey promised to never go anywhere, not for a long, long time.

The day after Lady Grey and the other rebels returned from their mission at Midgardsormr's trial, the surviving members of the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion joined together once again to say farewell to those who lost their lives for their cause. Grey once again stood next to King Haddock and his family as they prepared to light the pyre that would stand as a memorial to their fallen comrades, and the Lady could not help but realize how close she and Greg came to joining the long list of those who died over the course of their short time together. After Haddock spoke, recounting all their adventures together and the people who joined them along the way, thanks to Greg's newfound powers of fire, they all lit the pyre, and Lady Grey gave her fallen comrades one final farewell.

About a week later, the grief that hung above the rebels turned into happiness as they prepared for the one day they were all looking forward too for quite a while: Vox Arnason and Treepelt Halfpaw's wedding day. Grey attended the ceremony with Greg, Warren, Asha, and Nala and sat behind King Haddock and his family as Seasick led it with Tree and Vox. When Seasick asked for a reason Tree and Vox should not be wed, Greg decided to pull a prank and tried to interrupt the ceremony, but, thankfully, Warren and Grey stopped him just in time as the Lady threatened to have Shadow sit on him if he did so. Taking his girlfriend and sister's threats to heart, he quickly sat down and remained silent allowing the ceremony to continue.

After the ceremony, Grey was seen with Warren and Asha as they all spoke about how beautiful the wedding was and how Vox and Tree deserved this beautiful, happy day after all the trauma they were put through. The reception finally began as the Rebellion gathered together to celebrate the union of their two comrades, and Grey spent the whole time enjoying the time with her best friends and comrades. However, the reception took quite a turn as Greg and Akkey, unbeknownst to the guests of honor, the Lady, and the other rebels, drunkenly decided to pull a prank and spiked everyone's drinks, making everyone, Grey included, drunk. In her drunken stupor, Grey was mostly speaking to Shadow wanting to join a pillow fight before King Haddock found out and asking the Night Fury why she was not a unicorn. The Lady and the rest of the Rebellion, especially the King himself, continued to party in their stupor until Mera put a stop to the chaos as she pulled Haddock away from the crowd to get him to bed. Not long after that, Grey herself fell into a deep sleep right beside Shadow and slept through the night.

The next morning, a hungover Grey was awakened by one of the guards telling her that the King needed her to report to him immediately before a meeting with the rebellion, and despite her hangover, the Lady complied and woke up Shadow telling her that they needed to round up the troops. As soon as the rebels began to gather in front of the King, thanks to her and Greg, Grey reported to the King greeting him and telling him that she hoped he slept well. Haddock did not directly respond to her only nodding in a greeting, and then as she took her place right next to him, he addressed the Rebellion. Grey listened intently to Haddock as he spoke about the strong friendships they had formed amongst themselves and how they became a small community and a family in the process, to which she wholeheartedly agreed.

She continued to listen as the King spoke about the ending of the Battle of the Grounded Dungeon and the impending end of their time in the bunker once Ragnorak would cease, which surely would lead to the Grounded Dungeon Rebels going their separate ways as they would return to their homes and their families, but as Haddock himself said, she herself believed that that should never negate everything she and her comrades had been through together. She also agreed with the King when he said that no matter what was to come in the future...they would always be the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion.

Extended Universe Edit

After Tree and Vox's wedding, Lady Grey Bergman of the United Revolutionaries continued to take up leadership of the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion during the rest of Ragnorak as King Haddock continued to recuperate. She made sure everything in the camp was running smoothly and that everyone was living comfortably under the Dungeon. She visited King Haddock every now and then and supports him as a friend and a second-in-command while also continuing their sparring matches. She had beaten him in a match many times until one day, Haddock managed to best her in a match. Both the King and the Lady were happy to see that progress was being made.

However, while leading the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion, Grey continued to battle the trauma from Satine's attack during Ragnorak and from when she experienced the brink of death during Middy's trial. She had frequent nightmares and had grown to be nervous around fire or explosions. Thankfully, all her friends, especially Seasick and Shadow were willing to help her grow past these dark experiences. However, as soon as she started to recuperate, she found herself saying goodbye to Seasick and Furious as the Bearer of the Keys decided that it was time to return home in Archipelago. Despite wanting to go with her, Grey knew where her duties lied and continued to lead the Rebellion. Soon, Asha gave birth to her new daughter, Siri, and the Boomerang Squad was happy to have a new addition to their makeshift family.  

When Ragnorak finally ended three years later in May 1048, Grey kept her position as Lady of the United Revolutionaries and King Haddock’s second-in-command and returned home to Haligan Island with her new best friends, Greg, Warren, and Asha. They all agreed to live there after becoming so close and after Asha gave birth to Siri. Grey and Haddock made arrangements for Grey to be able to return home to her parents and to still act as the King’s second-in-command. They communicated via messenger dragon whenever a meeting was to be held or she was needed for other matters. Whenever Grey came for a meeting, she always found herself in yet another one of these sparring matches with Haddock…not that she ever complained. She loved every minute of it as it was something they did together and helped to bring them closer as friends. Sometimes, because both share their love for sword fighting, the King and the Lady had the tendency to spar for hours…until Mera had to tell them to stop. 

When she wasn't visiting the Haddocks, the Lady enjoyed her life on Haligan Island with her unofficially adopted siblings, their dragons, Shadow, and her parents. Since Warren now had a dragon of her own, the four best friends often had dragon races around Haligan Island and often went exploring to other lands. It was a great way from them to bond, but it had also proven to be a way to move past the traumatic events during Middy’s trial. 

Sometime after returning home, Grey and Warren found a new lead on Warren’s biological parents whereabouts, and they finally decided to take a road trip to find them just as they always planned. Grey took a leave of absence as Haddock’s second-in-command to give this her full attention and promised Haddock that she would be back soon to resume her position. The search took about a month until they finally found Warren’s biological parents. 

The girls returned home on their dragons with Warren’s parents, and the Haligan Island village rejoiced over their mission being successful. Grey returned to her duties as second-in-command and went back to her and Haddock’s sparring matches while also enjoying life on her home island with Greg, Warren, Asha, Siri, and her parents. 

On February 12, 1049, another Viking tribe, known as the Barbaric Burglars came to Haligan Island in hopes to conquer it, but when Chief Hroar refused to hand it over, both tribes were suddenly pulled into a battle. Grey was told in a letter from the chief and her father telling her that they needed her and Shadow, so Grey quickly ended the match she was having with Haddock at the time and flew home as fast as she could to join the fight. When the war finally ended that day, Grey saw that she lost her father, Sven Bergman in battle devastating her. About a week after that, on February 19, Chief Hroar told Grey about an agreement between him and Sven: that if the Chief still did not have children by the time Grey was old enough, then she was to take his place as Chief of the Haligan Tribe. Grey accepted the offer and began a year of training with Hroar on how to be a chief. 

On May 21,1050, Grey became the next Chief of the Haligan Tribe. The village and all of her former comrades of the Grounded Dungeon rebellion cheered her on as she was marked as the new leader by the village elder. Grey slowly adjusted to her new role as the leader of a village with Greg as her second-in-command and kept up with her position as the King’s second-in-command. During the Coronation reception, Grey ran into Skye, who mentioned High Central coming back into power, and even though there had been rumors and that Skye told her that it was a different High Central, Grey became uneasy about the idea of the government coming back into power. Nevertheless, the new Chief left the issue alone for the night, but afterwards, she, Greg, and Chief Hroar investigated the issue regarding High Central.  

On July 25, 1050, two months after her Coronation, a report was delivered to Grey, explaining that there indeed had been signs of High Central returning to power. Not wanting to cause a panic, she gathered a small meeting between Greg and Hroar, in addition to other members of her council, to discuss ideas as to how to deal with this terrifying ordeal. Grey knew without a doubt that she could not stand to see innocent half-breeds suffer the same cruelty all over again, especially when that cruelty cost her a friend a long time ago and she was good friends with half-breeds from the Rebellion, especially Warren. It was then that the Chief and her second-in-command came up with the idea that Haligan Island would allow half-breeds to seek refuge on their land putting them under Chief Grey's care and protection. This would be Grey's first decree as Chief of Haligan Island.  

When the decree was carried out, Grey reunited with her old friend Leif's younger brother, Eret, who was now married and the leader of his tribe. While catching up, Eret told Grey that he was sorry for how his father treated her after Leif died all those years ago. Grey revealed that she had forgiven his father a long time ago understanding that he was grieving over the death of a child and that she had been blaming herself for Leif's death for years. Eret, of course, rebuked the statement claiming that Leif would not have forgiven himself if he failed to protect her that night and that he would have been proud of the woman she became.  

On October 29, 1050, five months after becoming Chief, Grey met her uncle’s apprentice, a young man named Brandt Felman, and the two of them hit it off nicely. However, this sparked an idea for Warren and Asha. They realized that Grey needed a man in her life and decided to play matchmaker for the Chief and the apprentice. EDIT: Soon enough, Grey and Brandt fell in love and got engaged. However, two days before the wedding, Brandt revealed a dark secret to Grey: that he was the man responsible for killing her father during the battle between the Barbaric Burglars and the Haligans. Grey immediately became outraged and upset at the revelation. However, she quickly forgave him and decided to continue her plans to marry him. So, on June 26, 1052, Chief Grey married Brandt Felman. Once again, Grey invited all of her comrades from the Grounded Dungeon to the wedding. 

Grey and Brandt then had three children of their own. Sven, named after Grey’s late father, was the oldest and Grey's heir to the title of Chief and the position as the King’s second-in-command. He shared his mother’s rebellious and kind-hearted personality and both his parents’ love for adventure. Their daughter, Dagny, followed more after their father. She was not as rebellious as Grey used to be, but she loved a good adventure every once in a while. Their youngest daughter, Kari, had a more timid personality, and being the youngest made her both Mommy and Daddy’s little girl. The Felman children grew up with Greg and Warren’s children and Asha’s daughter Siri. They eventually became close with King Haddock's children and Seasick's children.  

Despite how busy she had become, Grey successfully managed being a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a Chief, and a Lady. She enjoyed flying with Shadow whenever she can get away from her duties and continued to spend time with her best friends and her family and to have sparring matches with the King. She told her children stories about her days in the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion while making sure to leave out a few details that she believed were too scary for them. Sven, Dagny, and Kari even came to an agreement that the smuggled weapons mission, the time their mother tried to sing to the King after he was almost assassinated, and the time their mother went up against the God of the Dragons were their favorites. 

In the year of 1060, ten years after Grey allowed half-breeds to take refuge on Haligan Island, High Central managed to find out about what Grey was doing and that she herself was associated with a family of half-breeds (Greg, Warren, and their children). Thus, on November 4, 1060, a large fragment known as the Gathering of Dusk, under the command of Gunmar Rosso, sailed to Haligan Island with the intention to claim it. However, unbeknownst to Grey and her village, the group encountered several Stitchers, who were placed under the island by Nala. The enemy attempted to attack the village on November 6, only to be driven away by Grey and her tribe. A few days after this attack, Nalaagura informs Grey that the Gathering of Dusk planned to attack Haligan Island again in the evening, and of course, Grey and Greg did everything in their power to prepare their home for the second attack.  

However, unbeknownst to the Chief and her second-in-command, Nala had confronted the Grand Commander of the Gathering Gunmar Rosso in a dream threatening him to not attack Haligan Island, but he refused and changed the plans to attack the island at daybreak. The next day, on November 11, the Gathering followed through with their new plans to attack at daybreak, much to Grey's surprise. As the Chief, Grey immediately led her men into battle against Rosso and the Gathering with her husband and brother right by her side. While she and Shadow worked with the dragons and their riders, Greg used his power over fire, and Brandt fought with those who remained on the island. Meanwhile, the half-breeds and the villagers used dragons to evacuate the island. The Gathering made it onto the the island finally, but Grey and her army were ready for them and fought back.  

While the Chief confronted the Grand Commander, the latter managed to overpower her, but, thankfully, Brandt and Greg came to her and Shadow's aid. However, when Rosso was about to deliver a blow on Brandt, Greg pushed his brother-in-law out of the way taking the blow himself. Brandt tried to help Greg while Grey continued to fight Rosso in hopes to drive him away, but both sides refused to give up. Not long after Greg was stabbed in the leg by Rosso, the former told Brandt, unbeknownst to Grey, to get her and their people off the island while he dealt with Rosso and his men. After initially refusing, Brandt complied and convinced his wife to leave with him and Shadow. Grey agreed knowing that the safety of her people was more important than a confrontation with one man, and once they were about to take off on Shadow, Grey noticed that Greg was not moving. She ordered him to come with them, but Greg refused explaining to her that the only way he could help was to hold the Gathering off and asked his sister to take care of the village and his family. In tears, as they were about to take off, Grey promised Greg that she would come back for him.  

After leaving Greg behind with Rosso and his men, Grey and Brandt flew on Shadow over to the evacuation point, where a few soldiers were closing in on the half-breed refugees. Thankfully, Grey and her men overcame the High Central soldiers and saved all the half-breed refugees, and after promising Greg one more time that she would come back for him, Grey led her people to the evacuation point on the neighboring island, where she and Brandt reunited with her mother, their children, Asha, Warren, and their nieces and nephews. Grey was unaware of what was happening with Greg, but the Chief and her people were able to see that the island village was on fire, clearly thanks to Greg's powers. However, Grey knew that it would've been risky to go back. All she could do was wait until it was safe.  

Grey waited for an hour before things seemed to quiet down and decided to leave Brandt in charge while she and Shadow flew to the island to find Greg. As they were flying, Grey and Shadow were startled with a loud screech and were nearly knocked out of the sky when an unknown force suddenly emerged from the island snuffing out the flames. Even more curious about what happened, Grey and Shadow landed where they last saw Greg and saw that the village had been burned out. Then...they saw that the Gathering had been burned alive, clearly thanks to Greg, but...Greg was nowhere to be found.  

As Grey shouted for Greg and received no response, Shadow caught Greg's scent, and they followed it to the remains of Greg and Warren's house, where the Chief and the Night Fury saw Nala hunched over and Greg lying against the house...not moving. Not wanting to realize the horrible truth, Grey tried unsuccessfully to wake Greg up, but when nothing happened, Grey broke down crying over the loss of her second-in-command, her best human friend, and her unofficial adoptive little brother. The Chief explained what happened to the Warden, and then the two of them planned to give Greg a funeral later and that Grey would go back to check on her family and her people. Thus, Grey flew back on Shadow with Greg's lifeless body in her arms. Grey informed Brandt, Warren, Ingrid, and their children of what happened and asked Nala to retrieve Seasick so that she could be there for the funeral when they were ready.  

(GREG'S FUNERAL AND AFTERMATH) As soon as Seasick arrived on the island with Isey and Furious, the funeral began, and once Grey and Nalaagura gave Greg a few parting words, the Chief led the villagers in lighting Greg's pyre.  

After Seasick and her family visited Haligan Island, Grey and Brandt eventually decided to try to have another baby, and soon enough, Grey became pregnant with their fourth child. Unfortunately, after being one month along in the pregnancy, while doing her rounds in the village, Grey started to experience stomach pains. When her mother, Brandt and Shadow brought her to Ingrid's apprentice, they all learned that Grey experienced a miscarriage and lost the unborn baby. 

On April 26, 1070, she received notice that the King was about to go to battle against his political enemy in the WilderNorth, King Eindride. She quickly dropped everything and rushed to his aid. Unfortunately, after the fight, Haddock was captured and executed. Grey was utterly upset over her authoritative figure and best friend’s sudden death even to the point of simply sitting in the room where they had their sparring matches as if waiting for him to show up. She assisted Mera and Stonegit to make sure that Haddock an honorable funeral and gave one of her best friends a final farewell knowing that he would have her back now despite that she couldn't have his one last time. Nevertheless, Grey continued on with her life. She remained as second-in-command to Haddock’s eldest son, Egil to help him settle into his role.  

Sometime after the death of King Haddock, Grey, Brandt, and their children had begun to notice that Ingrid was coughing more and more frequently and sometimes even sounded like she was unable to breathe. The Chief's mother had tried to tell her that it was nothing to worry about, but soon, she became gravely ill when pneumonia. Grey, Brandt, Greg, Warren, Asha, and Ander had worked tirelessly with the new healer of the village to find a cure for Ingrid, but always came up empty.  

It finally came to the point where Ingrid was weakened and unable to get out of bed, and Brandt helped Grey to realize that her mother was not going to get better and that there was no cure to help. The Chief finally decided to call off the search for a cure and to be with her mother during what appeared to be her final moments, and then on October 25, 1072, Ingrid Bergman passed away surrounded by her daughter, son-in-law, adoptive children, grandchildren, and adoptive grandchildren. While Grey felt guilty and distraught that she was unable to save both of her beloved parents from death, she knew that she made the right choice in letting her mother go.  

Ten years after Haddock’s death, after 30 years of being the Chief and 36 years of being Lady of the United Revolutionaries, on September 22, 1080, Grey officially retired and passed down both roles to Sven, who was already married and had two boys of his own. While she cherished every moment when playing those roles, Grey enjoyed the freedom. She acted as her son’s confidante, spent more time with her husband, traveled more with the Boomerang Squad and Seasick, and still visited the Haddock family and Seasick's family whenever she could. She lived to see all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

During the year of 1121, Grey sadly watched as her husband became gravely ill. The healers were unable to find a cure for Brandt and suggested to Grey that she and her family make him as comfortable as possible. On November 28, 1121, after Brandt had become bed-ridden in their home, Grey tended to him and stayed by his side with their large family, and while remembering all the great memories they shared together over the years, Brandt died in bed after telling his wife he loved her one last time.  

On August 13, 1122, about 10 months after her husband died, 98-year-old Grey Bergman Felman took a flight with Shadow to the ruins of the Perch Hall fortress and the Grounded Dungeon, and then later that night, she died peacefully in her sleep along with her best friend Shadow. Deciding to honor the deep friendship their mother shared with her Night Fury, Sven, Dagny, and Kari, along with their spouses, children, grandchildren, cousins, their cousins' children, Nala, Seasick, Warren, and Asha, all gave the former Chief and her loyal Night Fury one final farewell. It was possible that she managed to live so long thanks to Midgardsormr’s life-fire bringing her back from the dead so long ago. Some had come to believe that they took that flight as if they knew they were saying goodbye and that Shadow passed with Grey so that they could fulfill their promise to always be together. Grey’s family and friends made absolutely sure that her story was never forgotten. For generations, stories about the young woman, who had a pure heart, courage, and mercy, gave up everything to fight for something she believed in, became second-in-command to a great Hero, died in sacrificing to save her beloved Night Fury only to be risen from the dead by the God of the Dragons, and grew into becoming a natural born leader. 

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Shadow Edit

Relationship: Adoptive sister, Best friend, Pet


King Gareth Ragnar Haddock the Second Edit

Relationship: Formerly acquaintances, Employer/employee, Best Friends

Full relationship analysis here.

Aneeki "Warren" Alvarsson Edit

Relationship: Best Friends, Adoptive sisters

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Asha Stenberg Edit

Relationship: Best friends, Adoptive sisters.

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Greg Ericson Edit

Relationship: Best friends, Adoptive siblings.

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Sædis "Seasick" Hafsteinnsdóttir Edit

Relationship: Comrades, Best friends.

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Nalaagura Ep'ha (The Warden) Edit

Relationship: Formerly enemies, Best friends.

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Other Members of the Rebellion Edit

Over the course of the story, Grey has formed friendships with her other comrades in the Grounded Dungeon Rebellion, including Akira Skye, Akkey Black, Stonegit Elmiss, Vox Arnason, Treepelt Halfpaw, Bree Ostberg, Toshika Kiri, and her dragon Hrinthe.

Satine Sadow Edit

Relationship: Enemy

Satine and Grey meet and quickly become enemies during Ragnorak when Satine is assigned by Loki, the God of Chaos to kill the Lady, King Haddock, Stonegit, Vox and Akkey. Satine looks down upon Grey and is yet fascinated with Grey's merciful and kind-hearted nature, and Grey becomes afraid of Satine, especially after the madwoman snuck up on her and attempted to kill her during battle.

Brandt Felman Edit

Relationship: Boyfriend, Fiancé, Husband

Sven Felman Edit

Relationship: Oldest son

Dagny Felman Edit

Relationship: Middle daughter

Kari Felman Edit

Relationship: Youngest daughter

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