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Clover Rose: Oh, where is she?! She can’t have disappeared off the face of the planet.

Clover had spent most of an afternoon looking for Kierra, having thought to check everywhere except the great hall. She finally wandered in there, her tail flicking irritably. She gazed around the room, before her eyes finally settled on her friend - no, scratch that, sister. 

"There you are! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!" Clover plonked herself down on the bench next to Starlord. "I need to ask you something."

Kierra Starlord: Starlord looks up from her cup, to see Clover sitting next to her with a grin on her face.”Clover! It’s been a while! You have a question, I have an answer. Let’s see if they match. What’s up?” she asked, turning to her, smiling.

Clover Rose: "Well . . I was wondering if you would be my maid of honor." Clover watched Starlord’s face, trying to gauge her reaction. 

Kierra Starlord: She gave her non-biological sister a confused look, but it was quickly replaced with wide eyes, and a grin even wider. “Are you- Did Tezz- Oh my gods, yes! Oh Odin, I’m so happy for you!!” Starlord shouted, wrapping her arms around her friend.  ”When is the wedding? Do you need any help with anything?”

Clover Rose: "The wedding’s in a few days, and I think we’ve gotten it all worked out, thank Odin. Tezz hasn’t been sleeping very well recently . . " Clover shook her head, trying to dispel those thoughts. "Ah, it doesn’t really matter now. I just need you to show up, mostly sober, although completely sober would be preferred."

Kierra Starlord: "Of course! Can’t guarantee staying sober through the after party though, That’s always the thing that livens up the party!" She joked, nudging Clover in the arm.

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