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Tree vs haddock


1. Don't touch the water

2. Always do the thing

3. Always have a thing

4. Don't get possessed

5. Don't talk to white cats

6. If two or more of these conflict, sing "For the Spiking and the Drinking"

Alright, and for the real wiki rules:

1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Everyone's opinions are valid and discussions should be handled calmly. We're doing a great job working with each other let's keep it up <3

2. Please be as involved as you can in making your own character page, at the very least. You know your muse best!!

3. Caption all fanart with the artist's name, especially if it's not your own.

4. Make sure all thread and oneshot pages have an infobox, proper formatting, and are tagged by "," the season, and the thread's participating characters. Have them all linked on the "Order of Threads" page.

Welcome to the Battle of the Grounded Dungeon Wiki!

Welcome to the wikia for Battle of the Grounded Dungeon, a spontaneous, HTTYD-inspired, Tumblr-based roleplay. Here we gather fanart, character bios, maps, and posts to chronicle the biggest rebellion on this side of the Archipelago.


What is BOTGD?

The Joke that Created a Dungeon[]

Upon the release of the film How to Train Your Dragon 2, fans were devastated by the death of the beloved character Stoick the Vast. However there were some that chose to cope with his heartbreak (or rather heartburn) by making terrible jokes about the tragedy. ​

Example: "Stoick the Vast? More like Stoick the Past. He sure had a Blast." ​

Many, like tumblr user kingofthewilderwest, found this to be hysterical. While others, like treepelt, did not. So whenever someone dared to make a joke like this, she would "throw them in the dungeon" or "ground them." Eventually, the term Grounded Dungeon was coined within the community.

The Prank that Created a Rebellion[]

Eventually, kingofthewilderwest teamed up with peachdoxie and several others to play a prank on treepelt. At an appointed time, they all messaged them at once and declared that they were breaking free of the tyranny of the Grounded Dungeon. ​

The night was then spun into chaos as other users jumped in on the action. Witty banter, bold declarations, and "battle" against Tree the Warden ensued.

It did not take long for the tumblr users to create fleshed out characters for these shenanigans. The shenanigans themselves then rapidly transformed into a full fledged, HTTYD inspired, RPG. Everyone involved then had to buckle up as the story went wild from there, and the characters seemingly took on minds of their own.

The Rebellion that Created a Legacy[]

The Battle of the Grounded Dungeon RPG began with roughly 100 participants, and retained about 30 for the majority of its running time. 5 years after the original season, a group of approximately 15 core players reconnected and began Battle of the Grounded Dungeon 2. They are threading actively together to this day. ​

BotGD lasted for 5 Seasons. At that time lbigreyhound13 inherited the title of leader of the rebellion from kingofthewilderwest. This was immediately followed by EU and AU threading, and the aforementioned sequel some years later.

treepelt created the official BotGD wiki, an enormous bulk of the RPs fan artwork, a Youtube animatic that garnered over 150,000 views, and orchestrated the creation of the story's fanfiction. BotGD has had over 1,300 (and counting) pieces of artwork created in its honor, and over a thousand pages worth of story. ​

hubwalker1 set up the BotGD Discord channel were all the rebels were able to freely, and easily, interact with one another. kingofthewilderwest remained as King (with moe-lazyeye as their ever present Bodyguard), lbigreyhound13 as Chief, and treepelt as the Warden, who now protected the rebellion both in the story, and out.